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MY Little thank you

Hi all

I tried to stop reading the news years ago as it was becoming to depressing what we do to each other and this world that we should cherish.

With the newspapers (as they were called then) I cancelled them all and stopped watching the News at Ten on the television.

It slightly worked as I was finding life bearable without the doom and gloom in the news.

Then it started creeping into my life through the Internet, slowly at first and then I would have the BBC News page as one of the start up pages when I would start the Internet browser (then it was Internet explorer as I was with windows) but now with Mac I find Safari adequate for my needs and find that now I am looking at Sky News and BBC News more and more every day and that there is so much violence in the name of religion throughout the world, some truths being made public before they are verified and it seems the Media is now trying to control what is happening on the ground just for the stories. I know in my heart this is not true but it feels like it at times.

Now we have our people on this site who are spilling their hearts out on the site, and what do you get? people trying to help. We get a new member and we welcome them, we do not care what religion we are it does not matter, we are in pain and we are asking for help and advice about what to do in our lives, no one tries to be outright flippant but tries to help (sometimes we have a joke at our expense) but we try to help,

We have people with fluffies and we have someone who is in a great deal of pain posting a ‘Pic of the Day’ and there are others who are administrators and volunteers who are not fit and well, but want to help all of us and feel they can help.

I would like to thank everyone on HealthUnlocked from its creators to the volunteers and the persistent bloggers and those who give help to the answers we ask. I have seen some come and go and some who go to different communities for their help and that they can give help to.


Take great care and kindest regards


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that's very thoughtful Terry and I agree with you. we have a lovely group of people on here, yourself included, and I missed it even only for my four days away :)


That is very thoughtful Terry and I would be lost without this site for the comfort and support I again from being a member.

I also stopped watching the news and that was made easy when analogue TV got switched off but like you find myself reading sky and bbc news on-line and I agree with you.

Thankyou very much for your very kind words.

Many healing and relaxing fluffies for you Terry

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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ditto.i don't know where i would be without the comfort and support from other members.if only my dogs were human they would be my best friends and give me the comfort and advice I need.

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Way to go Terry thanks for your words of support and taking the time to write and eloquent letter of thanx to us all We in return thank you for being a listener/ reader and supporter of the sites



I too get sick of the way people are treating each other. I find it unbelievable that the 2 people who killed the soldier in London are pleading not guilty. They actually spoke about it on camera. What is the world coming too. Surely this isn't what religion is supposed to be about

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Holly although tempting at times remember we do not discuss religion or indeed politics on the site please take a look at our guide lines again xxgins


hi gins, i dont think holly meant anythingi think she may have been saying that people should all respect each other?






Sorry about that, I will stay off the site


Hi Holly, don't stay off the site, stay with us.



Hey Holly where are you? Are you not coming on the Virtual Trip to Belgium?

:) xxxsianxxx :)


don ,t u dare you voice your point thats what this site is about 2 get things out of you so we all


Can voice are opinion so please do not take that or anybody who is affended in the wrong not every body is right So STAY WITH US AND FORGET THE BAD STUFF IT IS NOT WORTH IT THIS IS NOT A PRACTICE RUN MAKE LIFE FUN ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Thank you Terry, I too find the news and media at times distressing, But also find there is more good people in this wonderful world than bad.

The courage of our fellow man in the times when people cry out for help and need, just thinking of the recent news in Glasgow and the helicopter accident and people stood together to help support each other.

Like this site, It is the support and advice shared that give us hope to find a answer to our own health difficulties when at times our own families, "want just turn off our news of pain too"

This site is somewhere I can talk and express myself about my life and pain and receive advise and guidance from my friends as we all share the same difficulty with our sore body's.......

Thanks everyone Xxx


For the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience,kindness, gofaithfulness,gentleness,selfcontrol.I l love this scripture, it transends religion, so true x


Hi Terry, what a kind lovely and thoughtful post. Everyone tries their best and their best is all that can be done, however little or large that is. I thank you hugely for your words, what a nice gentleman you are. :-) :-)

Foggy x


Hi Avvarose

Thank you for those words, If only all people would abide by these words, or at least try to the world would be so much nicer.

To Everyone

Thank you all for your replies, I just thought thatI would say what I felt about this site as it helps so many people and it is often so difficult to put in words what you want to say as sometimes the words can be misconstrued so easily but in general they get read in the context that we want.

I want to let everyone that we appreciate the efforts that are being made by everyone, some of us are so angry about things that are happening in the world they say what they feel, we know this is not the site to do that but we sometimes lapse and I think we all know how it feels to have to curb your tongue, and some do have foot and mouth (I know I have to go really careful at times) but please remember that any telling off by the moderators of the site is not personal but just that they are trying to enforce the rules as some of these conversations can get really nasty if left unchecked (read some of the comments of the online newspapers to see that happening)

Anyway I am off again, Thank You All for Your Responses.

Take hare and kindest regards



Hello Terry,

Thank you for your kinds words and we, FibroAction are very glad so many benefit from this site as we the charity work towards our aims. All members try really hard to help, advise & support one another which is how a Fibro community should be. Yes, as you say they may be the occasionally misunderstandings or oversight of the guidelines but usually talking about it you realise it was a mistake and apologies are made then we all carry on as normal.

We, FibroAction are always happy to hear any feedback especially positive about the community as it continues to help us to know we are achieving the hallmarks of an effective charity. Please feel free to email us at Don't forget we like to hear about positive experiences you have had with Fibro Friendly Health Professionals so they can be added to the Directory so other people living with Fibro to find help in their area. We also like to hear about local independent support Groups that may like to contact us to go in the Support Group Directory too.

All this information from you guys helps others in your local area to be informed about the help and support that may be available to them.

If you have any information for either directory please email us at FibroAction. Here's a little information about what is needed for the Fibro Friendly Health Professionals Directory

Listed here are healthcare professionals (consultant doctors, GPs, physiotherapists, etc) who have been recommended by Fibro patients as having a good understanding of, and treating, Fibro. They should be willing to work with Fibro patients to help them best manage their condition.

If you would like to recommend a healthcare professional or clinic, please contact us with their name and address, along with a short patient testimonial

Basically what I am saying is if we all help each other that can make the world of difference !

Thank You again Terry for support and understanding

Best Wishes

Emma :)


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