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I am clock watching again and before I shut the laptop down and went in to say I was heading up to bed. Hubby asked if I was okay, I said fine, why. He then went on to tell me it was only ten to eight. I have the timer on the cooker so daughter knows when to take her next antibiotic, so I was relying on the wall clock for the time. yes I read the clock as twenty to ten. What a clown, so then I have had to put the laptop back on. Well it is one thing to sit up all night long from 9.30pm onwards, but not as early as I was going up. xxxxx

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  • Oh dear, I am glad I am not the only one who miss reads the time :-)

    I think I would have still gone up and laid in bed though ;-)

    Piggie hugs xxxxx

  • I know I could have gone up, but occasionally a friend will drop by unannounced but they know it is okay if it is before 9.30pm, after that they have no chance of getting in lol xxxxx

  • You are normal no worries, I mis-read the time regular plus what day it is, my son wished me goodnight, I wished him happy new year a day early! On and on it goes we laugh it off but I do moan especially when I have kept an appointment using the time as the date to go only to be told I'm a week early having a 5 hour round trip to the hospital grrrrrr such is life lol

  • Tunring up for appojntments on wrong days is a classic for me lol. Either weeks early orweeks late. Now I write eveything down twice and I even email the hospital asking them to send me a reminder via email. That sorts that out lol xxxxx

  • I'm forever mis-reading not only "time" but "situations" so i totally understand, do other people with fibro mis-read situations as well or is it just me?

  • I think we all do it lol, just part of who we are ad it gives us something to giggle over too, so I look at it as a good thing xxxxx

  • Thanks Ozzygirl, most of the time we assume we're the only ones suffering, what a joke, the way i try to balance it out is to think theirs always someone better off and theirs always someone worse off, it works most of the time. Whether this is of any help to any of the other sufferers, i hope this may bring some comfort to anyone in need of it. Mels.X

  • Thank goodness, your not on your own. I'm terrible at remembering things, sometimes I try to laugh about it so I don't get frustrated. If you can laugh it really is good for your wellbeing, don't be too hard on yourself. Gentle hugs

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