I have a thing about rock band t shirts and get one at every gig or if there's a cd package that comes with a t shirt. I was making space in my bedroom for clothes as bot my daughters live away, I used some of their drawers to store my clothes. So I took the chance to count all my rock band t shirts. Ranging from the clash, joy division from the late 70s, iron maiden from 80s 90s

00s and 01s, korn deftones from the 90s,

Slipknot trivium and avenged seven gold from the 00s then suicide silence, Whitechapel, asking Alexandria, bring me the horizon from the 10s

In total there was 148!!!!! No wonder there wasn't much room. Some people collect programmes from football but for me it will always be t shirts lol

Anyone else have odd collections?

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  • Don't get me started ,both my daughters are here at moment and are trying to de (junk ) collect me ,but nothing as amazing as your collection , both my daughters would steal that lot from you if they new who you were 😄

  • They'd probably know the bigger names like avenged sevenfold, slipknot etc but there are some obscure ones like carnifex, emmure, Whitechapel, archspire, Deez nuts, opeth, behemoth

    I think I've got every major band from rage against the machine and tool to korn, deftones and slipknot.

    I think I may have lost my rammstein shirt but it will be replaced. They take up 4 full sized drawers in a wide chest of drawers. So it's quite a lot of room needed.

  • Oh and the 8 iron maiden shirts!!!

  • My sons first concert was ramstein , and my eldest daughters was muse and my youngest has been on the rock soc comitee at uni for the Kant 3 years , but I don't know who's she can't remember , I love perruboo , think that's how I spell it , for give me major brain fog son got in at 3am and I had 3 hours settling him down then felt I had better stay on sofa so went to bed at 8am and up at about 11am to youngest daughter to train , now on sofa with hot water bottle and pain meds 😆 I love being a mum 😎😎😎

  • Evan is 26 and loves slip knot , a friend bought him a cd when he was 9 and got it to her car and read some lyrics on the back and too k it back to the shop,I always felt that ok the lyrics are a bit over the top sometimes but it's how you raise the child that's important so I then went out and bought it and father Xmas didn't let him down , 🎅🏻

  • WOW! That is truly impressive! Bit of a coincidence also, as I have bought my son-in-law a Slipknot tee shirt today (from online) to go in his Christmas stocking. It is his and my daughters favourite group they even named my grandson after the singer, Corey!

    Take care my friend


  • Obviously true fans to name their son after Corey Taylor. I've seen slipknot quite a few times from their early days after the first album up to the welcome to hell tour with korn at Wembley. Got right to the front. Got some great pics. I'll put some up for you or pm them across

  • That would be wonderful thanks!

  • Lol one of my grandsons is named Hendrix can you guess after who?

  • Very first experience (no pun intended) of live music was the IOW fest in 1970. The who, free, ten years after loads of others I can't remember and of course mr James Marshall Hendrix. Mum and dad took me as we were on hols over there at that time my first line gig with my mates Nazareth in 1971 but the one that changed my life. Black sabbath at the rainbow in 1972.

  • That is awesome naming him after Jimmy Hendricks!

  • WOW! 148 t-shirts that's impressive. I have one lonely bon jovi t-shirt which is now faded and tired but I still cant part with it! lol. I have hidden it under the bed throws as if my hubby found it he would put it in the recycling box :( x

  • They're my version of the football fan who collects programmes.

  • Thats all I wear is band t-shirts and jeans. My fashion for the past 30 years. And I also have to buy one at every gig I go to as it works out cheaper than purchasing in the shops :)

  • My son in law would love that collection! It would match his own or at least go with it!!

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