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I have moved house this week I am so shattered I feel as my whole body belongs to someone else I have to do things in small pieces and it is taking forever to unpack things. But in the end I shall be in a bungalow not far from the sea .I am hoping that this might give me a bit more freedom to do things and make new friends. No more stairs to climb Have I died and gone to heaven!!!!! I wish the pain is still here so no I haven't . I am rather worried because my words do not always come out in the right order and I don't want to make myself look stupid. The thought of trying to explain my disability all over agin to new people is very frightening.

I wonder now have I done the right thing by moving away from my old town to a new more peaceful place ? I suppose only time will tell

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  • I really feel for you. Hard when you want to do more than you can at any given time. I envy you the cottage. That is my plan for "one day."

    Be brave and don't give up your dream!

  • Hi Michphil,

    What a brilliant step in the right direction I admire you greatly you have managed a move now you need to settle in to your palace and relax. Hopefully people will welcome you to the community and may be there will be like minded spiritsb about.

    Good luck best step forward remember to be positive and congratulate your self.


  • Like the old say, just enjoy today and tomorrow will look after itself!! But when in doubt, look outside the window and the view of the sea will fill you full of joy. It'll probably take awhile to know your new town but, eventually all will fall into place. Just give it time.

    Lucky you!

  • don't try to do it all at once. i moved 5 months ago and now have more friends here in those few months then I did in the past place for 25 years. My husband and I met up with a couple in a cafe for a drink and we could not remember the last time we had done that in the old place.

    Moving is a great way to re-invent yourself but don't make the mistake of tell the people you met all your health problems. I am sorry but it will frighten people off, how about saying you had been ill and now you are in recovery.

  • Moved a few weeks ago so understand how you feel. Good luck in your new area and I am sure you will make friends soon. Take it slowly, that was how I managed, all unpacked now :)

  • Morning, Lucky you to be near the sea. I am as far from the sea as you get in this country.

    I see that you are worried about speaking difficulties. I find that a simple explanation does the trick. I always say something like, "oops tongue not working today." or ," I have a Neurological problem that sometimes gives me trouble speaking,"Then change the subject.

    It works for me and I find that it breaks any embarasment. On either side. So please stop worrying and have a great new life.

    Hugs sue xx


  • Hi Michphil, congratulations on managing the move. Please now rest and take your time, im sure whatever you need is already unpacked, the rest can be done at your leisure. You have the oportunity to create a lovely new environment for yourself so look about you and plan one room at a time. I always find the local community centres and local newspapers a mine of information about whats going on and where to meet up with like minded people. You have been very brave in your move and the sea air will be very invigorating, so enjoy, all the best


  • Congratulation to you, I hope you find the new experience of meeting new people,environment. I wish I can move to property like your's I am stuck in my house no toilet down stairs, so if I am down stairs and need to used the toilet it's a heavy load, so most of the time I've to stay up stairs.

    Good luck.

  • Hello lumely, have you tried to ask your local social services, support group, to see if they can provide a stair lift for you, as you need the help with the stairs. ttfn

  • Hi Sweetheart, just pace yourself. I moved last year and it's very taxing even when your well. Do what you can and leave the rest for another day. You'll get there. I'm so happy you are living near a little slice of heaven. You should do fine. Just know your limits and go from there. Best of luck to you honey and enjoy your new place!!! xxxx Mitzi

  • Hi Michphil,You haven't said where you have moved to.I moved home 4monnths ago to a ground floor and couldnt be happier.I live in Torquay and possibly due to my age 66yrs or not being able to get out by myself ,I sometimes feel isolated,My chidren are all in their 40s and working,so don't see them too often.Its taken us a long time to unpack and get straight but we have taken our time.I have somedays when all I want to do is curl up under the duvet.I have learned to deal with the pain and try my best to cope.I wish you all the best of luck and happiness in your new home.Kind Regards.

  • Hi michphil

    I am so sorry to read that you feel so worn out, but I am delighted that you have your bungalow and that you have a chance of a fresh start by the sea, it really does sound like heaven!

    I want to wish you all the best of luck, and good times ahead.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hello michphil, congrats on your new home, and the sound of the sea will bring you restful times, the sand though will get every where, so will you have to rinse your toes to get rid of it??!! You have a bungalow, no stairs, good move level living, better for health, knees and other painful bits, new area with reallyfresh air, peace and quiet, no loud treffic noise, sirens and all that stuff, gone good move.

    so if you have any friends, what do you think they will make of the opportunity of a day near

    the seaside??? maybe you will have visitors. dont worry about rushing to unpack, you have got plenty of time to do it, get over the move, rest up and get feeling relaxed, painless, happy and enjoy the new taste of your food.

    I moved here in 2011 and still have stuff to unpack, I am as laid back as my motorised bed will allow!!, so gins have a happy day, ttfn

  • Wonderful I made the move 7yrs ago,very very tiring ,but well worth it, it'll all open up for you now you can breath the sea air ,wouldn't be anywhere else. Good luck.

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