My new toy!

My new toy!

Ok for some reason I think this pic will come out sideways but never mind. This is my new toy, so I can walk the dogs again. Please can you help me name it. Everyone in my house have named their cars and as I don't drive I need a name for this. Silly I know but if it is named I might feel better about using it. As at the moment I still feel funny, especially as I need a big one as walking a massive German Shepard in a small one just would not work.

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  • So pleased you can get out and about, someone I'm sure will come up with a name xx

  • Thank you, I hope so I just can't think of a name. My dog is very happy now because no one else in the house will take him for very long walks, they only take him out for 20 mins and I can take him out for a good hour twice a day.

  • It is a beauty and will give you so much extra freedom.

    I am sure that others will come up with some good suggestions. My first car was a similar blue and I called her Bluebell. Everything has to be given a name as I think it gives them a personality. Hope you have many hours of freedom in her. We would like to know what adventures you and the dogs get up to.😄🐕x

  • Nice one, how about Blue streak. Lol 😃.

  • Hi. Being blue I would have to call it Chelsea

  • Hi,

    Great to see you have a woofie walker too!

    I have two German shepherds so do understand.

    Called mine BOB which stands for box of bits as it came cheaper like that.


  • Very smart, :) I found that i couldnt use one. Tooo painful on my muscles.

    Instead i have a rather tatty looking powerchair called Flossie.

    I love it and take our collie out whenever i can, with the weight of the chair and me even if she does pull it wont budge.

    I was in hospital this morning and Fossie got me in and out of the tightest corners. :)

  • Very grand and I am genuinely delighted that you can get out and about now that you have a scooter. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I like woofie!

  • gordon! 'cos you can go-for a ride on it.

  • Have you invetihated getting running lines for the little dog you could steer him and he would work harder for you and be happier. !

    If you look up husky running tackle it may help

    xxginsing Take care/

  • How about Scoot?!

    It would reflect the speed you can do when your dog runs alongside, also when you need to have a quick nip down to the shops! :)

  • What about Sheppy?

  • I agree with you, when I bought my first one I called it Molly, because she was all 'mine'. My Molly, my mover Molly.

    My tri walker is Mary, my wheelchair is Stan, as in can't stand alone without Stan.

    How about bluey, alone and blue without you! Meaning now you've got it your happy Not being alone.

  • One villager has named my power chair in a way which reflects what I do in it at 8mph...........Zoom Zoom......... always being told that there is a speed limit on our roads :-/

    Hope you get on with your scooter :-)

  • i name our cars; we had a vw polo called Pauline, a vw golf called gertie, a fiesta zetec called Florence and now a fiat 500 called florrie 2 lol.

    i once had a little pedal car when i was a child called speedy?

    have fun on your new scooter x

  • like someone else said. bluebell is nice x

  • what did you call it timtam?

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