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Life just doent get better than this

I have to share this I am so proud I could burst... Tonight my son played his first proper gig with his band at the local hall, there were 5 bands all local , all teenagers ranging from 15 my sons age..... Up to 18... My son has Asperger's syndrome ( autism) so it's a big deal he plays lead electric guitar.

His band was amazing, when he did the last songs solo he got kids up on the floor taking photos and dancing and his band got encored......

I don't care what life throws at me .. It doesn't get any better than this ...

VG x

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Got tears in my eyes reading this, and I feel proud right there with you!

Asperger's people may have some problems, but many of them are very gifted, and it's wonderful to watch them excel. Well done to your darling lad!

My son has Aspergers, too, as VG knows - he's 36 this year and has done very well in his chosen career. 'Proud' is a small word to describe how we mothers feel!

Moffy x


Thank you moffy its such a great feeling but I can't tell my son how I feel as he hates praise so I am sharing my rl which I don't often do with people who understand.

:D still grinning like an idiot VG x


:) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :)

Grin away! xxx


That's amazing news! Thanks for sharing. I'm sitting here grinning for you. :-D


Great news VG, just keep grinning

It sunds like your son really has found his niche.

As another mum of a son with Asperger's. I too can understand how you are feeling right now

Em xx


Erm this is spooky as my son also has Aspergers! I feel proud of your son too V-G, i can totally relate to you about this...A huge well done! xx


Can moffy and V-G please stop showing off with the faces until yo show me how to do them...i can only do a couple :) hehe xx


Will pm them to you charli x



Brilliant news and thank you for sharing, it is not often we get such great things in our lives. it takes me back to when my children did their thing and there is nothing like the pride you feel to know how much that means to them as well after all the hours put in in practice the frustrations and then the crowning glory.

Just cant beat it my chest is filled with pride for you as well, I know what it is like, all the hours and pain for you and this makes it all worthwhile.

Take care and kindest regards



Thanks to you all you for the great comments they have just added the icing on the cake

Floats of to bed

VG xxxx


Dear VG you must be a very very proud Mother, I can imagine seeing your son up there being the centre of attention and coping well with it must have been a great joy. My twin brother has low end Aspergers and I know from my own experience with him, that life can be more than somewhat challenging . That having been said your sounds like a really cool teen and talented too I hope he continues to enjoy this now and going on into future,

Have a good night and have nice dreams and wallow in the warm glow of pride in your son, which is well deserved. Muchly Foggy xx


that's great vg, you must be so proud! :D



i bet you felt you would burst with pride!! bless him, i get all totally mumsie inside at things like that!


Fantastic news thanks for sharing xx


Brilliant news a great bit of news first thing


We are all going to get sore cheeks from grinning proudly therevare a lot if us and we are all going to look like nutters lol sooooo happy and

Proud for you what an achievement for him what a display if great parenting too cyber hugz petal


Ohhh wow VG how proud of a mum you be ohh that is emotional and i just can only imagine the joy it gave you and how it felt inside to you.

He will carry on and on and on and you will keep being so proud what a talent.

Do you have fb could you upload a video?

I would love to seeee xx

Naww such soft hugs to you xxxx


Oh bless that's ace,,, gud on him ,,, did you get photos n stuff . I've been following my son and his band since he was 17.. I live it. Heee x


That is so good to hear VG. I know that proud feeling so well. My daughter sings in a band and I feel like going around and telling everyone "That's my daughter" when they play a gig. She was in the band for a while before she was even aware that their drummer has Aspergers. As long as your son enjoys playing, long may he have the encores he deserves. Well done.


Yea! I wished I had not miss that gig too - I bet it was sensational. Congratulations to both - to you for being capable of so much feeling, of feeling so much happiness. I am too starting to feel happy for what those who love can do rather than what I can myself and honestly I don't feel like a looser about it. before i was too focused on my own life and success to feel for others the way I do now. if you can be part of it in any way, that's a double whammy!!!! Really happy for your and your son, who must be feeling so high about his first gig!!!!


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