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Room spinning round !!!

I know its another Fibro question but don't want to see Dr if its that as he is not very understanding.

When I lay down to get into bed I sit on the bed then lay my upper body down and because I cannot lift my legs on my husband puts his arm under my two legs and between us I wriggle onto the bed,me pulling my upper half and him lifting my lower half.....Its then when I am on my back and trying to turn onto my left side that my head swims and my room goes round and round . It is the same if I close my eyes and feels like when you are really drunk...Most horrible feeling. It passes off after about 3/4 mins;

Just wondered if anyone else has this or if anyone knows what will help?

Gentle hugs to all x x x

Rainbowdancer x x x

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Hi Rainbowdancer,

I urge you to see or speak to your GP and if you aren't happy with the one you have then ask if there is a GP in your practice who specialises in Fibromyalgia.

Soft Hugs to you xx


i think you should see the Dr too as it could be an inner ear infection, it could be this horrible cold that is also on its rounds, we have all had it.

Never ignore things like that even if the Dr says all ok!! The Dr's get paid for this .

all the best and huggles xxxxxxx


take more water with your gin! lol only kidding my sister has this and dr said its vertigo,so i would keep a little note book and monitor it then see doc xxx


hi i agree with seeing Dr however ithis happens to me from time to time but i find if i shut my eyes and lay perfectly still it passes until i move. I didn't ask my Dr as it is something that as i said just happens occassionally x


Yes, I agree with the others, do please go and talk to your GP about it. It might be something simple, a side effect of medication perhaps but it could also be related to your blood pressure. The only way to know for sure is to discuss it with your doctor. As said above, think about changing your GP if you are not happy with them as you need a doctor that will support you. Do let us know how you get on. All best wishes. Jane x


Its definitely vertigo. I would recommend you see an osteopath to put the "stones" in the ear canal back into the "sack". Routine procedure for them to do and effective immediately.


hiya yes ive had this vertigo for about 7 yrs! doc puts it down to fibro and benign proximal postionall vertigo i also have neck discs out that doesnt help do you have discs out in neck maybe? gp gives me a tab called betahistine they help a little.i hope you get to the bottom of this horrible sensation soon i sympathise it really is the most awful feeling xxx


Yes this is what he said to me today but I can't be rolled about due to other problems,also I only get it when I lay down. But I have to be turned manually in bed to reposition me as my arms and feet go dead I did not realize the Ostiopath could do it x

I hope you are well and a happy new year x x


Hi, yes i agree, its probably vertigo. The worst feeling in the world.I had it full on for 5 days about 2yrs ago and I NEVER want to feel that horrible again. Its caused by an imbalance in the inner ear that could be the result of an infection. My dr gave me anti sickness pills. I still get the odd little whizzy but its gone again in seconds (thank goodness). Ive heard it can be fibro related. Hope u can get it sorted.


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