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Health assessment DWP

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Well just been for my health assessment 1.15 as i struggling walk WAITING two hip replacements i got my career to take me also had my welfare worker meet me at the assessment center on booking in at 1.14 was told by the receptionist oh did you not get your message cancel your appointment no !!!! When this morning no anyway you can wait how long i ask in great pain 45mins or we can make new appointment which i replied ive had care worker bring me my councillor meet me now i have rearrange with everyone which the receptionists reply 3jan all we got oh right surpose if that dont suit me i can cancel with hour notice that right 12.o5 got message saying cancelled my appointment they really are disgusting the way they treat people

Anyone thoughts welcome

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It seems they can cancel at a moment's notice, but it's a different story if we need to cancel or change the date. Perhaps for your next assessment give them a ring before you leave the house to make sure everything is ok to go ahead.

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So wish nowing what no now the upsetting thing is my appointment was the week previously and i was in court i ask could they give me a date after 17th because me welfare worker was on holiday guess what yes they give me 17th and after all the worry not haveing my welfare worker with me they say you can wait 45mins or make anouther appointment

They really are heartless

And dont care

Absolutely shabby hun- I would let your local MP know about this.

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Its disgraceful i had too get care worker take me and my social work met .e at assessment center when book in 1.14 oh did you not get are message this morning when as 12.05 became morning these people are horrible and when they going stop lying too suit them

So upsetting all the worry then you have go again only date my social worker cant do they said sorry only date we got someone needs take these lot too task

Thank you for your reply and merry Christmas too all on this forum

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Try to get support from you social worker for a home assessment, have somebody with you throughout the assessment.

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Would you say in your opinion its better have home vist it really is joke my next assessment is 3rd jan now and iam haveing hip replacement end jan

Iam under mental health team and the is just so stressful

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