Diabetes Type 2?

Evening all..

During my Easter holiday's I got a letter in the post asking for me to get some bloods done, but I had to fast. So I managed to get them done when I was at my college placement. As the building next door is a doctors/sexual health clinic/blood clinics etc.

The woman who took my blood was a happy nurse (NOT), I explained I am a difficult person to get blood out of and that its best just to use a syringe and the smallest needle you have, the woman turned round to me and said "do you take blood?" I was like huh? I said as in take it from people "yes" she said! I said no and then I got in a cocky voice "then how do you know what work?! I said "I have had blood taken since I was 9 years, that is what I have been told by the ladies in shields blood clinic so I think I know was works by now" she just looked at me. That shut her up!

Anyhoo I got my bloods done. During that week I got another letter from the doctors saying they wanted another test done of the same thing, so u rang my doctors to ask why, they just wanted me to repeat the test as they wanted to check it again.

So I had that done on Monday. I rang my doctors today to see if anything was on the test. As I told the woman who I was she told me she was about to ring ring to make an appointment to come in to speak to someone about pre-diabetes/type 2 diabetes. So my appointment is tomorrow morning to find out if I have what is going on.

I am wondering if anyone on here who sufferes from FMS and diabetes type 2??

I'm off to sleep now might all xx

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  • hope it's ok.

    I'm "difficult to bleed" and they use a baby blue or orange neede and take it from the back of my hand.


  • Good Luck today let us know how you get on :) xgins

  • Hi Susan, I am a type 2 fibromite. I'm very lucky with my doctors both at the surgery and the hospital when it comes to my diabetes. I've had it for 10 years or so now and it is well managed (thank heaven). I still get confused sometimes with the do's and don't food wise, this is of course not helped by fibrofog lol. The main thing I would say to you is ASK, any little thing you are not sure of ask the nurse or doc they are very patient with you because of the complexities of the illness. Good luck, and please don't worry. Unlike FMS there is plenty of help and guidance available to you. Let us know how you get on, soft hugs, Speedy x

  • Hi SpeedyQueen,

    Are you on insulin or tablet form?

    I think I will ask for insulin if possible. As you can see below the effects the tablet forms have on me :(

    I do have a slight fobia of needles but I am getting better now. I don't cry anymore I just sit and relax and the its done :)

    I will let you know how my appointment goes :)

    Susan xx

  • I was on tablets for a couple of years now it's insulin and tablets. Don't worry about the jabs, these days the pens that are used are amazing needles so small and fine you don't feel a thing and so easy to use. getting into a routine is the hardest part but it will soon fall in to place x

  • I have slow release Metformin as the ordinary ones make me sick.

    Did you know that if you are on medication for Diabetes you can get all your prescriptions free. Ask for a form at your doctors reception

  • Hi Susan my name is Nicky and yes I too have Fms and diabetes type 2 + cellulite's,asthma, anemia & fluid retention so I do understand how you are feeling cause I feel it everyday, if you would like to talk even though you don't know me I'm here

  • Hi Nicky,

    Thanks I find out at 9:30 today if I have either type 2 or pre-diabetes. I was looking at the information on pre-diabetes and I can't really change much of my lifestyle, don't get me wrong I all of use go thru a stage where we eat healthy.

    But FMS stops us from going to the gym. I was told a while ago by a physiotherapist on the phone that I should go swimming, I felt like saying when on earth am I going to fit that into my timetable (Mon 9:30 til 3 I'm at my placement then every fort night I sign on, Tues 9 til 3:15 college, Wed 9 til 2:45 college, Thurs 10:45 til 4:15 college) Friday relax day. Depending how stressful my week has gone I will have a good or bad weekend.

    Do you control yours with insulin or tablets?

    I was given the tablet years ago for my PCOS, and the few weeks while getting in your system drove me mad with chronic dioreha (the runs). So if I'm offered that today I will kindly refuse as I only have 9 weeks left at college and I don't want to spend my time there rubbing to and from the toilet.

    Susan xx

  • Hi Susan

    I am in exactly the same position as you. Went for an annual check up and was called back to do fasting blood test as glucose level was high. Am waiting for results.

  • I have an appointment today at 9:30 to speak to someone about my results. We will see what happens :) x

  • Hi all im type 2 fybro diet controlled but well looked after by diabetic checks at dr clinic. Ive never been offered medication I didnt know there was a choice. Ive had this condition about 5 years now. Hope you are sorted out soon. Happy days eh!

