I do try not to post but I have headaches all the time. Because my neck is so painful all the time. I paid a private dentist to ask for help because everybody thinks I am just a whinger. I try not to be hence I don't talk to anybody these days. Dentist says I have tmd but apart from sending me a quote for £2,820 didn't do anything at all. Where do you turn when you have nowhere left to turn?

So anyway, apparently I clench my teeth constantly, day and night. NHS aren't very interested,Dr has suggested injecting Botox into me and I'm almost at the point where I'm considering it. So really asking for advice. Syndol was the only thing that ever worked,even though it put me to sleep. They no longer make this. Does anybody know if they intend to make it again? Has anybody had Botox for severe neck pain and headaches and did it work? Or does anybody have any tips on how to ease clenching, how to sleep without hurting your neck,or how to wake up without your whole head aching maybe one day a week? That'd be better than nothing. Or would amputation be an option? Very weak and feeble,lol. A guffaw would hurt too much. Thank you everybody, and sorry if I've gone on a bit.

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  • Hi,

    you know I had that same problem of clenching my teeth all day, when stressed. My dentist made a plastic guard for my bottom teeth and it really worked for me. Headaches reduced, jaw pain reduced, everything so much better. It's quite comfy and I pop it in at night before sleeping and wear it during the day when I feel myself clenching my teeth. .If it is too expensive for you, you can buy do it yourself mouth guards at good sports shops.



  • Hi jilly, you got there first, I was waffling as usual..... Why do we clench our teeth so much, it's something I do and increasingly so, sometime back I thought it was a reaction to pain, now I realise it is probably the cause of pain..... I of course haven't been sensible enough to ask for a guard myself but this post has made me think I must do something about it. I I am glad it has worked so well for you, and that gives me hope for furdad and for me ..... Thank you :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • I think it is stress that causes the teeth clenching. Let's face it, living with FMS isn't restful.

    How do you find the Maxalt? I tried it but it never really seemed to work for me but I have noticed the sumatriptan seems to be less effective all of a sudden.



  • Hi jilly, I found that I had very bad side effects from the sumatriptan like constriction of the throat, which I found very scarey. I think also your body can become tolerant of certain drugs and therefore reduces their efficacy ! Sending More positive healing vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Foggy,

    I got that when I had it in injection form. It was really bad. Now itis just a fleeting sensation.

    Thanks for the healing vibes. Just gone down with another sore throat. I have only had 3 days clear of it in as many weeks :-( . I suppose I should go see my gp but keep thinking what's the point.



  • Hi furdad, firstly I want to say how sorry I am that you are suffering like this. I am however concerned about you having sought the help of a dentist, I do hope that doesn't come across as rude, because it certainly isn't meant to. From my own personal experience (which I'm going through at the moment infact) a lot of your headaches are probably caused by the problem in your neck, and what you need to do is to see someone like an osteopath (not a chiropractor - backs ok - necks a different story !!) and have them assess exactly what is going on, it may be that there is a vertebrae out of alignment and that can cause many symptoms, headaches, pain down arms, facial pain etc. However, you do have to be very careful of course because if someone does the wrong thing with your neck then it can be very bad news, you have your spinal cord and the brain stem in close proximity, and a lot of blood vessels, so you really need someone who knows their stuff.

    I too suffer with migraines and take Maxalt (rizatriptin ) which is a "wafer" which you pop either under your tongue or in the side of your cheek, this is the quickest way of getting medication into your blood stream. You could possibly ask your doctor whether this may be worth a try. As for Botox I have heard some people say it has been a magical cure for them, I haven't heard much adverse press about it so again that is something that you could look into.

    You ask about things to help you stop clenching your teeth and that IS something your dentist should already have offered you, you can have a guard which you put in at night and stops one from either grinding or clenching. Also you might like to try a memory foam neck pillow. I would advise going for the first brand that came on the market, they are expensive, but they do help because they are shaped to support your head and neck.

    I won't guffaw at your idea of amputation (like you, it would hurt too much) my neck and back are in such a mess at the moment, I could do with being chopped in two too :o :o I hope that some of what I have written makes sense and even possibly helps. I am very happy for you to message me and I can talk with you about it all a bit further if you like. I won't attempt to hug you as you would probably thump me hehehe :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi,thanks for replying. No Foggy I would never thump you:) I also have one or two small, well three or four medium sized,well ok a heck of a lot of....issues....with my brain. In that it is extremely strange and has been cause for concern over the years. One of my hang Ups is aversion to human touch. Which made it difficult when I considered massage,but oh how wonderful a massage would be. So if I had anyone to hug me, I couldn't, even though there are days I long for one. But on here you do virtual stuff so....a virtual hug would be really cool Foggy.

