is any one experiencing pain in their teeth

im in so much pain with all my teeth, have been to my dentist also Dental hospital they can find nothing amis with my teeth, no cavities or abscess ect, a Professor of Fibromyalgia says its all down to the FMS its the nerve endings, I can no longer eat with proper cutlery can only use only plastic as the metal cutlery affects my teeth and can no longer go to the dentist as his metal tools affect them, have offered to have them all removed but he says no point because the problem would still be there as all my nerves would still be there, sometimes I could just throw things in frustration and pain, thats without pain all over the rest of body

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  • Hi Cookie,

    It may be fibro, but just a thought - get your doc to examine you for sinusitis.

    This can give you the most appalling toothache, as the nerves of the teeth are so close to the sinuses. A course of antibiotics would then do the trick.

    I don't want to raise your hopes unduly, but it's worth a try!

    Moffy x

  • thanx Moffy but they have done that infact three lots of the very strong antibiotics, its not just one tooth when it starts its all of them and I have all my own teeth still, the FMS Doc said its the nerve endings that go to the teeth that are causing the pain, as he explained to me this fms affect the nerve endings as well as the muscles ligaments and tendons, and if you think of it it all makes sense, that is why the whole body is affeected with FMS because we have these things all over our body to keep it together lol, he showed me a pic of the nerves running along the gums to the teeth, the pain isnt a pain i can describe its isnt like toothache, just like the FMS nothing takes the pain away I just have to wait untl it subsides, one way i can get near to explaining it is if you have ever had a tooth out and sucked in cold air after, its kinda like that pain its been like it for about three years now, .....but thanx again Moffy for the info and trying to sort it out, i just wondered if anyone else is experiencing the same problem,sorry for the long epitaph lol ....Cookie xx

  • That is exactly how I would describe my pain. Like cold being drilled into the center of all my teeth. They all hurt all the time. It never goes away. And I've been experiencing this for a month, how did you last 3 years?

  • Hi, i to have problems with my teeth, but i am also grinding them which is making it worse, even during the day when I am not even aware of it and all my facial muscles tighten up. When I can feel that happening i stop what I am doing, take a step back and try to relax, because if I don't it then gives me the worst headache ever. My dentist has also made me a gum shield to wear at night so that grinding won't be as harsh on my teeth. Do you have a gum shield, maybe you should try one, mine is made of some kind of rubber substance so it's gentler on my gums when they are being far to sensitive for their own good.

    Hope you find a solution soon, as we have enough to deal with, without our teeth giving us grief too!!!!!

  • I have similar problems and not helped when I go to dentist my jaw goes into spasm mid-treatment, which is pretty painful in itself. I find it difficult to judge things as well re my teeth so find it difficult.

  • Hi I to have problems with my teeth sometimes it is like a presure build up I take a couple of decongestant tabs you can get cheap ones from supermarket own brands,fibro sufferers can get bouts of sticky mucus so this helps to clear it. I also use tooth paste for sensative teeth if that doesnt ease the pain I then use a gel that I get from Boots especially for tooth ache, I find that if I do not clean my teeth with sensative toothpaste the pain can become so bad I dont even want to drink never mind eat.

    Having your teeth out will not ease this I have had teeth removed in the past and belive me I still get pain some days where the tooth was its crazy getting tooth ache when there is no tooth.

    Hope you find relief soon

  • Hi Cookie. Has your doc refered you to your local maxo facillary dept at hosp yet? They are whole face/jaw/teeth/mouth. .specialists. If your GP will not refer you then you can ask your dentist to.

  • corsodyl gel toothpaste. If they don't have it in boots try online through amazon.

  • Hiya I also suffer with tooth pain , I've just got over a bad time with all my teeth top and bottom on my left side ,it also affected all my left side of my face and felt like I had REALLY bad earache, went to the docs and they found nothing wrong its my fibro,I get it often so I know how you feel ,try using hot towels on your face it just eases it a bit x

  • hi Cookie, sorry you're in so much pain. I get terrible pain in teeth, jaw and ears too. I was referred to a neuro-otologist who diagnosed Eustachian tube dysfunction. It can also give me a lot of giddiness. She prescribed a steroid nose spray which does help although it can irritate my nose so I only use it a few days at a time. Corsodyl mouthwash helps a bit too.

  • I too am getting pain in my teeth and side of my face. It goes up to my ear and down my arm and shoulder. I just try to warm it and hope it moves on soon. I wear a woollen hat and scarf plus I've made a heat pad out of rice and an old sock and warm that in the micro.

    Good luck xx

  • best things out eh? I cannot cope for long without one! or three! sensitive toothpaste is good to reduce the likelihood of another onset but we know fibro is no respecter of toothpaste don't we?

  • do you also get pain in ur eye? only I have to wear an occulasive splint as I bite to hard, like when I have things on my mind my jaw is clenching tho I am not always aware that I do this, so wondered if this could be linked to ur problem regards su

  • sensitive eyes to light I wear specs anyway all the time and sunspecs when WHEN the sun shines. I have a gum shield which helps sometimes.

  • hi cookie

    If it helps I also get these episodes and like you wondered if it would go away or have treatment options. Your being told total removal would not work is true, as when in my teens (some 50years ago) I had these probs but was not diagnosed with fibro. Just fibrosis, muscular rheumatism at that time and keep working and doing all that had to be done.. Almost all of my back teeth were removed which has led to problems in later years, because of the effect on the remaining teeth.

    It is because the nerves are still there and functioning on overtime I think. Similarly with sensitivity to noise and sunlight - though as we know enjoying the sunshine can make us feel so much better. What a lot we are!!

