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feel like shouting!!!


Hi guys, going to get a t shirt printed ,no several t shirts printed so i can wear one evey damn day of the week ,i am going to have this printed on each and every one I MIGHT LOOK WELL,BUT IN FACT I AM IN A LOT OF PAIN AND FEEL LIKE DEATH WARMED UP !!!!! (might even wear one to my appeal!!)

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Sounds like a good idea ! I'd buy one !

I thought about something similar, I was going to put on mine

" who are you looking at ? I don't know who I am either!"

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That's brilliant !


i said that other day id get one done.brilliant idea.i want mine in pink though.id wear it with pride?

a different colour for every day of the week i reckon!

go on shout i would here you i think i am just down the road from you near the handpost pub ...

good idea electricjaws I would like one too love beth xx

hi penny, i live in york! i wish i didn't have fibro,i wish i had leprosy then as bits started to drop off people would believe i am poorly!! i could send the bits to my upcoming tribunal bit by bit they could have my whole body and they would probably still say i'm fit to work!! what is it about people that you are only believed if it is visual? if you told a blind person you had fibro they would probably believe you straight away, people who can see need something visual like your head exploding or something!!!!

Oh electricjaws how funny, but true!!!! LOL

Bacaloca's comment would be better "who you looking at? I can't REMEMBER who I am!"

I will buy another....recently my own sister said, send proof of your MS and now I cant speak to her for very long after I said that I dont play games and prove nothing to anyone...I live this.Send on those shirts and start maken money on that...

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