Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy

Hi, has anyone had a Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy procedure? My appointment is on Thursday and the information they sent gives me a choice of SEDATION so I am asleep for both procedures or have a throat spray for the gastroscopy and GAS and AIR for the colonoscopy. If I opt for the sedation, I have to arrange for someone to come along to escort me home afterward. Both my son and daughter are unable to get time of work on that day. I was thinking of the other options (so i dont need and escort) - throat spray and gas and air, but I’ve read that people with Fibro react badly because they feel more pain than others during the procedure (which makes sense) and have suffered with Fibro flare for days after.

Can anyone let me know if they have experience of these procedures.


Ela x

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  • I think you will have to factor in that whatever you have you will take longer than " normal" to recover.

  • Thankyou Betty67,

    My Fibro was just recently diagnosed and I'm trying to come to terms wth all the changes i will have to accept. I've put my 'superwoman' outfit into storage and learning ask for help.

  • Yes very difficult learning to ask for help, or even telling people.

    When i first got the condition my grandmother visited me in my dreams three times in one week telling me to ask for help, she was the strongest woman i have ever know and my greatest inspiration, I listened to her eventually and the help I got was extremely important.

  • Wow, that sound's so comforting - very emotional too.

    I was brought up in a family where illness was seen as a weakness - inevitably, I grew up pushing myself through many situations. Admitting that i need help has always been a struggle - where as, offering help comes as second nature to me.

  • Many people with fibro are like this.

  • I would re arrange the appointment for when your son or daughter can pick you up and stay with you. If you re arrange it is usually not a long wait (in my case they even offered the next day). I say this because i had both procedures too and wouldn't have wanted to have them without sedation. I was not asleep but drowsy and without fear. It also meant that i slept most of the next day which i needed for my body to recover. It took me a few days to recover as opposed to the suggested 'next day and back to normal'.

  • Hi Cacenffrwytha,

    Thanks, thats a good idea.

    Still getting used to the fact that, no matter how strong minded I try to be, my body tell's me what's really going on!

    I'll ring the hospital on Monday to re-schedule.

    Many Thanks.

  • I had both procedures yesterday and after always having the throat spray in the past for the gastocrophy so that i could leave earlier I opted for sedation.

    It made both a lot less painful and less stressful, i have to go back in a few weeks to check if the ulcers in my gullet are healing and this time it will sedation again.

    I agree with cacen and ask if you can change your appointment to suit you.

    Explain why and point out that you have fibro. They changed mine because we were away that week.

    Good luck sue :)

  • Hi mayrose54,

    Thank you so much. I feel a lot better about choosing the sedation option now.

    I will reschedule - this forum is great, so wonderful to be able to connect to others who have gone through this stuff before and are kind enough to share their experiences.

    Good luck with your next visit hope the ulcers are healing.

    Thanks again.


  • I have lost track of just how long that i have had the ulcers. It took years 2 changes of gps several hospital stays and yet another gp before any one took my heartburn seriously and by then most of my gullet was ulcerated.

    The acid has flared up again and so have the ulcers. up the meds again. :(

  • Hi Ela808,

    I've had both of these procedures done, and I would definitely go for the Sedation. You're not unconscious, just sleepy and relaxed.

    As someone above suggested, reschedule your appointment to another day when someone can be with you.

    I hope all goes well for you, and just take it very easy after the procedures, and give yourself time to recover.

    Best Wishes

    GP. 😊😊

  • Hi Greenpeace, thank you for your kind words. I am going to re-schedule and opt for the sedation.

    Hope you have a good weekend.

    Ela xx

  • I wasn't given an option. I was sedated and all I remember when I woke up was that my mouth tasted like I had drunk a double espresso( weird!). No pain and I was totally asleep. My husband drove me home . For me, there was some nausea ( but no vomiting) and later a migraine. A friend said I should have drunk a regular ( sugar) Coke in the car to stop the nausea( she should have told me before the procedure!)

  • Thanks Hurtingmom (love your name btw),

    The tips on here are great - gonna make a list of all the useful info I have gained from members of this forum.

    Thanks again,

    E xx

  • I was just starting to nod off when i was in the recovery ward when i heard the magic words that instantly woke me up,"Sue do you want a cup of tea and a sandwich". best words ever after almost 24 hours without food or drink. :P

  • Oh had a sedating injection was woozy but the staff says it helps as they can move you into the correct position for the colonoscopy (he is a big man so would be heavy to move by the way). He said the staff were superb and caring. He had one complaint and that was because he was last all the sarnues had gone and he had to be content with a cuppa and biccies. He says it does help to eat as soon as you can as having such an empty tum it could make you sick and dizzy. He said he could taste every morsel afterwards. Good luck let us know how you get on.😀🏩x

  • Hi rosewine,

    Thanks for the advice.

    I get light headed if there are large gaps between meals, so I will make sure I bring something to nibble on, for when they give me the go ahead to eat. I'll ley you know how I get on.

    Take care

    E xx

  • I can see that the members have given you some wonderful advice, so I will just genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your procedures.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi there

    I've had 3 Gastroscopy's. One without sedation and two with although on my last one I requested sedation but was not given enough sedation due to the hospital rushing me through so they could see an emergency admission. I really wish the hospital had given me the option to come back another day because I personally found the whole experience awful.

    They say that the tube they put down your throat is tiny, but trust me it isn't nearly as small as you would hope!

    I have had Fibro for over 30 years and have breezed all the many procedures and operations I have had over that time, except the Gastroscopy's.

    I should add that I have a very strong gag reflex which doesn't help and the throat spray does nothing but give a rotten sore throat.

    It does sound as though you have already made your decision but as you hadn't had an answer from someone who had had the procedure without sedation, I just thought I would give that view for you.

    My personal opinion is to change your appointment and go for sedation. As everyone has said, you are not k.o'd completely you are aware of what is going on, and the nurses talking to you, but other than that the rest is all a bit of a blur.

    Good luck with your procedures :)

    Blue x

  • I had one recently, just the gastroscopy though. I opted for the sedation, but they did not factor in the fact that fibro makes you a little bit more sensitive to medication, so it took me a fair few days to lose the groggy feeling. I think I slept for about three days, in and out.

    But it was worth it not having the stress and anxiety of people been in my face, and having to worry throughout.

    I would say go for the sedation.

  • I had a gastroscopy without sedation a few years back and found t quite challenging so when I had to have both earlier this year I opted for sedation. I can remember absolutely nothing about either proceedure so was the right choice for me. If you can reschedule for when you can arrange transport I'd recommend that option. Good luck x

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