I think they like to play with your mind

Almost a month since I had my PIP assessment and all I have received was a text 8 days ago from DWP saying "We now have all the information we require and will write again when we have made a decision" Logically you would think as I did that the next letter would be their decision. Yesterday a brown envelope from DWP dropped onto the mat and I thought it is very light it must be a refusal, on opening it was a repeat of the text message telling me exactly what they had told me 8 days ago by text .It really astounds me they harp on about saving money and here they are IMHO wasting it on silly repeat messages.

Ohhh I could scream and scream and scream ! Have a good day Ian :>)))

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  • I no the did that time me got text then letter repeating text 2 days later got text to say I had been awarded pip letter to follow they'll never learn how to save money it's ridiculous good luck hope you are awarded pip Carol ☺

  • Cheers Carol !

  • What they do makes me speechless no wonder they say they have to cut the benefit budget when they waste half the money in such foolishness. If they had been in industry they would have gone bankrupt by now. Do hope you get a good result. That is what I shoukd be doing now filling in my PIP form but my whatever or whatever it is is chronic and I can't stop being my nose and my ear ache and I am finding concentrating really difficult. I read something and 2 minutes later it has gone out if my brain, grhh. Let us know how you get on.x

  • I sure will Have a great day

  • I got a phone call 6weeks ago telling me I had been awarded pip and the paperwork would be with me in the next few days I rang 3weeks later to say I had not received it to be told there was no confirmation I had been awarded even though i have had two payments rang yesterday kept waiting on phone 40mins to be told they forgot to post it out so now time will have passed if I needed a mandatory reconsideration I do hope things have gone well for you

  • Thank you so much

  • I think it a hood idea to scream...LOUD!! I think it will release some stress.Good luck.Peck 🐤

  • Hey Peck I would but my next door neighbour is very timid and it would probably finish her off !!! :>)))))

  • Oh no, don't do that!! I had a visual lol.Take care.Peck🐤

  • Hi my friend

    it is enough to make you scream! The process to me of texting, phoning and sending out letters is a gigantic waste of public money? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your outcome and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Ta Ken :>))

  • :)

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