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well i had the forms to go from dla to pip for myself and son.i have a big flare in so much pain and depression doctor has had to put me on high dose of tablets as i am not coping very well with son has aspersgers adhd and other problems he has had to have his tablets upped as well. i have fibromaylgia and osteoarthritis all over low grade inflammatory arthritis. stage 3 kidney disease. i have had independent living doing my forms he said we should both get our money but who knows what the dwp will do. i am dreading the medical i wont let then touch me as it is so painful and i cant move arms or legs with out pain..

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I do hope that when the time comes for your medical all goes well and both you and your son get the money you deserve. Hope that this terrible flare starts to go down so you can reduce your tablets. Take care.x


I have no experience of claiming for myself, I do hope you have a good outcome. I strongly suggest that you keep in touch with the forum it keeps me sane, everyone is so helpful you need never feel alone. All best wishes. Lou xx

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Just wanted to join rosewine and Lou in wishing you all the very best in being awarded PIP for yourself and your son.

Please let us know how you get on.

Best wishes. Lu xx

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Hi Rosylyn, Im thinking as always that there is always someone worse than me & it keeps me going. Im so sorry that you are feeling so rubbish & having to deal with trying to claim money that is so stressful, been there myself so try not to worry to much as im sure it will be ok. Its just that you need to get the energy from somewhere to deal with it and its so wrong they put ppl. Through this process and should take GPs word for it.

Then with all that going on you are also dealing with your son and all the hard work that brings looking after a son with aspergers & Adhd. My daughter has 2 boys, 1 has Torettes & the other has Aspergers & Adhd & I just watch her & think, i dont know how she copes with them & such a good mum & couldnt possibly deal with it myself so I have utmost respect for you. I do hope everything works out well for you, im sure it will cos sounds like you deserve it to me.

Happy New Year xx



I want to genuinely and sincerely wish both you and your son all the best of luck with your PIP applications. I genuinely hope that you both get an handsome award. I will keep my fingers crossed for both of you.

I sincerely hope that your flare up eases off soon for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)

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Hello Rosylyn,

It sounds like you have a lot going on without the arrival of PIP forms.

I am glad to hear that you have someone to help you fill them in.

It is all about telling the DWP how your disabilities affect you on a day-to-day basis. For example, if you cannot do buttons and zips up yourself and need someone else to do it for you. Tell them that this is the case and describe why.

It may help you to keep a diary for a few days to record details of what you cannot do and why.

Provide details of your worst day and use that as a guideline.

If it were me, I would ask for a home assessment. In any event I would also ask for it to be recorded. You are allowed to request this.

If you know that it will hurt to do something then you are entitled to decline to do the movement and explain why.

Best wishes,


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