    I was able to go into school to help today and that makes me feel good, though exhausted! Paying the price now of course likewise pottering in the garden for an hour and I'm full of pain trying to keep happy!x

  • hi Oldie like u I was diagnosed when I was 11 am now 72, only they called it muscular rhumatism, then as the years went on they done all tests ect and said i had fibro ive also had spondylosis since i was eleven too, I also cant stand noise bright light also im sensitive to smells are you, and thats right where as at one time i coud spend a good day in the garden I can't now can only potter for about an hour before i have to stop because of the pain, it doesnt mattter how many painkillers you take either does it, and I love the garden so much i lose myself when Im out there, if u do nothing yes nothing at all the pain isnt quite as bad, but hell u can just sit and do nothing can you thats not living, but the pain is getting so bad I cant walk unless I use crutches, the oc told me that many fibo sufferers end up in a wheelchair well like i said not if i cant help it lol, thank you for message its soo nice to be able to talk to some one with the same problem and understands what u are going thru, I only joined this site yesterday andam so glad I did, wish i had done it long ago, hope upur pain is a little better tomorrow xx

  • Hi I too only joined a couple of days ago and its good but mustn't spend too much time on computer or hands and eyes ache. I have very sensitive nose and can smell things others seem not to notice!

    My doc will not let me have crutches as I have a bad back as well so I do use a wheelchair or my little scooter to get anywhere away from home.

    I've been pottering today - too long of course so pain levels high at present. what a reward for making the pots and garden look nice! Now it's pouring with rain so what will be the next area to suffer? what a life!

    yes it's good to chat away with folk who do understand. I read of so many of us who have far more problems than I do I feel I should be grateful.

  • Hi everyone, many thanks for your kind thoughts ideas and good wishes, I have been to the Hospital Dental surgeon and he put and electric thing on each tooth and done a few other tests to make sure that there was nothing actually wrong with the teeth, they even said it was the Fibro, I have tried many things, the best thing I do when it starts is to put one of those wheat bags over my mouth, the ones you heat in the microwave, my biggest problem with this fibro is that \i dont rest when I should, thank you my fibro friends for listening and talking, it does us good to get these things off our chest doesnt it...luv n Gentle hugs to all Cookie alias Dee x

  • at least it sounds like the health professionals are accepting that fibro is real and not several thousand of us living in fantasy land and scrounging off the state! eh>

    Keep smiling.

  • Yes yes ,, had this for years,, prob had it ten years easy ,,, they are worse on a night and in a morning. I can actually feel throbbing on a night and it is my teeth I feel it in not m gumbs. I have low calcium at the mo but always had this fir years.

    I've started using fluoride free toothpaste , it's actually got better. Fennel is good .,. Indigo herbs sell it they give you the right measurement ,, I use it for pain now because I'm sick everything I take for pain effects my ibs really bad. X

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  • I can relate with u all...I to am experiencing jaw tooth mouth and ear pain and its so intense its driving me crazy no pain meds help at told tmj and fibro and cant do much 4 me!! Really dnt want to live my life with this pain....:(

  • Hi Karen, yes it is fibro, I can't use a metal fork or spoon, this starts them all off, it's not just one tooth but all of them and like I said before sometimes my teeth feel as tho they are swollen, and too big for my mouth, sometimes I put a warm heat bag over my mouth and it helps, ,apparently it's all the nerve ends in your gums that's are causing the pain, because I offered to have all mine out, but they said it wouldn't make any difference as the nerve endings would still be there...sorry you have this too I think it's one of the worst parts of having fibro , take care sending you gentle hugs, .....Dee xx sorry I thought I ad sent this message but I must have fell asleep and didn't finish it lol

  • I have horrible problems with my teeth. I have lost 4 and have had pulpitis, that is pain way off the scale.

    I have another dental appt tomorrow the dentist will try to save my tooth, but he said it's likely he will have to remove it, so that will be 5 teeth missing

  • Hi Cookie , I've just been too the dentist today as I've been getting the worst tooth pain ever . I've been suffering with this on and off for about 2 years , pain is getting worse with each episode of fibro . So 5 days of suffering serve tooth sensitivity on the left side of my mouth, I get to see the dentist and the pain has gone !!!🤔

  • cookie72 ! have you found any help with this since these posts 4 years ago? I just cropped up with the same pain in the teeth, all of them mostly, after dental work, and exacerbated after having a gold crown installed. The mention of not being able to use metal utensils tipped me off. It does feel like that 'metal' pain. Dentist does not find any bone loss, access or cavity, but the teeth are very sensitive, tender on chewing on left side, and 'nerve pain' over all mostly on left but on right, not as bad. Seems to be affecting my tongue now and gong up the nerves inside my head into my brain... I am sensitive enough to notice this... But no serious pain there, just in the teeth. I'm thinking is some weird infection I got during the dental work. That's always blown off by every other excuse int he world, been there with other stuff. My NDC did muscle test that it was an infection and gave me some Standard Process supplements that helped but it keeps waxing and waning and not going away. Has anyone found any help for this since the original posts? PS: Yes, I have fibromyalgia, too, and CFS, and ES. and chemical injury. I don't need this on top of all that. Thanks.

  • I have come across this page in desperation for answers. I suffer constantly with pain that is now just all over my teeth. I really am beginning to feel unable to cope and find myself crying constantly. I feel like an old lady and am waiting till Monday morning when I will ask dentist to remove all my teeth. Am willing to try anything now. Struggling to cope today n feel like my life's passing me by. 😢

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