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I went to see my dentist this morning because I'm having some trouble with stinging all inside my mouth.

The stinging is so painfull it's driving me mad i said so she ad a look and told me that my mouth is great inside nothing wrong with my teeth or GUMS.

The dentist asked me what medical problems I have she knows I told her about fribo and she put my problem down to fribo.

I was then advised to go to see my GP I was wondering if any of you guys have had a problem like the one I have.


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Hi there bobajob sorry your having mouth pain not nice. Even worse when they can't give you help because they don't see any thing. I have not suffered with that kind of thing before so sorry I can't help either. I am sure there are others who may have had that problem who may be able to offer some kind of advice to help you find relief I hope so xx


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Hi Bob :)

How are you doing my friend?

From what you are describing it sounds as though you may possibly have Burning Mouth Syndrome.

It's basically when your whole mouth feels like it's on fire and it gets even worse when you eat.

I have had this several times over the last year. My dentist said that it is a classic sign of being low in Vit B12.

My dentist told me to get some Daktarin. It's like a cream and gel combined.

It really helped to soothe my mouth.

Be kind to yourself

Lu xx

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Hi Lu, thanks for your reply and yes I will try what you suggested and I will of course let you know how I get on.

BOB xx


Yes I've unfortunately had that and can sympathise as it is a horrible sensation. Hope it eases soon.x

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Hi Bob

I've recently been diagnosed, I've been suffering for over three years, been going around in circles, seen consultants for back, ankles, shoulders & neck you name and recently teeth, I'm so relieved to read your post, my gums are sore, toothpaste stings my teeth, not to mention blurred vision. I was beginning to think what's the point of seeing the doctor as he didn't take me seriously until Monday when I got my results... thank you πŸ™„

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Hi Bob, I have problems with a burning mouth and a horrid taste in my mouth.

my Dentist gave me a pescription for Corsodyl mouthwash, it took some time for it to work but did help me. I have bought it from the chemist when i had it a second time.

Hope that this helps.


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Bobajob sorry about that mouth pain. If you're taking Neurontin you might get burning mouth syndrome. Try zinc if your GP agrees. Let's here back from you Feel better

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