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home visit from compliance officer anyone?

I am in the assesment phase of esa while waiting for a tribunal date. I have just received a letter from DWP stating I will be having a visit from a compliance officer next week. Has anyone else had a visit like this? I am not sure whether it is a random (computer generated) visit or if they suspect me of wrong doing. I have not fabricated anything and am not sure what is going on.

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I havent had this myself, but i do know that they do random visits, so i wouldnt worry too much hunni. xxx


Yes, unless they state otherwise, it will be a random visit. If they suspected you of fraud, they would turn up unannounced and mob-handed.

That happened to me when a 'good neighbour' reported me as 'co-habiting', when the man in question was my brother who popped in most days to see if I was OK.

When they realised the mistake, they couldn't have been nicer, so please don't worry! :)

Moffy x


This is usually a visit from what used to be called the fraud squad, but as Moffy said more likely to be a mistake.


Well thank you everyone. I haven't hidden anything regarding money in the bank etc (had to send statements anyway when I claimed for ESA) I am widowed aged 56, and live in a tiny one bed mobile home on a site for the over 55's! (yes I am trailer trash lol)! The only co-habitor is my dog! I do hope it is just a random computer-generated visit, athough I have nothing to hide I still feel anxious and a bit stressed.


my daughter had to see one and it was because she was doing a small avon round( well it was me her sister and her. ie me and her sister taking books out and collecting and her putting orders on comp and sorting them out when they got to hers) all they said was that it needed to to declared even though she doesn't make any money for herselfas by the time we pay for books and samples ect the commission paid for my petrol to go over to deliver books as i live 17 miles from her. and she had to send off for a permitted work form. we phoned for one months ago and still not have received it yet.


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