I am officially considered pre-diabetic(to add to the other "stuff")

I got the call today that I qualify for the next part of the study(If you saw my earlier msgs- if not , it is an NIH funded study on pre-diabetes to see if diabetes can be prevented/moderated- I am still not sure of the nature of the condition/illness). Since it was a voice msg I did not get my A1C. Next week I will get the results and do the fasting glucose test. I am not sad or sorry about this- I mean I wish I wasn't pre-diabetic but I am glad to have some answer for some part of what is happening to me! I have been trying to follow some of the things I have read and been told about diabetes-and I have not had the "feeling" I was having quite often that I think related to blood sugar being off. I look forward to the results of the testing(not so much to the glucose test- had the last one 27 years ago when I was pregnant with my youngest) . I look forward to the help the study staff and my doctor will give me and the steps I will continue to take to improve my health.

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  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your pre-diabetes testing.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • My husband has been diagnosed pre-diabetic this year, and now he has to follow the same diet as someone with type 2 diabetes to try and prevent him actually developing it. He wasn't very big to start off with and lost loads of weight very quickly as he had to stop eating cakes and biscuits and all those lunch box treats. He's definitely healthier for it, but he still can't keep his eyes open once he gets sat down!

    Im glad you have some answers and hope you manage to control it with diet too 😀

  • Make sure leave the diet drink out as artificial sweeteners are bad for diabetics they attack the pancreas which is where diabetes is managed check labels or like trying to put fire out with petrol! but check it out.

    Bread is another bad thing esp mother pride like crap processed poo full of chemicals go with a "good quality! brown granary type as takes longer to breakdown in body plus brown rice not white and if do need sugar go with the dark untreated type as white is bleached so any goodness removed or use some good honey which has many minerals in it which are good for you.

    Like wise use butter not marg types butter has vits which help marg has nothing is a - to you

    But plenty of fluid.

    Hormone changes can effect sugar levels inc meds like pill etc

  • Good luck with it all I hope it works for you and you are also adding to the medical knowledge about this illness which is excellent.

    I wish my OH had taken notice 18 months back when he was told by the doctor her was pre-diabetic and did not change his lifestyle and now he has Type 2 Diabetes and will definately have to make changes or pay the consequences. I am extremely angry with him as I have tried my best to encourage him to change his ways. I know he has hsd alot of bad family circumstances and stress which makes people comfort eat but he has enough health wise to contend with already without putting extra stress on his body.

    Everyone needs treats now and again as the world would be a dull place otherwise but his friendship with the biscuit tin and chocolate statch is too intimate for his own good. I am buying a big lock and padlock but I reckon he will still sneak in some choccie bars whilst I am not looking.x

  • Best of luck. If this was my husband instead of me- I would have the same issue. He will eat dinner, grab a handful of cookies and then followup with ice cream with syrup. If i stop buying these(as I do sometimes), he buys them himself. I tried buying portion control ice cream but he will still eat a lot of cookies to make up for the smaller portion. So I just forget to buy cookies and he doesn't get to the store too often.

  • It's not just sugar it's the processed type that's more bad but also the hidden types like Fructose/glucose and half a dozen other cose that's worse many hidden in labels also things like hydrogenated fats etc are bad as come into the Sugar range by way of what they do to it as you'd be surprised by but best is steer well clear of processed stuff but restrict carbs you can have protein and fats plus veg but limit carbs and none in evenings as worse time for carbs is that time before bed.

    Generally theres only three things i drink now water. tea/herbal one too.Coconut water(nothing in it type)rarely anything else my B sugars came down as was pre ive it running in family

  • I have long been a label reader but now have to add these things. I am trying to eat more unprocessed- fresh food and food that has only a few ingredients. I was shocked when I gave up sugar to see that a certain veggie meat substitute had 24 grams of sugar! You are so right about sugars - hidden in different names! It seems the best way to steer clear of most of the sugars and fats is to eat less processed. I only drink water/ tea(usually herbal) and 1 cup of coffee per day.

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