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My new to me scooter


Well as requested by those who helped and supported me in my decision to buy a scooter my maiden voyage was eventful and funny and I shouted and laughed ,we had a slipped off the collar experience with Murphy the beagle that was the easy bit ,as a beagle recall can be eventful but he needed a number 2 so I managed to get my hands on him , everything was then fine we had as good another 30 minutes of running stopping chatting with all the regular dog walkers who were pleased to see me out with my boys , then disaster happened I metal post I got past it beautifully only problem was Murphy went the wrong side so the lead broke not the scooter ,any way Murphy abandoned shadow and I for a solo walk by the river bank he had a lovely time for about 45 mins he would go just far enough away ,so I couldn't get him then he decided to do a runner back to the park and football field 20 minutes later a nice couple helped me and 15 minutes later he was snared oh he had some fun , the chap that caught him was named Richard and was brill his wife was jan and they had a rescue jack Russell who wasn't very social able so we all walked back to the big car park so my first walk has left me exhausted but I have made new friends I have too exhausted dogs both flat out and snoring this walk should have taken about an hour tops , I left the house at 10.30 got back at 1.30 . I am a very tired girl ,I am going to have a sleep now the consultants going to have fun with me tomorrow :-) bye bye for know I hope I put this in the right bit on h site it's not a question it's just to make you laugh. ,Chris

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So glad to hear you had a good day out :) thanks for letting us know.

That sounds like a mission brilliant xgins


Sounds like great fun, still have not been out with my chair yet due to problems beyond our control.

So I am practising in the house, but my dopey dog thinks it`s great fun and keeps trying to jump on my lap.

Just wait till I get it out Ill make her run :P

Shadows-walker in reply to Hidden

Just make sure she can't slip her collar ,and watch out for metal post LOL

I might try the harnesses next time Murphy hates them but we'll see how we get on .mine loved running by the side of the scooter they have both slept mind for the last 3 hours ,it's been a lovely peaceful afternoon :-) x


She walks OK by a manual wheelchair. So I am hopeful that she will stop trying to round me up when we are outside with other distractions. :P

Have wheels will travel.

Life is too short not to grab a bit of fun where you can.

Glad that you seized the day.

May you and the scoot have many more adventures.

Shadows-walker in reply to nedd

So do I :-) but I will watch for metal post Lol x


You posted to give us an update and a giggle and you certainly have. I am so pleased that you had an eventful time and made new friends. Looking forward to your next outing :)

Thank you Shadows-walker

I am so delighted that you had some fun and made new friends, it makes life so much more enjoyable. I did have a good laugh reading your post!

I hope that your trips out are as much fun but not as exhausting as this one sounds!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I have laughed my head off reading your post, I'm so glad you and the boy's had such fun,especially Murphy.

I bet you were praying he didn't jump in the river. Sorry to hear you we're exhausted but I bet you had a ball, just in case you didn't , take something yummy for the boys then if he escapes again just rattle the bag, it works a treat with our 2 border terriers they always come back for food. Oh and a swift gt for you.

Feather hugs take care

Pat xx

Hi I had treats and his favourite sqweekie ball nothing would tempt him ,LOL he was just enjoying the freedom and if you have ever seen the drupey cartoon with droopy dressed in a ballet skirt yes beagles do move like that when they run they are literail like little ballet dancers ,something else for you to giggle at thank god they don't like water :-) x Chris

Sounds like a fun & adventurous morning! Glad you are enjoying your new found freedom with your scooter.

Wishing you many more adventures xxx

Hi Chris, glad it all went to plan :p !! I think once you get the first couple of runs out of the way it gets a bit easier. I have tried my daughter's a couple of times but i tend to let it run away with me, practice needed I think in case I need to borrow it. Have fun, Linda xx

Thanks it certainly was fun yesterday absolutely shattered today just back from seeing rummie going to make another question in a bit ,but basically he's told me he wants to see me again in 4 months and no work till I am as good as he can get me he can see I am a lot better than I was but he wants to sort me out . But I have to see the eye specialist and have a lip biopsies done and he wants me to have seen a pain specialist , he will then put me back on hydrocholoquinne. He's still a bit concerned about my heart and my blood pressure is going up with each vist . Anyway I will post all this properly later and see what everybody else thinks then if I can keep awake thanks again for all the support much appreciated .x Chris

Hopefully they can sort you out with the help you need, fingers crossed for you anyway, take care, Linda x

hi chris your trip out with your scooter & the boys turned into quite an adventure & you have made new friends it was funny to read about the antics now you have to get over being so tired take care ,lilianx

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