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Time flys

Talk about losing the plot. I took my 'night time meds' at 4pm, I know most people would say that's too early but they don't seem to kick in for a good few hours. Anyway, sat watching some rubbish TV and looking at the clock to see if it was time to start the night time fight of trying to sleep. It wasn't late enough so me and the dreadful programmes stuck with it. Still no joy on the feeling tired front as I checked and rechecked the clock.

I then accidentally looked at a different clock only to discover that the one in the front room had stopped at 9.22pm and it was now half eleven.

Off to bed I trotted only to get up an hour later after beating the devil out of my pillows. So here I am, wide awake and getting nowhere fast. I an't believe I still keep looking at the wretched clock that's not working!

Hope you are all grabbing some zzzz's

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Hi foggynessie

I am so genuinely sorry to read of your misfortune with the clock, and then not being able to get to sleep. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with finally nodding off and getting some good quality sleep. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you (metaphorically speaking of course!).

All my hopes and dreams for you


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I have given up hope of dozing off now. You know things are bad when you end up re watching a film that you thought was dreadful the first time round. Hope you are going to manage to grab some snooze time :)


I am sure I will at some point, sadly, I think I am use to not sleeping now? :) :)


ive been having sleep probs, but for different chemistry reasons....I found an over the counter pill that actually works....I am in Canada, but I''ll give the name anyways and what it is: Its called: Sleep eze....i take one extra strength 50mg diphenhydramine works pretty good. Use to be even sleeping pills wouldnt work for me, at one time a while back...


I find that trying to sleep immediately after watching television doesn't work. Too many images rattling the brain. I believe there have been several studies showing this.

Reading, meditation , stretching exercises, music. All are good for relaxation. I've got myself some lights, a string of small bulbs like Christmas tree lights but with small cotton gloves covering the bulbs. They are delightful to look at and I drift off happily.

I've also made sure my room is very pleasant to be in with attractive pictures and blinds and good quality bed linen which is smooth and non busy.

Oh and lavender oil on the pillow or a lavender tea light ( but blow that out before sleeping) .



No clock watching when trying to sleep, I'm sure that you're old enough to know that :-D and quite rightly already pointed out, no TV reading marshmallow for the brain (as my good friend would say). I use incense, in a lattice container, rather than candles :-)

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Hello foggynessie, write to santa for some new batteries, for the silly clock,,!!!

I have tried sitting reading in bed, and then I nod off, I don't know why this happens, maybe I get 'too'comfy,,,,,,,May I ask have you tried the tea bags with valerian in?

Keep warm and cosy,,,,and try for some ZZZzzzzz, ttfn from Karen.


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