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blue badge help please

Hi family, i have just recieved my forms for applying for a blue badge after a year of dithering of whether to apply but the thing that sealed it was i was shopping at the supermarket and was parked in a normal space. I need the car door to be fully open so i can ease my painful body gently onto the seat. We have a picasso now as i find it extremely difficult and painful to get in a normal low car. Of course there isnt the room in a normal parking space and i was sandwiched between two cars. I waited in the cold for nearly 20 mins before the driver of the next car to return and pull out so i could open the door enough to get in.Also,as most of us do, i struggle to walk far and on a bad day its terrible. I was involved in a car crash a year ago (not my fault) and my right hip took the full impact of the other car and consultants and physios and my gp all agree that this has exaserpated the fibro massively., so i thought i would bite the bullet and apply.

I do not recieve any benefits for my problems as i am fortunate that my OH has a well paid job. I dont know if that will make a difference.

My questions are; It asks how far i can walk including any short breaks before i feel severe discomfort, and many minutes would it ususally take to walk this far? im no good at distances!!! My mobility is rubbish but in a flare its really bad, i dont know what to put!

The next asks which of the following best describes my walking speed?

Normal or moderate (over 51 metres in a minute

Slow (between 40 and 50 metres in a minute

Very slow (less than 40 metres a minute

I dont know what to put. I do know that i cant walk far without extreme pain, I often bump into things and trip up as my balance isnt great. I walk slowly and have a limp when the pain is bad in my hip and i need a wide space to slowly get in and out of the car.

Your help would be much appreciated.... Charlii xx

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Morning charlii

Just read your question,I'm sure iv got a copy of what I put in my application form,please bare with me and I will get my folder that I keep all my letters in and see what I wrote.

Pink blossom..xx


Found it!...can't believe how organised I am sometimes! Lol

For the 'how far can you walk' I put 60 foot,I can only work in feet and inches!

For 'how long would it take to walk that distance' I put 10 mins.

You may have queastions that are set out slightly different.

I do know there are about 3ft in a metre so you may be able to work it out.

I do hope I have been of some help,I was refused the first time and thought I would give them a ring but my application form automatically went for review and a lovely lady rang me and she asked me some more questions over the phone and then she said she saw no reason why I shouldn't get,she seemed to want to know more about fibro in general.

I hope you get it all sorted.

Pink blossom..xx


You should also get your GP to give you a back up letter of support for a blue badge on medical grounds then they have no grounds to refuse it.


You need to put the smallest amount for all questions.

Does it still have a bit on the form for a doctor to assess your walking ?

It did when I applied about 16 months ago and my doctor watched me walk along the corridor and signed it straight away and I got my blue badge first time.

Good luck

Lynne x


Not sure what to advise but just a little tip if this happens again

If you are in a supermarket car par just go back in ask at customer services to put out a tannoy announcement out for car owner xyz just explain your situation and until you get your blue badge you had no alternative as to where to park . Hopefully. Y a member of staff asking the customer I'm sure they will be ok..... Well I'm hoping so.

Even with a blue badge you can't guarantee it won't happen again though as years ago even with a blue badge I was blocked in and had to ask a comets stranger to move my car. I took a big risk because it was a public car park and no one else around he could have driven off with my car. I don't have one now so only go out when OH is driving. Hope you manage to get your blue badge soon xxx


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