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3 alarm clocks.....bought a 4th one 2day WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????

I BOUGHT my 4th alarm clock 2day.....yep for me to try and get up earlier in the mornings.

1st one (i had misplaced it and found inside a had a notepad and pen attached and lit up at alarm time!!!)

2nd one was a sunshine alarm clock(which was suppose to gradualy light up the bedroom 1hr before get up time) it had approx 20 instructions on it but had a power cut and I couldnt re-set it.

3rd one had loads of instructions but it went cheep cheep cheep instead of ringing....just wanted to shoot the poor birds...and my cat went crazy........and today I bought an old fashioned £3 ticking clock as i went to church this morning...the 1st time in ages....only to discover I was 45mins late........I was affrounted :) ha ha ha

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Oh oh oh no I can't do it. LOL oh i am so sorry but you made that sound so funny , apart from being late to church . I can just imagine your cat going wild at an alarm clock a lighten your morning with a power cut.... You just couldn't make it up

Thank you for making me laugh :D

VG x


been laughing all day .....start of memiors perhaps lol


I love it!

My late husband used to sleep through any alarm clock, and I left for work ages before he needed to get up, so we put the clock inside a biscuit tin and it rattled like fury.

All that happened was that he picked up the tin, threw it through the bedroom window and went straight back to sleep!

Love Moffy x


I can just imagine the you had the alarm call as well?


Was the window open or closed?


You'll soon have 7 one for each day of the week !!

My baby girl used to be my alarm clock but more recently she is going through periods of not settling at night!!

She's 1 soon , time flies evidently according to Moffy's post !!

She has just started taking a few steps very unsteadily !

Soon she will be running around then she may get to sleep in the evening once again, maybe.


your wee girl will keep you fit....cherish every day : )


2 alarm clocks got me up on time this morning.....yippee : )


Well done. I am having the same problem at the moment. I use the alarm on my phone and can sleep right through it despite it going off every 10 minutes. I have now reset my alarm clock and maybe I can get to church next week.:-)


I have 3 alarm clocks ... all in use! The first wakes me at 6.15am. The second wakes me at 6.20am when I've accidentally nodded back off! The third wakes me at 7.15am, which marks the end of my post-shower-I'm-too-knackered-to-move nap!

Add to that my furry alarm clock, who never seems to struggle to spring out of bed, despite being about 84 in cat years, and I still find myself wondering if anyone would mind if I had just another few minutes ...

Sara xx


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