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Time to start writting those resolutions so lets have a go

1. To always answer my blogs ASAP

2. No sugar in my tea - I must be able to get used to it!

3. Be positive especially when Fibro is bashing the door down

4. Try and stick to a diet for three months to start with longer if possible

5. To go swimming used to go every day so I shall try again

6. Not to to be so quick to be intolerant to OH who is very patient with me

If I manage 3 of these I will b so happy which three well that I shall keep to myself now wat has anyone esle in mind?


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Hi Gins, I AM impressed! If I could keep any one of those I'd think I was doing well.

I had been thinking that, instead of making a resolution, I might make a to do list of things I'd like to get done through the year. If I could tackle maybe one item on this list a week (or a fortnight, or a month, if I am having a flare!) then that might make me feel good. Haven't started to make the list yet, though!

Do keep us posted on how you get on!

Happy New Year.

Love and hugs Saskia XX


New Years resolutions...

1... Diet.... No chance

2... Set up website... Possibly

3...,swap spoons for ladles... Don't know why I didn't think of this Years ago

4.... Send gins book on wax modelling

5.... Give up being surprised at anything Gins does


New years res for me:-

1. try again to give up smoking

2. try to be patient with others even when they are driving me to distraction

3. Cut down on the coffee

4. Slow down

5. Collect MORE Ozzy stuff

Some I think I can do, others may be a little harder xxxxx Happy New Year everyone(as Lin slopes off to enjoy another fag)


Like!!!!!!!!! XX


Love yours too, gorged on chocolate and made myself ill, spoilt my biorthday lol xxxxx


Well, here goes.....

1. Stop eating rubbish

2. Try to sleep better

3. Try to accept my limitations

4. Learn the meaning of the word 'try'

Whether I keep to these is anyone's guess.....I suppose I should just live my life as I want to, but keep being the caring and thoughtful person I am. Happy New year to you all!!! XXXXX


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