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I am really starting to question my GP and the NHS.... I think I must move on!!

I have my medical notes from birth ( work related ), I didn't just aquire them!! I was reading through them last night, but thought I knew everything that was on there. However I found a letter from a physio from 2000 stating that in her opinion I was suffering from spondylolisthesis, which is a condition in which a bone (vertebra) in the lower part of the spine slips out of the proper position onto the bone below it.

She also stated that I had kyphosis of my lumbar spine and this occurs in the later stages of spondylolisthesis!!!!

I have been going to my GP for years stating my lower back hurts, he has refused to xray it ( even though when i had my car accident I heard a massive crack in my lumbar spine). On some days I can hardly stand up and walking a massive pain, literally!!!

My GP just says it's neuropathic pain, does he have xray vision?? it's great how they diagnose without any tests/ exploration!!

I appreciate that my GP doesn't have time to look back through all of my notes, however why was this never followed up?

I will be following it up now and making a fuss for once.

I just get the impression that I am considered a pain in the butt, I have lost my faith.

New Dr here we come.


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Wow Rach. I often wonder what's written in my medical records. Aren't we all supposed to be able to see them these days?

That's bad though if you have those things - which I can't spell :) - and you've never had tests etc or been told even!

Glad you're going to find a new doctor!!



good grief, I'd have thought that was serious enough to follow up at the time. bone on bone pain is awful and I truly empathise with you, Rach (have got osteo, so ouch). will hope that new investigations and hopefully a more supportive GP are comiing your way, with an outcome that relieves your pain pronto x


Hey girles....crap isn't it. Yes under the Data protection Act you can see you records, if you wanted a copy you would have to pay for them though!!

The letter stated that with strengthening and stabilisation exercises I should improve. Funnily enough i haven't and I got worse!!

I don't know Sammicat if I have osteo??? i am aiming to kick arse and get some answers!!

The Dr I am planning to see is lovely, so hopefully he will be a little more helpful!!I think my current one just rolls his eyes now when I appear!!



id love to see my records aswell i wonder how much it costs ?

and rach i hope you do kick arse ! :)


Probably about £10. You may have to have a legitimate reasons as to why you would like them. I think under the freedom of information act you may also be able to see them? Have a search on google and see what you can find?

They won't want to see me kick ass, with or without Fibro!!! xxx


Rach Ive been in the same position, Ive gone to gp for over 30yrs with problems with my back shoulders joints, was never x rayed just physio and pain killers, god know whats in my notes I did request some of them and found I had a broken vertabrae in my back and cysts on my spinal cord funny the gp never mentioned any of that

Ive now changed gp, and Im starting all over again but this time Im in the driving seat

go and get um girl you kick ass because thats seem to be the only way we re listened to


Its absolute crap that you cant even trust your GP to look after you. I had to change my doctor for the same reasons. I paid privately for my consultations just to get seen. I am so glad though because without the private consulations everything I have wrong with me would have still been blamed on Fibromyalgia. I gave had a couple of MRI scans from these private consulations and I went through the NHS. The scans showed that my neck pain I had been suffering with for 10 years was a bulging disc C 4/5 and all the sciatica I had had over the years was due to my lower disc L4/5 having no space between the left side of the disc. I also had alot of falls before I was diagnosed with minieres disease. I had shoulder problems for 3 years before pressuring my GP to refer me and I had to have a collarbone and shoulder operation because of osteo-arthritis. Same with my left knee. I have this fear that I will have the big C and this will be blamed by my Fibromyalgia. I paid for a copy of my records and it was well worth it. I read that on one occasion a Rheumy thought everything I had wrong with me was all in my head ????


Hi rach,

I would love to see all my notes, just to see if all doctors take me seriously when i walk in the room.

I feel an absolute fool sometimes and little things never get mentioned.

Hope you get your back sorted hun, it makes me mad for you that you have sufferd all that pain when they could of maybe done something for you rather than just putting it all down to fibro. Especially when you have had a car crash.

hugs, kel xxx


Wow what a find good for you but why should we have to resort to that the GP should be honest and read through our histry then tell us for goodness sake then treat us all accordingly qell good for you and yes new Gp is on the menu and hopefully whole new you if you get the right treatment and meds love to you diddle x


HI Rach

Wow that is some find I agree you need to put in a complaint to your practice manager this should not have been left unnoticed let alone untreated I hope you have much better treatment with your new G.P and you can get some answers and treated appropriately and with luck you might find things bearable and much easier for yourself Good luck hun.

Hugs Ruby xx


Hi Rach, I was going to ask if you have had an MRI scan. My friends son who has Downs Syndrome has complained about his back for months and she keeps getting fobbed off my the GP. When he eventually has am MRI they found a problem that didn't show on xray (cant remember the technical term!).

It sounds as though you no longer have faith in your current GP so maybe its time to start looking for a new one.

Hoping you get this all sorted so that you feel much better. Love Angela x


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