Anyone else having problems with their ears? :s

I've been having a recurring problem with me ears, it's been self-diagnosed as an ear infection (for lack of a better term really) and over and over and over again I have been told that nothing is wrong with my ears.

The agonizing pain that shoots down my neck every few seconds and the HUGE levels of sensitivity and hmm, exothermic reactions? Maybe a more creative way of saying that they're hot, A LOT. But hey - take every opportunity you can get right?

This has been happening repeatedly for several years now,I have NO idea if there is any link to the fibro or something else, Just some form of comfort would be nice, I guess. But when isn't it?

Just wondering if anybody else has had any problems with their ears or something similar?

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  • That's me terrible ear ach and I have fluid in my ears , and sore throat and for years I've been blaming wisdom teeth I now no it isn't its tmj I was told but where us fluid comin from no one nos . Take care Michelle

  • I got told it was wisdom teeth as well, people are blaming everything on wisdom teeth at the moment. From the fact I can't eat anything sweet because it's agony to do so, my headaches and migraines and the ear thing, but I don't see how it can possibly be my wisdom teeth, Silly health care 'professionals'

    You too :) Beth.

  • Hi Berthy

    Sorry about your pain, it is unlikely to be an ear infection if the doctors say your ears are clear. Infections are usually caused by the build up of fluid in the inner ear often after a cold or such like, which the doctors will see when they look in your ear. This usually eases with taking decongestants and once the eustation tube (a little tube between the ear and throat) clears, the fluid will drain. If the fluid becomes infected and thick then antibiotics will be needed.

    It may however be to do with fibro. We often complain of arms, legs, neck etc causing us muscular pain so maybe the muscles around your ears are inflamed or maybe even your eustation maybe the problem if you are having shooting pains down your neck.Do you take meds for fibro? Do you clench your teeth at night as that can cause ear ache.

    I would go back and bug your doctors again and try and get some answers as it doesn't sound very pleasant.

    Piggie hugs xxxxxxx

  • Yeah, there's certainly not fluid in there, and I don't really see how there could be after about 2 years anyway, pretty sure it would have evaporated :P

    I do have a tendency of grinding my teeth (and have managed to mess my gums up and my jaw through doing so) and i know I got told it might have something to do with that and am being provided with a bite guard and anti-inflammatory's etc to try and help that, so I'll see if that helps, I'm getting that next week, thankyou!

    Take care, beth <3 xxxxx

  • Hi Berthy

    Go see your GP, I left it too late, about 2 to 3 years ago I got pain in my ears and it was peircing but I left it and as a fellow didnt bother my doctor but then one day decided to go and see him, I wish I had gone 2 years ago, I had tests at Liverpool and was told that I had a mini stroke that had damaged the cillia in my right ear for good and contributed to the deafness that I now have plus tinnitus, so please go and see your Doctor right away.......... fibrodave

  • I'm sorry to hear about that, yeah, men do have a tendency of being silly about things like that, no offence :P

    I'm making an appointment for this week hopefully and I'll just do what i did before I got a diagnosis for my fibro - sit in the room and refuse to leave until they do something. Or start screaming, that sends to have rather decent effects as well.

    Thanks, Beth.x

  • I have this occasionally, but it's usually when I move my head in a funny way, so I've always put it down to a nerve impingement. Having said that, I already have otosclerosis and wear a hearing aid, so maybe I'm not the best person to judge! xx

  • Well, I'm fairly certain it's nothing quite as serious as that, I mean it COULD all be down to me grinding my teeth etc but I'll keep that in mind, thank you :P

    Beth xx

  • I suffer constantly with my ears and always have inflamation but nothing gets done about it i also have fluid in my ears especialy the left one. I have suffered wiht my ears since i was a toddler and it was so bad i was completly deaf for 18 months so that's probably why my ears still hurt.

    One thing i always do to help relieve the pain is i put a little brandy or whisky with a little olive oil heat it up a little then put it in my ear and plug with cotton wool. The alcohol heats up and numbs the ear and the oil helps soften any hard wax build up, be worth a try.

    Hope you get some relief soon xx Rachie xx

  • Well, I've never heard of that one, certainly odd, but I'll definitely give it a try, thank you! :)

    Beth xx

  • Hope it helps honey. It was a doctor who told my mum about it.

    Rachie xx

  • I'll keep you posted :) xx

  • Hey,

    I've started experiences this recently too. I didn't think it was Fibro related but you just never know. I went to the doctors and they said I had Labyrinthitis which is a deep ear canal virus that causes dizziness and vertigo... I also get sharp pain deep in my ear and loss of balance.

    I've been feeling super dizzy on and off most days for about 2 weeks now and it doesn't seem to be easing but I've been given some tablets to help with the dizziness and then just rest is the only solution for the virus....

    Maybe look into this as I could be contributing to your symptoms.

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