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I've taken my neighbour on as a PA and today she took one look at me and declared to her partner and my husband:

"Right lauras ran out of spoons, you (her partner) take the dog out and feed him, you (my husband) run her a radox bath and get some pjamas out, I'll cook"!

Normally I hate fuss or anything that draws attention to the fact I'm not coping but this was so comical and so sweet at the same time it made me smile. Before I knew it everything was sorted for the evening and all I had to do was get in that bath.

I was quite anxious about accepting help and getting a PA at first (thought that kind of help was only for people who were REALLY badly disabled) now I feel positive for the first time in ages and realising I did need help and now I'm really glad I have it.

18 Replies
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I'm smiling with you here :-) fantastic news. And good for her taking charge and telling people what they can do. X

How lovely xx

Good for you, it isn't easy accepting our limitations. Lou xx

Sounds wonderful! I would love someone to do that for me! Lol. Although my husband is doing the washing up again tonight :) x


hi their if there anything we your friends on here can help you with please feel free to ask, i'm bigalan or Alan if you like i'm disabled but are willing to help if needed take care Alan x


everyone needs a hand one way or the other sometimes hun nothing wrong with saying hey i need you someone please give me a hand i cant cope .

theres days i feel like walking out am that stressed and my head wobbles

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Can i come walk about with you. The last few weeks i seem to have been hit by one truck after another.

Before i can pick myself up, along comes the next.

Sue :)

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Of course you can if you can get to suffolk lol

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:) x

I think it sounds rather cute to care enough, and take her responsibilities strongly enough to behave in that manner. Sounds like you have taken on a good one. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


What is your meaning for PA, please? I only know it as a Physician's Assistant ... (So sorry for being dense ... =(

Really glad you have a take-charge person, and got such great care!!! Hugs, too! bk

A PA is a personal assistant to help you with whatever you think you may need help with - whether it be personal care, cooking, shopping, paperwork or just to talk to - whatever you like.

You get awarded hours depending on your needs assessment xx

Hi I am smiling ,it's hard excepting help at first , in truth the first time my charity worker came round and changed my bed , I felt humiliated, I cried now on a good day I can strip it and by the time she comes round I might even have the bottom sheet on .

Exceptance I think is the hardest lesson I have learned I was so indepent I would of made a wonderful suffragette ,

Good luck enjoy your new independence

Shadow x

Your PA sounds like a very positive helper :) that is so good :)

Sounds like you have chosen a great PA πŸ’πŸ‘

Sometimes our nearest and dearest are just that, they are too close to see what really needs doing or maybe they are looking through very tired eyes themselves.

I wish you good luck with your new PA, one thing for sure life is going to change for you 🌟

Good luck Pea 🌻

Awwww cool that's great news

What a wonderful surprise for you to have this from your PA. It makes so much difference when someone close to us can just see what needs doing and realise the state we are in and take over so we can let go and let our bodies get the rest and care they need. Thanks for sharing this with us. We so often feel sad and lonely and without help, and I often think how many of us go without even basic understanding and care from others. It feels nice to know how lucky you are and please tell your new PA I said that she sounds amazing! She deserves very nice things coming her way too!


I would love that...my neighbours don't talk except to say hello...my sons live away...I'm worse now as I slipped on the stairs last year ended up in hospital for 8wks!!!Had my upper arm pinned and my ankle plus head injury punctured lung and broken ribs and teeth...this has had a negative effect on me and I'm struggling my gp doesn't want to know:-)😑😑

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