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Off to have my 3rd Gastroscopy today

Having suffered with fibro and also ulcerative colitis/Crohn's disease, amongst other ailments, now today 2 days after seeing my consultant they want me to have another Gastroscopy!

I'm thinking the worst as its all happening so quickly, but maybe it's gall stones. I'd be happy with that and not something more sinister.

I will be back on here later to let you all know, I'm going to tell them my pain for fibro is SO bad today perhaps they will give me more sedation and some to take home, that would be nice. Not only in pain this morning, but nervous and hungry....doesn't get any better on a Friday morning....

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I have only had one Gastroscopy .. They said spray or sedation ... I chose sedation ... I am a wimp and I went out like a light

Hope you get a good result ....let us know how you get on

VG x


I've asked for sedation!!

I had it done before.....


I know I was just empathising with you. ... :)


It's definitely best to be knocked out for a gastroscopy. Not the best fun in the world, but very good for peace of mind!

Moffy x


Urghh - no spray - no sedation - just swallow the tube, get home and get ino bed / works for me everytime ( 3 )

Hope you make the right decision that suits you :-) we're all different !!!


Well I choose Both!

Never is as bad as you think and biopsy taken too.

So now just wait for results!! Thank you all for your comments x


I opted for sedation but was bullied into spray by Nurse Ratched. Big mistake on my part as I'm clearly not as stoic as I make out. If I ever meet said nurse in a dark alley ...... Oh, who am I kidding? She'd probably laugh herself silly at me trying to marshal my limbs enough to duff her up. I will think really mean thoughts at her! So there!!!! :P x


Well my nurse was fine until she told me she once had fibro and cured herself through eating the right food and apparently it's all in my head. I really wanted to plonk her one in the mouth. She said if I put mind over matter and think nice positive thought it would go away. I arrived in a wheelchair and 2 gutter sticks. She must think I'm completely nut nut..I wanted to cry :(


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