They cant turn me down and ill tell you why

Hi all

If you are wondering why i have a claim in for pip its because i have a severe case of mega colon disorder and i could possibly have hirshprungs disease

They sent me a rejection letter yesterday and i think they did not mean to send that letter that in fact they have received the info and evidence from the atos HCP and they are making a decision

If they award me PIP they will be receiving a phone call from me asking why they sent me a rejection letter in the first place, was someone at the DWP under the impression that it was april fools? Well i dont find it funny at all

Rant over for now and thanks for listening

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  • I think you will find that if they do reverse the original decision then only do this on appeal, so if you are convinced that they have sent you a wrong decision then that is the decision they will go with If you think this is incorrect I would suggest that you get the appeal in straight away.

  • I've got a cancer diagnosis and they turned me down so they most certainly can.

    Get the reconsideration request in.

  • Hi team

    Im sorry to hear you have the C word (i dont really like saying it, its such an unattractive word) my grandad died of cancer when i was young, its appalling how the DWP treats people especially people like you

  • Thank you- I couldn't believe it either- I'm going to tribunal with it.

  • Firstly you need to request a report on the reasons why they have rejected your claim, then based on this request a Mandatory Reconsideration for the Decision Maker to look at your application again, further evidence may be sent in and a letter. If the Mandatory Reconsideration is rejected then you will be able to submit an Appeal. Really sorry you are going through this and hope you get good support.


  • After my husband had recovered from a stroke I along with a lady from Occupational Health wheeled him around his place of work to fully assess that no he could not possibly return to work, as he regained the use of his legs we repeated the process several times and he won his award. This was in 2008 and I believe it has become more stringent over time. So if you have a letter of rejection please appeal as soon as possible. Good luck with this I think it's dreadful to put people under so much pressure, no one would choose to be ill. Lou x

  • Thank you for all your replies

    Im going to phone them tomorrow and ask for an explanation then ill ask if they have received the info and evidence from the atos HCP and of they say no then i will tell them to wait for that and then give me a decision, that seems like the logical thing to do

    I'll keep you posted

  • They do not send away to everyone for your information. It is much better if you get it and pass it on to them. As said previously you need to appeal, they will not rethink your case otherwise. They will not consider any possible diagnoses only those that are already proven. And it is what you can't do that matters to them.

  • I was also turned down when i spoke to dwp they said i had to send further information in or the decision wouldnt change !!!! i have sent a letter in of the dr so fingers crossed i hear something this week .

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