  • I have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes so am on tablets, I had to have an oral glucose drink after my fasting blood tests came back borderline, the drink pushed into diabetes. My drs are so good and have program's set up, I am learning how to handle things so it will take time and If you are the same I am sure you will be well looked after.....hope your appt is not too stressful.

  • I've had a couple bloods done showing borderline high blood glucose tests recently even although I had no other symptoms. Originally my GP dismissed readings as the result of my TSH (a thyroid hormone) being "on the high side of normal" and I had an elevated white blood cell count both of which can apparently raise blood sugar levels. Anyway, I had more fasting bloods done and again they were higher than they should be but I still had no other symptoms for Type 2.

    My friend was a type 2 who ended up on insulin injections and she always carries a meter with her & ever since she was diagnosed she's been forever taking tests from me to see how mine compared with hers & a few times my readings on her meter were bordering on having a hypo (ie blood sugar level was too low).

    About 4 weeks ago my GP told me she wanted me to have a Glucose Tolerance Test and I got a phone call saying it came back that I was Type 2 and there would be a Rx for Metformin ready for me to collect. I was a bit sceptical about it as I knew I had a lot of low readings & my friend couldn't understand why I had been put on metformin when I hadn't been given the alternative of trying to control by diet first - I also hadn't had an A1c test (HbA1c) that checks your average blood sugar levels over the past 2 - 3 month.

    Last time I took my friend to her diabetic clinic appointment she was given 2 new meters so after my tolerance test she gave me one along with some test strips etc. I took readings over a week or so and my average was 5.1 - in fact before I went into my last GP appointment (last week) I didn't have any breakfast in case she wanted a fasting blood again but she was running late & I was waiting over an hour. After an hour of waiting I felt a bit rough so took a reading 2.9! I was having a hypo - luckily I had some glucose tablets I carry for my pal with me. I showed the GP the meter and she agreed to do the A1c test (turned out it didn't need to be fasting) - I phoned up for the results and was told they were "satisfactory"! Obviously I'll need to keep an eye on things & I'm going to try and lose a few pounds to see if that can keep levels on an even keel.

    I also did a bit of investigation about the TSH levels and chances are if I was living in the USA I would be treated for an underactive thyroid as they treat at lower levels of TSH than the UK. Apparently symptoms of an underactive thyroid are very similar to a lot of Fibro ones too.

  • Hi all thanks for your messages. I have just found out I have pre diabetes ad they will keep an eye on me. Do more bloods in a year.

  • Hi Susan,

    I underwent pre-diabetes training 18 months ago. Apart from eating predominantly natural, unprocessed food without additives, the most useful advice was to keep carbohydrate portions between 10 to 14 per day (a portion contains 10g of carbohydrate).


    Eating low glycaemic foods helps too.

  • Hi

    I have fibro, but no pre-diabetes or metabolic syndrome, but I am at uni and am training to work with people who have all versions of diabetes.

    I do understand that having fibro is not easy and restricts you in many ways, but to be honest if in ten years time you looked back on the decision you have made today in regard to choosing to exercise, eat healthy and watch out for the signs of the progression of diabetes, I can assure you you would start small and persevere with change. If you have pre-diabetes you can slow the progression of the changes in your body quickly by managing yourself well. I know I don't have to tell you that gentle strolls and slow stretches help you in the long run with your muscles.

    I truly hope you find strength were you haven't before to make changes today that will be a positive effect on your future health.

    Good luck.

  • Hi thanks

    Yeah I know what you mean, I am thinking about being more active, once I move house :) x

  • Hiya, I am a type 2 diabetic with FMS and I got it because I piled the weight on due to not being able to exercise. With type 2 they put you on Metformin tablets, you only use insulin with type 1. My brother bought me a cross trainer for my birthday this year (at my request) and I have found that I can use it without any aggravation to my FMS, even if I can barely walk to get on the thing! I am now doing 10km daily which is helping me get my weight down, which in turn will help my diabetes. Just half an hour every evening, so you could fit it in to your schedule and it wouldn't hurt to take your Friday off every week either. :)

  • that sounds really positive and helpful, its true when ill its hard to excercise so weight gain - or - eating wrong foods like quick fixes cause added problems. I will try to find something to help me

  • Hi SparkyMark,

    You can take insulin of you have type 2. If you look on NHS it tells you on there.

    As I am unwilling to take metformin. I have told my nurse I saw the other day. I have taken it in the past for another medical condition and my mam and I both told the doctor I wasn't going to take it anymore.

