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Coucil ageism

I finally moved into a ground floor flat a couple of months ago and thought everything was going to start to improve even though as others know my relationship ended which i am still really struggling with. The area i am in has drug dealers across the road there is hardly a night goes by when the police aren't called round here and i am scared. I fell in the bathroom and broke my arm shortly after having surgery. i recently saw the shrink as i have been feeling suicidal and i have history of attempting it. Saw my gP in the week she was very nice but will only now give me two weeks pills which is understandable.

I thought things were improving as i looked at swapping and a lovely lady loves my flat as its minutes away from her daughter who is going through cancer treatment so she wants to be close to her which is understandable. We were told Thursday everything was going fine and just wait for surveyors to come out and check both properties hers was a bungalow and perfect for me as i have noise above me all the time no soundproofing and i cant stand it it drives me nuts because i cant sleep you can hear conversations and everything.

Yesterday the lady I'm swapping with had a call to say it was all off as i am not old enough they also tried to say i wasn't disabled which made my blood boil because they have the proof that i am registered disabled. The reason i cant move is because bungalows are for over 60's only so its been turned down. So i said i would phone them which i did and i said it is disgusting that they will not allow a disabled person to move into a bungalow i don't want to buy it which is one of there reasons for not letting them to under 60's i am not noisy i don't have raving parties and to top it off there are under 60's in a couple of other bungalows. I said to the women on the phone that i feel i have been let down by every department as care direct have not been round and put any stuff up for me for example handles in the bathroom which is where i fell and broke my arm and any other things i need as they are too busy. My mental health nurse was supposed to visit in september but she has been ill but not been replaced by anyone or heard anything from them. I saw the shrink who was useless and put everything down to my relationship breakup and because i was talking that made him think i was fine. He didn't want to see me again. My GP offered no other help i know others have social workers etc. My housing officer didn't let me know about the move falling through and it seems all other officers check on their tenants i saw him once to say i was scared here and he went o to say they were watching a number roof properties that made things worse. I am actually dreading someone moving in above me as the noise is so bad the landlord has just gone in now and i can hear every step he takes above me. So on the phone to the council lady i mentioned i had been feeling sucidal because of everything going on and that this was like a twinkle of light at the end of a very long dark tunnel. Luckily as my son was here i coped better than i possibly would have done if i had been alone. I hung up in the end in tears.The next thing i know someone was at the door answered it to a police officer who had been called by the council saying i was going to commit suicide. She was a really nice lady and i said no i hadn't said that i said i had been feeling it because of being so socially isolated here unable to go out as i couldn't drive because of the broken arm and the previous surgery. The lady who was exchanging is i such a state as well and we just cannot believe that we were doing a straight swap and now she cant get away from her son in law who is harassing her she is disabled and to get to her daughters is two bus journeys which she cant manage and the daughter has to go through chemo so won't be feeling unto getting on buses etc. I just feel even more let down by the whole system you see these people on tv who get help with everything and i cant get nothing i have no money to look t moving into private again and they are so expensive down here. My kids are saying to move to Leicester but again i still need deposit etc. At the moment my closest option is going bankrupt or trying for a DRO. I just cant deal with anymore i just want to hibernate until the so called festive seasons are over as i am going to be here alone for it all.

Sorry to rant.


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Sorry to hear you are going through all this and just when you found a solution that was just right for everybody. have you appealed? have you contacted your MP? Don't give up trying. All the best.


I am so sorry to read your story jackie and my heart goes out to you. I think Betty's suggestions are excellent. Yours it not a rant but I feel a heartfelt plea for understanding and help in what is an extremely depressing and difficult situation for you. Soft hugsxx


Hi only just saw your post,sorry you are having problems with housing but have you considered going on Leicesters social housing waiting list. You could cite wanting to be nesr family due to ill health and get gp to back up request.If you get benifitd you may be able to get grant to help with moving costs again. on. health. grounds.look on Leicester city councils website for info.regards Carol


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Hi Carol I checked on Leicesters website recently and it started you had to live in Leicester for a year before being able to apply for housing there i suppose there would be no harm emailing and seeing what they say after all i spent the first 17 years of my life there and was born there 3 of my children live there currently and my daughter is moving in May after her wedding.


HI I was born in Leicester although live in Devon now. I would get in touch with them stating mitigating circumstances.Would your children also get in touch with them to add a bit more weigh. To be nearer family because of your health should be taken into account. take care .


I'm sure my children would my son and his girlfriend were online on Friday looking for places for me.


Hi there, do you know that you can contact your local social services dept yourself, they could maybe approach council on your behalf. All the best,

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I am so sorry to read that it has all gone wrong for you with your planned move. I think Shazzy has given you some excellent advice as you can self refer to Social Services, and hopefully they can intervene on your behalf?

I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck and I sincerely hope that you can achieve your desired outcome.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I have just written an email and as i don't know who my local MP is as i have only just moved into this area which is referred to as "The reservation" You have to watch out for the indians the ones with bows and arrows it has always been called this because of all the problems in the area. So my email has done to all in this area will see if it makes a difference. One positive thing is i have a date tomorrow night which i know has nothing to do with my housing but after the break up in July of my last relationship which had lasted 4 years i feel at least it is one positive move even if it doesn't work out i am getting out for an hour and it may help me gain a little confidence after being dumped and told some not nice things. I hope everyone has a nice christmas mine will be quiet on my own but I'm not bothered by that its only one day and i think the true meaning of christmas has gone its all about food, drink and gifts.

Best wishes to all and thank you for all the support i have had on here.



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