A new home!

Tomorrow morning I am picking up the keys to my new flat! Such a lot to do but I am coping with the transition very well indeed! Lots and lots of "notes to myself" crossing them off as I go! and taking a break when I need to.. :-D :-D Hopefully it won't be too long before I get the phone/broadband sorted, so if you don't hear from me for a while..don't worry, I haven't jumped ship and will be back soon!!...:-D :-D Much love to you all!!....ninja... xxx

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  • Very exciting. Hope all goes well with the movexx

  • Thanks rosewine!.. X

  • Good luck love big hugsssxx

  • Hi Ninjanana, you sound so excited, I would be the same if i was on the move. Take care and enjoy,


  • Hi ninja good luck with the move and don't over exert yourself much love back to you. Ros xoxo

  • That is really exciting! Good luck ninjananna

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Oh how lovely for you, a fresh start, and you sound like it is going to be a really positive change for you :-) ((((ninjananna )))) I am sure it will all go smoothly for you and very much look forward to hearing from you again once you are back in our virtual world :-)


    Sending lots of positive, house moving vibes to you :-)

    Foggy x

  • Good Luck, I'm moving next week and trying not to get too stressed either (failing at that too)

  • Good luck on your move, be careful not to over do things and I hope that you will be back in the fold soon.

    Hugs sue xx

  • Hi Ninjananna, I hope you have a long and happy stay at your new home. All the upheaval will be worth the effort :)

  • Good luck ninja sending the fluffies round to help {{{{{{ ninja }}}}} hope it goes smoothly for you

    Remember to take breaks :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

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