Hi I'm having an endoscopy on wed. I'm not so worried about that but more about the sedation as I know it can have an adverse effect on fibro/ME.

I'm opting for sedation over throat spray as they're going quite far in and I can't breathe well on my side and tend to panic and freak out when this happens.

Any advice, tips or experiences good and bad wanted pls.


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  • Cant say I know much about the link. I've had a few endoscopies both with spray and sedation. No issues, but then we're all different.

  • I had one with the throat spray and never would again. My mum had the sedation as she has breathing problems, it was much easier for her. Pain in her shoulders after but she doesn't have Fibro, she has spondylitis in her neck. Not much help but hope it all goes well for u x

  • I've only had the spray, you will be well cared for they are well used to nervous patients xxx

  • Thankyou all.

  • I have only had and endoscopy once and went down the sedation route. They administered it and we got stared and past the gag reflux stage and said relax so I did. All finished quite quickly and the Dr said that was great but I thought you were going for the sedation route. I said I did and just as I was wheeled out to the corridor I went zonk as it kicked in! 😂😂😂

  • lol love it. ok so if im going to have the sedation im going to make sure im woozy first. im more worried about breathing. i have heart issues and asthma and find it hard to breathe on my side. ive also heard that sedation can affect fatigue and pain levels

  • As Greenpeace says below it isn't a pleasant experience but that's as bad as it gets. Just let the proffesionals do their think, mine were incredibly professional. You just have to relax for them so the camera can pick up the information it needs. It's sooo much better than being cut open to find out what's wrong as I had done in an emergency. I have a huge scar which I tell the kids is from fighting a shark! Lol

    Honestly just minor discomfort for a short while and it's all over.

    Patrick x

  • hi Minx88

    i had an endoscopy about five months ago, and i never got any sedation , wished i had, as i was asked before procedure took place, i would advise the throat sprace, and told when i was given advice that you are still conscious l ,should have got it and would recommend it. good luck jane x

  • Hi, I have an Endoscopy every year, and I always have sedation. Before they start, they put a piece of plastic with a hole in the middle for you to bite on, and for the tube to pass through, and they put two small tubes into your nose to administer oxygen during the procedure. They then give you the sedation through a cannula which will have been put in earlier. I have a heart condition and also am claustrophobic, and if you relax you won't have trouble breathing. You are not unconscious, just sleepy, and they can talk to you. It's not the most pleasant procedure to have, but if it has to be done you get on with it. Just relax and it will be over before you know it.

    I can't say that it made any difference afterwards to pain or fatigue levels. The hospital advises that you take things easy for the rest of the day.

    Everyone reacts differently to medication, but on average most people don't experience any adverse effects afterwards.

    Good luck, and I hope it works out well for you.

    GP. 😊

  • I have had both. the last time was under sedation and never again will i go without sedation. I cant really remember much about it.

    I have breathing problems due to fatigue and they put me on oxygen through a tube to my nose.

    I only really woke up when they asked if i wanted a cup of tea.


  • I have only ever had the spray, but I want to gneuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck for Wednesday.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • I was only offered the spray or nothing, so I went for nothing, never ever again, it was soooo soar

    jane x

  • Yeah, I can imagine exceedingly unpleasant. Please take care of yourself x

  • Stop worrying Hun, it will be over in know time, just ask for sedation ( at list u will sleep for ten minutes solid lol sweet dreams ) u are in good hands, take care x

  • I have been an endoscopy nurse and yes, the procedure is unpleasant but if you are calm it can be done and dusted really quickly. The staff are there to make sure you are safe and will take any of your wishes on board. The throat spray is there to ease the gag reflex you will have when the tube is inserted. You may feel a little movement of the scope as they look around your stomach, but it should not be not painful. You will still gag with the sedation but you probably just won't remember it! The procedure is so much quicker if you can relax and not fight it. I know that is easier said than done but you have some idea about how easily you can relax. If it is a big problem discuss it with the staff and see what they advise. Sedation is usually problem free (although we are all different). It usually just means you have to hang around the department to recover. Greenpeace has it sussed.

    They are doing this procedure for a reason and it will hopefully answer questions and reassure you. You will be okay- and Christmas will come as it does.

    Will be thinking of you.


  • Had it done 3 times with both sedation and throat spray found both to be relatively good its done before you know it the best advice I can give is to stay calm and relaxed makes the whole thing easier for both yourself and the professionals doing the procedure .... good luck

  • i had one,a few yrs back.i had an injection in my had,and the throat spray,means you dont feel the tube going down.once the anesthetic goes into your hand ,you wake up.i must admit i was scared,but i was fine.try not to worry,the more you do,the worstit is.googluck.

  • I have the same sedation every time I go to my dentist and have never had any adverse effects with my Fibro. You should be fine. You will also be glad that you have chosen sedation. You may have a sore throat and a gruff voice for a few hours buts that's all. Hope all goes well for you 🐸

  • Thankyou everyone. at least i know what to expect now.

  • Hi don't worry I had it done last year I was very relaxed for the rest of the day so much so I barely left the sofa its supposed to only last a short time but for us its 24 hours take care

  • Hello Minx88x,,,,, well done for being brave and having the endoscopy,,,I had them done a few years ago,,,,and I did not enjoy it at all.

    I had the sedation,,,,the cannula in the hand,,,,and felt fine,,,,keep breathing is the trick to stop you panicking,,,,,,the sedation just relaxes you,,it does not put you to sleep,,,as they need you awake to 'swallow' while they insert the tube down the throat,,,,it sounds worse that what it is,,,,i was not looking forward,,,but I survived,,,,I think I had 4 or 5 procedures done,,my problem was my stomach would not empty quick enough,,,,

    They still used the throat spray,,,this spray is to stop you from gagging while the procedure is being done,,,it tastes of bananas,,,,,,and not very nice,,,, you can keep your mouth open and ask them to hang on while I take a breath,,,I did,,,,

    they believe the faster they get the spray in the better,,,they are aware that it is not a very nice thing to do,,spray the back of the throat,,,,,

    Try and relax,,,,I know it is hard to do,,,move your diet to a lighter one,,,,,, I have survived and I know you will,,,,,,ttfn Karen.

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