    Everyone is different I walk and try to push myself when I need to. I did it once and I was house bound for a week.


  • Hi Susan, I was unaware of that, so thanks for the info! I have been fine on the metformin since they got the levels right, but should that change at least I know what my options are! :) Thanks again!! :)

  • You may be able to stop yourself getting type 2 at pre stage by adapting your diet to foods that help sustain glucose levels. If you get past the pre stage with no change and are Diabetic2 then you will be given what they think appropriate which is usually dietary changes and Metformin tablets starting at lower dose one or two a day then monitoring with increasing amount over the years if needed, they offer injections if they can not get your glucose levels down and maintained. Yes, you do get free prescriptions once registered diabetic hopefully you will be able to make changes to prevent getting diabetis2 as it takes its toll on your body esp when you have other conditions like FMS but it is v.common to get diabetes2 with or without other conditions x

  • I have fibro and type 2 diabetes....

  • HI Susan

    I am pre-diabetic, and have had the same series of tests for 3 years now. Every time they give me the test where I drink the glucose, they do the final measurement and let me leave the surgery....then I go and have a hypo before I can get to my lunch. I keep thinking I will be ok as the shopping centre is next door, with a Costa Coffee, but last time I nipped into Evans first (feeling OK), and had my hypo in the changing room!! So word of advice is to take something to eat with you afterwards in case the same happens to you.

  • Hi Glenys,

    They never gave me a glucose drink. The nurse confused me there saying it's the same but they do it a different way.

    I won't be tested until next year but if this thirst stays the same I will be making an appointment as I is annoying me now as I'm going backwards and forwards to the toilet.

    Susan x

  • That's interesting, I didn't know there was another way to do it. Last year they kept putting me in for the straight forward fasting test without the drink, and I went for it 3 times before they said "hold on, why are you having it done again?". The nurses had been putting the wrong wording on the computer, which the secretaries mis-interpreted. So I said on the last visit that I wasn't leaving until I had the drink test :-). (That's when I had the hypo afterwards in Evan's changing room!!)


  • I do Susan!! I have had T2 diabetes for about 10 years now and it took some getting used to! I regularly have a blood test - HbA1c - to check my long term blood glucose levels. My last one was 5.8, which is very good really. My consultant said it was 'too good'!!! Unbelievable!! Strangely enough he didn't seem bothered about my weight, as apparently, diabetes medication can make you put on weight!! Great!! I have now changed my diet, again, and have cut out all starchy carbs - bread, rice, pasta, and eat potatoes very rarely. I find it keeps my blood sugar levels within acceptable levels. I take 80mg Gliclazide 4 times a day and long acting insulin, 1 injection before bed.

    The idea used to be that diabetics should eat a lot of carbs but this is NOT the case. They make your bloods peak too quickly. AND when having blood tests diabetics should not fast as some were having hypos while waiting for their tests.

    Like you I am 'difficult' to get blood from but I now know, like you, where the best place to get it from is. And, thankfully all phlebotomists are really pleased when I tell them the best spot to try. They'd rather do that than poke around for ages and for the vein to collapse as soon as they insert the needle!!

    I did try Metformin but it didn't agree with me - I was constantly nauseous but my GP said I don't need it with a glucose level as good as mine. So don't worry about diabetes being an awful thing, it's not if you control it right, and that's really quite easy to do!!

    Good luck, hope you get on OK XXX

  • Hi Sue,

    Thanks for the message.

    Diabetes doesn't really scare me as my dad has type 1. He uses an insulin pump, when I told him I have pre diabetes he was like I could have told you that. I still have good and bad days when I eat, though I'm sure everyone is the same it just depends what mood your in. And how you feel health wise with FMS.

    But I am hoping to move into a flat this week (finger crossed) so I haven't got much food but I am going to try and be good as in the food I buy and get frozen veg in so I can plan what I am going to have on a night time. Where at home I don't have any freezer space (my dad has a American style fridge freezer) so it's has a small freezer. But once I get my own place I will have my own freezer :)

    Susan x

  • Great! I hope everything goes OK for you. Diabetes is a really strange thing! I can eat the same things 2 days running and my blood sugars will be completely different. I can't say it bothers me being diabetic, it seemed to bother both of my late parents, they both had T2, and they feared what came with it. But the answer is to keep your blood sugars within acceptable limits. We all fall off the wagon sometimes and shouldn't really worry about it. Good luck with the move hun ! XX

  • I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with type 2 diabetes , been trying to control it by diet but maybe have to get tablets. Go back tomorrow for a check up. Have had fibro for 22 years now.

