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Medication experiences ?!?


Hello hope all is as well as can be... I'm wondering about my pain meds like if I'm on the right ones I have been on quite a few over the years but ATM for my pain I'm on gabapentin which has benn upped an upped over the years and Marol... they do help I just feel drained even more which I feel I don't need as I've got cfs so I'm always wiped out... I'm wondering about asking doc to change maybe to tramadol my mum takes this and she's never drained has anyone else had experiences with any of these ? Thanks in advance xx

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I'm on gabapentin and slow release Tramadol (Maxitram). I found the slow release much better than ordinary Tramadol.

Have a discussion with your GP about your feeling drained, and hopefully you'll get something better to help. x


Hi thank you for your reply yes the marol is slow release tramadol I've never tried ordinary tramadol I just wondered if it would make a difference because my mum takes it daily and is always full of energy and I'm never full of energy and said perhaps I should try to change my meds, maybe it's just coz of my illness then having fibromyalgia and she doesn't, oh well il have to just get on with it its weird tho she always says she's sure we have the wrong bodies it shud be the other way round it's like she's in her 30s and I'm in my 70s 😩

Hi, I was on Tramadole for some years until Christmas 2017 then moved over to morphin, this has not helped one little bit, if anything i'v had a lot more trouble with this then with any other drug, I'm now on oxicodin which is the same as morphin but without all the nasty bits, it's only been 4 days but I can feel the difference already, they stoped my gabapentin at the same time as the Tramadole so it was hard to say what was the difference, if they had stoped one at a time, I would have been able to tell which one was the one to have stopped, but don't get put on morphin, it won't help, I tend to feel drained, what ever I'm given, it's part and parcel of the condition, so it will be hard to get rid of it.

I suspect the Fibro is causing a lot of your tiredness as I too have CFS, Fibro, chronic pain, hypothyroidism, etc. Have they checked your thyroid and hormone levels because a lot of times having all these illnesses will start a domino effect, and cause other issues along the way. I have so many now that it's hard to keep up with them all. I've often said I feel like I'm standing in a room spinning in a circle of symptoms trying to determine which illnesses are causes the most problem at the time, so I'll know which as needed med to take. Good Luck!


What kind of pain is it you feel though?,I'm on amitryptline,tramadol,paracetamol, robaxin, quinine.

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