    I actually saw the dentist to ask about guards but I keel over for no reason and last time I broke my front crown but didn't know til the pieces fell out later. I don't do mirrors either so didn't realise I'd hurt my face. So I need that repaired. I have also pretty much wrecked my teeth apparently, chomping on them and they need to be repaired too. That was what the quote for £2.280 was for. ( Not £2,820, number dyslexic too)!! God there's no hope, no wonder everybody has given up on me ;)

    The guards themselves will be £900 odd and I don't think my NHS dentist will do them. Fair enough though,I guess.

    But didn't realise you could get them in sports shops so when I get some money next Friday will have a look. Will have a look for the pillow too, although I've tried every pillow on the market, and invented a couple.

    Thanks again,I will let you know how it goes,


  • Hi Terry, ((((((Terry))))) consider yourself well and truly hugged, you are very honoured I only dish out hugs on a rarified basis :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thank you. Thank you. Didn't know hugs could make you cry!! Wimp eh? They mean the world. Have no words for them. Gotta stop blubbing, crying = headache. Thank you.

  • I got mine from the dental hospital on the nhs.

  • They do hugs!!!???

  • :D

  • Hi,

    your NHS dentist should do them. Mine was done NHS. One thing my dentist said was they can do surgery but she would never advise it. She is a brilliant dentist so I trust her judgement.

    Foggy's suggestion of the pillow is good too. I have one recommended by a chiropractor and it helps with my neck issues. Bit expensive though, about £25 unfortunately.

    Gentle virtual hugs


  • I popped online and checked out some mouthguards. There are all kinds and all prices but I need the ones which have fangs painted on them so I can open the door and smile at the postman. I was supposed to see my dentist last week to take a mould for my crown. Thinking about it the fangs would probably scare him less than my current smile. I was too poorly to get there though, as it is a four bus ride journey there and back. Reception are ok but my dentist seems not to have much patience with me. I try to explain that I can't book two weeks in advance as I don't know even from hour to hour how I will feel.

    But I'll get there one day. In the meantime I will get a good guard and try the pillow and long term I may talk to my dr about the Botox. Thank you both for your advice and kindness today. It is very much appreciated.

    Take care.

  • Hehehehe Terry, love the fangs painted on the guard :D :D But sorry you have such trouble with the transport situation and I so understand about not being able to book ahead, I'm the same, time and time again I have to cancel appointments and I always feel so about it, but I find that they respond better when I ring to cancel because so many people just don't turn up !!

    Do let us know how you get on :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi

    You can also get sport shop mouthguards that you can mould yourself this may help but you should be able to get one from dentist for abt £ 50 ....also ive been put on lyrica for my headaches an fibro and I dont seem to have them as bad. Try easing off paracetamol and ibuprofen if you are taking them lots for the headaches as they can actually cause rebound headaches and make your head worse (ye I know its hard when you have a bad head and a life to live but I had to do this orders of the neuro)...I also have regular massage to relieve tension around neck an shoulder area as this can contribute and lay off caffine and chocolate :-( my only pleasure in life booooo!! X

  • Hi there,my g.p has just prescribed me 600mgs ibuprofen to take for migraines which I find odd as I would have thought that migraine meds would be the first potion.Didn't know that they can cause headaches,and I take paracetamol with tramadol for my pain four times a day.Could this be contributing to it?x

  • I was on tramadol for my head and paracetamol an neuro told me 2stop takin them...but obs I didnt have my diagnosis of fibro....u dont really wanna stop your pain meds xxx

  • I read somewhere, (fibro fog forgotten) that aspirin, and it's close cousin ibuprofen, can be extremely effective for headaches and especially migraines. It helps to make the blood a little thinner which encourages the flow of oxygen to the brain. Unfortunately I can't take either as I have a bad stomach ache with both of them. My daughter has tried it though and said it helped.

    As for TMJ, the Maxillo-facial doctor told me to go to the dentist for help as there was nothing they could do except botox.. My NHS dentist was bemused to have this laid at his door and offered mouth guards for my back teeth to stop me grinding them at night. Minimum price £200. Then he noticed I don't have any back bottom teeth, so we both agreed not to do it. :) :)

    He advised a soft diet when it's bad and a warm hot water bottle, held on that side of the face to ease the pain.

    Hope this helps.

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