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Morning all. Well was at the dreaded dentist yesterday. Had 5 teeth out and false ones put straight in. Iam so please i was sedated, i looked like i had done 10 rounds with mike tyson 😒. As you can guess by the time ive had no sleep and mouth is very sore. Iam supposed to take them out and rinse with salty water but iam terrified of taking them out. They had to cut my front gum as my tooth had snapped under my crown so was a bit tricky. This fibro has a lot to answer for. Xx


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  • Hi paula1967

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and it sounds absolutely awful for you. I can imagine that when you have taken them out a couple of times then it will become plain sailing. However, it is like jumping in at the deep end of the swimming pool as it is taking that first plunge?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi, so sorry to hear this. Do you think the teeth problem could be fibro related. I have gum problems as they are receding and exposing the root of the tooth. Do you think this could be fibro related. I have never thought about that but could be to do with the dreaded fibro.

    Good luck with the dentures. It will get easier in time.


  • Hi Golfer. Yes i do, i read on another fibro site that it causes gum disease. The way yours are is how mine started, id always had strong healthy teeth, no toothache or anything. One day wot id thort was a bit chewing gum stuck to my tooth was plaque which wen brushed showed the root. Ive has loads of work done for gum disease this past year but nothing worked. Id already had 2 teeth out this year then 5 yesterday and still need some out. I wish u all the look in the world you get yours sorted. Paula x

  • Thanks for your reply. It seems this fibro has more surprises in store for me.

    Have a good day.


  • Hi both, I think this explains my teeth problems too! I'm having to have a couple of root canals and there's not much root left in my front tooth, so may end up losing that! I didn't realise fibro was to blame for this too!

    I do hope both you get sorted! :)

  • Hi golfer- I have one bottom front tooth that exposes the root and I never considered it might be fibro related. its not loose but the gum does get tatty if I eat crusty bread or crisps-avoiding these now, its interesting though as my dentist has never said it is fibro related I.ll ask her next visit-infact I,ll diary it because I know I wont remember!!

  • Thats how mine started x

  • Ouch, I hope your gums heal soon and you get used to your new teeth soon.

  • Ty xx

  • I was told to take my falsies out at night but to keep them in all day. have you tried Dentafix or Pollygrip either of them will form a cushing over the sore bits.

    I am down to two teeth on top, four on the bottom.

    I f you have any problems with them go back to your dentist who will do alterations to help thm to fit better. :)

  • Ty for your reply. I only got them out yesterday n terrified of taking them out xx

  • Ouch! I feel for you paula1967 I hadn't even thought of fibro causing gum problems, I just accepted some of my teeth being replaced as I was getting older.

    Is this your first time with a dental plate? It will take some getting used to, especially when you lose the sensation in the roof of your mouth because of the denture.

    I too had my front upper teeth removed and had the falsies put in straight away as it moulds your gums to the new teeth and they look more natural without the pink plastic showing. Once you have taken them out a couple of times it will get easier. I do wear my teeth at night as I don't like the look of me without teeth and I don't talk properly!

    I do give them a thorough clean in the morning so it suits me.

    I also have bottom ones which I have never got on with, my mouth always feels too full, so they are in the drawer!

    Stick with it, in a week or so you will get the benefits, just don't try chewing gum or crunching on boiled sweets.!


  • Ty Kay. Iam pleased you have said you leave them in at night. The palete feels massive. Iam back next week for check up xx

  • Poor you. I wish they had cut OHs gum when same thing happened instead if trying to dig coal out. Remember when my friend had her first teeth on a bridge. She phoned me in a panic poor live as she couldn't get them out, you can imagine me trying to give instructions over the phone how to do it!

    Do hope by tomorrow pain has eased a little it must be very raw and sore.x

  • Ty. Ive had no sleep with my gums being sore xx

  • I dont know if you have taken them out now. if not it would be a good idea to take them out now. give your mouth a good swill with salt water and give your gums a short break. Ordinary pain killers may help. :)

  • Oh dear the first few days are the worse. Good advice from the others about the salt water as that was what OH was told but only put it is mouth and gently swill around but it certainly helps keep everything clean.πŸ˜πŸ˜·πŸ˜‚x

  • Well done you! I had my front teeth out when I was 24 due to tooth decay, and it's so strange having a plate in at first but you do get used to it, don't be afraid to take them out, the salty water will make sure here's no infection and help the gum to heal quickly, , take care

  • OOh poor you, my worst nightmare a dentist and I don't know why coz I rarely need anything done, I don't let them clean and polish either I do that myself.. about the mouthwash- I would say to you do as advised otherwise as the gums heal and swelling reduces you might have difficulty getting them out at all and cause gum breaking and bleeding. not wanting to scare you but prevention better than another visit!!

  • Thank you all for your replys. I havent took them out yet too scared, i will do a bit later xx

  • Yeah....... ive done it. Had a good rinse n the smell was bloody awful xx

  • Ah teeth mine all started with ankle pain then I found my knee was not tracking underneath the knee cap Next to happen was that the hands on the dips and pips started to have little lumps on them The next step was gums started to receded like mad showing how long my teeth where muck and February and flossing didn't help. t he next stage was opposite hip hurting to bad leg . then the dreaded back started playing up The teeth at the back had rotted away and one below snapped off .Now I have to go and have those 2 out at hospital . if I had jumped off the top of our house I could not have got more damage than this .Now I can't even do my 4 mile walks twice a week cos I hobble round and MRI say nothing wrong they are having a joke I think

  • paula a good trick for teeth if infections take a garlic clove cut a small piece about 1/2 dia say and chew it this gets rid of a lot of bacteria infections

  • Ty minka. Xx

  • Hi I didn't know fibro could effect my teeth. I had to go to dentist because my gums are receding. I have really good teeth as well. I will be gutted if I have to have them out. Hope your pain goes soon. Best wishes xx

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