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My ESA forms are finally done and posted today !!!

They went out today by recorded delivery thankgod, they have to be in by the 8th may ....... My daughter filled them in with me and how very stressfull for me, i am on incapasity but its all changeing over to ESA, as we all no, my fatigue has been bad this last couple of weeks aswell as extream pain thoughout my body 24/7 and made worse by the worrying of getting the forms done and sent off,also for got it was a bank holiday on monday, thats why i got them sent recorded and cost over £6 tut tut ...... I sent photo copys and my partner wrote a letter being he is my carer 24/7 as he is the one who knows what i go through on a daily basis and all what he has to do for me, so fingers crossed ........ I know i am still going to worry until i hear from Atos causeing my FM to flare, they must realize how we all get so stressed :-( now i'm wondering if i have to go for an assessment or an interview ....... well just have to wait and see and worry ........... xxxxxx

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bless you at least you have done all you can now so good luck try not to worry too much ove to you diddle x


Good luck jayjay, i hope you get some good news soon. :)

hugs, kel xxx


Best of luck, jayjay

Try and de stress over the weekend.

Soft HUgs



Thankyou diddle,jazher and soulsusie xxxxxx i'm just a born worrier, take after my wonderful mum bless her, i will try and de stress over the weekend :-) and forget about the forms ect it's just easier said than done, thankyou all so much, love and geltle hugs to you all xxxxxx


Hi JayJay

I sent my ESA50 Questionaire back to them on the 17th April and got a friend to write and explain how my condition affects me as she knows me very well I recieved a phone call on the 30th of April from some guy at Atos who was very abrubt with me saying he could not hear me and would fone me the next day . I was so angry and decided to call them back , a woman answered and I informed her of the guys abrubtness and she said she was sorry to hear this..... I asked her what she/they wanted and why were they calling me at 7.30pm in the evening and she said they worked 9am-8.30pm Mon-Fri and 9am-5pm on Saturdays their objective to make appointments for us claimants to have face to face medical assessments. mine is to be held on 21st May at 3.30pm .

I am definately going to go crazy if I am put in the work related group as I am in absolute agony on a daily basis anyway on a more positive note I hope they will realise that I am not a melingerer and I will get too keep my benefits. Just wanted to inform you incase you get an evening phone call from them. Gentle Hugsxx


Is your carer entitled to carer's allowance?

Check with the CAB or another advisor.

If you run into problems with your claim, ask the CAB, Welfare rights or another expert organisation to help you out.


Hi KatiMaiTay, Ohh really !!! So i mite get a phonecall from them then, i think it's Disgusting how they can treat people like us, with severe disabilitys, it's all wrong to put us through this and cause us so much extra stress and pain and so much upset aswell. I suppose we will all eventually all go through this, but i have seen through this site, the amount of people who was on inconpasity and been turnt down for ESA and then have to appeal is very frightneing, i also heard that Atos get so much money for each person they fail, how true that is i do not know,but just a worry. I pray that your medical assessment goes well hun on the 21st may. I am in a wheelchair and have been for over 3 and a half years, i also have a number of illness'es and i need help with everything from toilet needs/showering/dressing/cooking/housework .... well everything and my partner does it all bless him and he never moans love him.Things like this makes me wish i had my old life back and i would give anythink to have it back again,where i worked hard and loved my job working as a nursery nurse, going out and socializeing and going to the gym and just being my bubbly old self instead of the person i am today, i very rearly go out any more, i only go out if i really have too, ie doctors app/hospital ect ..... Let me know how you get on at your assesment hun ...... Thankyou for your reply, love and gentle hugs and take care xxxxx


Hi Gracie59,

Thankyou for replying, yes my partner does get carers allowance for me, which really helps being he cant work because he looks after me, he dont believe anyone would look after me the way he does which he probally is rite, and i wouldent feel rite with anyone else ie washing /dressing helping me with my toillett needs ect the only other person would be my daughter but she has 5 young children so she wouldent have the time, Thankyou Gracie for your advice i will definetly do that if i have any problems, thanks again love and gentle hugs hun xxxx


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