  • Hi Nellie,

    Hope everything goes okay.

    I'm sure the nurse thought I was being a bitch when I saw her the other day, asking me if I want to go an see someone about my diet I said no. If I wante to try weight waters or slimming world and I told her I have done both, but my doctor sent me not long after my mam past away so I wasn't really in the mood to do it. So will see.

    I however seeing the special weight management team, but I have put them on hold while I am getting a flat I just have to ring them and tell them I am still wanted to be on there books.

    Hope all goes well :)

    Susan x

  • Hi susan have been put on tablets .

  • Hi there,

    Yes I have type 2 diabetes and fibromyalgia./chronic fatigue. I also am difficult to bleed! I was told however to drink at least a large glass of water before the test as that makes things a lot easier, and also I have the baby needle with the butterfly and tube when I have blood taken.

  • Hi Milly,

    I have found that I would rather fast and when I'm not fasting I always come out with a cup of water and a sick bowl. But as I have been to a different clinic instead of going to the hospital. I have been a lot better, go in come straight out.

    I am a lot better these days. The last 2 times going to that other clinic the nurses have been excellent the needle goes in then I relax and then the nurse says and just put pressure here and I'm done :)

    Susan x

  • Hi Milly

    I used to be terrible with injections - I would always pass out. Now (unless it's fasting) I do the same - I have a lot of water, and a breakfast to keep the blood pressure and sugar levels up! And I make sure there is a place to lay down for the test. Luckily I don't ever feel sick or the breakfast wouldn't have been wise.

    I was told it was referred to as Vaso-vagal syndrome, and since I have looked into it, I can see it was something to do with the heart rate rising (in anticipation) and then falling again suddenly (once my body realized I wasn't going to die). But it happens so suddenly in some people that they pass out.

    I have had this with acupuncture too - that was embarrassing, but they refer to it as "needle-shock", and are used to it also.

    I worked out that if I could have the choice to lay down for the "blood letting", and knew about it beforehand, the vaso-vagal wouldn't happen, as I would be calmer beforehand.

    I think (as you must have) that you get to a point where enough is enough and you have to take control somehow. It's good to hear that you are getting there too, as I know it aint nice! :-)

    Hubby, it turns out isn't all that keen too, as he is stingy on the vein side and it takes a little too long for comfort with him sometimes.

    So I have gone in for the King's College study now, and of course that's another blood test, but hope to time that when I have my liver tests redone in a few weeks, to reduce the puncture wounds!

    All the best and hope you keep as well as possible.

    Huggles G

  • Hi Susan,

    Great response from Littlefire re lifestyle! also have blood sugar issues since fibro and control them with diet and moving. I find all my insulin intolerance symptoms go if I lay off all forms of sugar and fast burning carbs...and quickly come back when I fall of the wagon! You really don't want to get on the tablet trail!! This is a good article drhyman.com/blog/2010/05/20...

    Loads more on self help across the web.

    Good luck


  • Hi Helen,

    Thanks. I told my nurse that there is no way on earth that I will go on the tablet for as I know what the side effects do to me. Will look at the article.

    Susan x

  • hi ,

    i am type 2 diabetic and have been for 11years due to steriod tablets i take metformin and gliclazide it has been under control for 10 and half years it has just started going awol they have upped the metformin and the gliclazide , hope all goes well for you take care xx

  • Hi Teresa-67,

    Thanks hope you get your sorted soon.

    Susan x

  • Hi

    I am due for a fasting blood test as I had a high blood sugar reading in Jan. I've not been able to face it yet due to ESA stresses and other things, plus the fasting bit because I nibble in the night. My GP did tell me that I could rink water and chew sugar-free chewing gum! My dad had Type 2 diabetes so I think I may be at risk too. I have put on a lot of weight since being on anti-depressants which probably doesn't help.

    K x

  • Hope you get sorted soon xx

  • Thanks xx

  • hi yes i am type 2 diabetis,,it dosent make any difference to fibro just more tablets to take,,you have to watch what you eat of cause mainly no sugar but other wise its not to bad

  • Yes I do. Pre diabetes will be controlled usually by diet and exercise. The fastng blood test will be to check your cholesterol, and also your long term blood sugar percentage.

    I would complain about that person who took your blood and was rude. A tip is to drink as much water as you can before a blood test, it makes it easier to take blood, though I still have to use the baby butterfly yringe, I am always having trouble with blood test.

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