Hi everyone, just a wee note to tell everyone about my bargains today. I woke up exhausted and in a lot of pain,but as the sun was shining I decided to try and go outside. Ive not been out since September,but my sister went out with me. I went to a charity shop a few feet from where I stay (as I cant afford to go to normal shops). This charity shop lets you fill a carrier bag for £1!!. Well some-one had just handed in a load of boys clothes some still had the tags on. I got. 3 pairs of boys pyjammas,1 girls housecoat.1 girls pjs. 1 pair of girls joggers 9 boys t shirts.a skirt 5 girls tops, baby pjs,4 pairs of girls wellingtons. an adidas tracksuit. a football strip.2 pairs of b oys trousers and 3 childrens books. I have 4 granddaughter and 2 grandsons. I have washed and dried them all. They were from next/marks & spencer and various other shops. I filled 2 bags and got all this for £2. So pleased I managed to go out and really pleased with my bargain.

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  • Woweeeeeeeeee! Now that's what i call a bargain,i love charity shop shopping it's great! Glad you got out has been a lovely sunny day today i agree,enjoy your lovely finds xxx

  • How lovely and how lovely for your grandchildren that you spent your money on them

    I love hunting round charity shops ......

    VG x

  • Well done!

    I love charity shops too - my daughter once got me a Chanel jacket for 50 pence - I don't think the organisers realised what they had!

    I used to help run a charity called 'Full House' - it was like a normal charity shop, but if you were on benefits and had nothing, you could get all the household essentials like bedding, cooker, sofa, chairs and tables for £7! It was great for women escaping domestic violence, because they got a house from the council, but nothing to go in it.

    I am a great believer in recycling, too, as well as saving a few pounds, so charity shops get my vote every time.

    Moffy x

  • I used to love having a rummage as well and it was good to do it today. Full house sounds brilliant,I;m actually one of those women, which along with my illness is another reason Ive not been out since September. Ive managed to get most household items from the free site on gumtree. I also give what I dont need any-more to charity shops. I think there are more and more people rummaging around in them,due to all these government changes.

  • is it just a local charity shop or one that has branches around the country ?

  • Its called hearing dogs for the deaf. but I'm not sure if they have other branches, I'd assume they did. Look out for it as you can fill a bag (they give you the bag) with childrens clothes/toys/books/cuddly toys for £1. And they charge £1 for all adult clothes or 3 items for £2.They also sell furniture and deliver at reasonable prices.So worth a rummage .

  • It's an ill wind that blows no one any good - the present financial situation is making people more conscious of not wasting things, and no one looks down on you now if you shop in charity shops or Primark!

    People are bartering services too, which I think is great. I deplore the poverty having to be endured, but an increase in community spirit has got to be good for us all!

    Moffy x

  • Yup my OH has just fixed a PC in return for a fire surround being fitted.... It's great they needed their PC fixed we needed a fire surround installed .. Win win situation...

    VG x

  • Totally agree, one good turn deserves another. I have noticed this as well, people are helping each other out more.Where I live it is mostly charity shops in the high street, so that must say something about the way the country is heading. Ive had a few good buys from the charity shops. I got a cd rack for £1,.My tv was £25 from gum tree, a few months ago, you just have to do what you can with what little money you have. Happy Rummaging .x

  • There also a sight called Freecycle.org you can join and they offer a variety of things for free.Not sure what area it covers though.

  • I thought I was a bargain queen. Wow what you got is amazing. I love bargains. When I am up to it, my mum and I go to a nearby town that is affluent. A lot of designer clothes, some still with tags on. I had a pair of Miss Sixty jeans for under £10, the retail price is £85.

    We also have a local site on facebook, where I get lots of bargains too. A superdry jacket for £25 and I know someone who paid £70 for one. Had monsoon dress for under £10 and a futon for £30, amongst other things. Wish I had a fill carrier bag for a £1, I would have a field day.

    I love freecycle too. Had a cat carrier, a magimix and an expensive guitar for my daughter, amongst others.

    I bet you feel good to get out and have bargains to boot. Its the feel good factor.

  • Well done. It really is worth a look in the charity shops, as there are always bargains to be had, and we are also helping the money go to a good cause.It did make me feel good, I was so pleased with myself.

  • i am making pickles onions and beetroot and mixed pickles and cakes and swap them for potatoes bread flour or any thing i need i am going to make blackberry tarts and hope to swap some for any thing.

  • Good idea Sylvia,I wish I was good at that kind of thing, I can only just make scones!I've always been really envious of people that can turn there hand to things like that. I have tried knitting though, I cant knit jumpers or anything difficult, but managed to knit a pram cover doing a few rows at a time, it took me months but was so good seeing it on my granddaughters pram. Blackberry tarts sound tasty, you are making me hungry now. Good luck

  • Maybe you could swap doing something you can do with something you can't? I bought wool, kneedles, pattern, for my grandsons cardi, but had forgotten my hands can no longer knit! {bother FM]. My friends knitting it for me, but taking her time as she is so busy. Maybe if I found something I could do in a swop, she would have knitted it before the winter was over! He has outgrown it now and my other grandsons mother hats knitted things! Oh well, Charity shop here I come!

  • Ive got wool as well try to knit but not that good,as my hands get very painful,and don't do what they used to,Ive knitted a pram cover and scarfs! but takes me ages. I just hope a cure is found one day for this awful illness. Even although some medics don't even believe it exists. 1.30 am and I am still awake as I am in so much pain.

  • I read an article in a magazine around last Christmas or the one before that said knitting was really good for fibro sufferers. I then went to buy some wool and found a fibromite there who agreed and said hse found it helped her.

  • Thats good to know, I suppose it does help keep the fingers moving,but can be painful.I often feel so guilty mentioning the pain I am in, as my nephew has just had an op and has over 60 stitches in skin grafts on his thigh and he has not complained once, he just gets on with it.He stood on a landmine in Afghanistan and lost both his legs,and he is remarkable. He had numerous injuries, and does not look upon himself as disabled.So I feel I should try not to complain too much.

  • Nasty. My partner was in the Falklands War and is forever telling me how much pain he is in, although he was affected mentally rather than physically. It annoys me so much. I rarely mention my pains unless they are preventing me from doing something which I try not to let happen. Easier said than done!

  • Sorry to hear about your partner. Sometimes we look at some-one and if we cant see a bruise/broken leg etc, we think all is fine and dont understand. Its like that with us as well,people look at us and think we look really well when in fact the oppositte is true. it is easier said than done.

  • Hi peeps I love charity shops as I clothe and shoe my grandson from them we also have a second hand market, another good place to look when the season starts up again is carboot sales, with the bad weather he was in need of some boots as he only had 1 pair of trainers I bought a very sturdy pair of boots for only £2.50 they were next so good brand got them from barnardos we go in every week and as he is now in 2-3 year old clothes we need to kit him out again, I also get his toys from charity shops or our second hand market, I got my youngest daughters bridesmaids dress from our second hand market it only cost me a quid I've still got it in the top of my wardrobe along with my wedding dress which came from oxfam only cost me £7.50 OHs wedding suit came from oxfam as well and I cost 50p less than my wedding dress, so as you can see I love my bargains too its the only way to try to make ends meet. I also clothed and shoed my 3 daughters from second hand market and charity shops their cot came from the market cost me all of £15 in 1988 it did my 3 then I passed it on to my friend and it did her 2 then she passed it on and it did 3 mor before being passed on again a very sturdy cot indeed. Sithy

  • Congratulations jayjayboy, on the triumoh of getting yourself up and out and recharging your batteries with this splendid bit of goldmining!!!!

  • Thanks, Spidey, I was so pleased with myself

  • Looks like we all like a rummage around looking for bargains,Sthandra,that brilliant getting kitted out for a wedding on such a small budget.It does make you feel slightly better when the sun is shining. There are good bargains out there to be had so keep looking.

  • About ten years ago, I met a friend of mine rummaging in a charity shop - she was having terrible times making ends meet and was trying to find school clothes for her children. She found a few things and was 50p short of the price, which I gladly helped her with.

    Two weeks later, I had my 50p piece back together with a bottle of champagne and £500 in cash - she'd bought a lottery ticket and won £250,000!!!!!

    No one could have deserved it more, and good soul that she was, she remembered her hard-up friends. All these years later it warms my heart to remember her luck - and her kindness! I hope that we'll all have good luck in the future. :)

  • Thats a lovely story, you sound very kind, and so does your friend. Good luck to her she sounds like she really deserved her win, nice to hear good news. The most i,ve won on the lottery is £10 lol

  • Hi, has anyone been on the site everything £5, it is an amazing site, I have had loads of really good stuff from them, lots are labelled at £40, and prices like that, worth a look.Joyce

  • Hi

    What site is that? Never heard xx

  • Joyceconfused. I remembered about that site today. I use it all the time, I've bought coats/jackets and mostly boots and handbags from it. Its a great site everything is only £5. My daughter in law gets all her dresses and shoes from it,they have lovely summer dresses. Not very much added for postage. It is worth a look. just google everything£5 and set up an account, delivery is very quick.

  • hiya, oh I use it all the time, if I get a bit down, it bucks you up to have a little spend, and as you say at £5 a time you can't go wrong, the knitwear and tops are great too. Joyce

  • I had a laugh in a charity shop. I had just had my youngest by Emergency Caesarean and as a family with our other daughter who is 10 years older went into the shop with my eldest carrying her little sister in a baby sling. They thought she had a doll in the sling and were very surprised when she made a noise to discover she was a real baby.

  • Shop assistant would have got a fright.

  • I seem to remember they were quite startled but the 2 girls had a very close relationship at the beginning.

  • Hi All

    I have to avoid charity shops as whenever we have gone to one my wife tries to give me away to them, the worst of it is they will not take me as they say 'Nah he's to broken'

    ho hum


  • lol

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