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Have a million a one ants running up and down inside my legs (at least thats what it feels like)

and if that wasn't bad enough, they also seem to be letting off electric shocks when they get to the bottom of my spine :-( I wouldn't mind but I never really done much yesterday, took my boys to a soft play area, so sat around for a few hours while they ran around burning off energy, then took them to have their hair cut at the barbers as they were starting to resemble 'IT' out of the munsters, we even had dinner out so I didn't need to cook. The only thing that could and probably did start it all off was when I gave my puppy her bath - I had to bend over the bath to do it, but immediately after I had sorted her, I had a boiling hot bath to compensate.

I was so hoping to get some sleep during these easter holidays, but so far with my sciatica and now these pesky 'ants' I haven't succeeded.

I am so uncomfortable in my own body it is stupid.

moan over, hope everyone has a better day than i'm going to xx

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Hi there tinz,

It kills my bottom of my back when i bath my kids so it proberbly was the bath that did it.

I have tingling in my legs and feet constantly, it never goes so i hope yours does as it is so annoying isnt it?

Hope you get some sleep soon, it is awful when you dont get any sleep.

hugs, kel xxx


Hi Kel

Annoying aint the word!!! I could quite happily chop myself in half and just keep the top half of me at the moment - nothing I do is easing this awful feeling. I even put a heat patch on (these work wonders for my sciatica), but nothing is helping.

I only usually sleep for 4 hours then catnap, but I couldnt even catnap last night, even sitting here typing this reply, i'm jigging away just trying to get comfortable.

Thanks for your comment and hugs xx


I have the ant syndrome were your skin crawls, I also have what I call the mouse syndrom were it feels like Ive got a little mouse wriggling under my skin, sends me crazy


it's a nightmare - thankfully I dont get this all the time


Aw Tinks sounds like you need to have a relaxing day today after your busy time yesterday. Not easy I know with children around but hopefully they can find something to occupy themselves with while you have a rest.

Take care, Angela xx


wish I could Angela, but if I don't do things here, then they don't get done and I may as well be in a clean-ish house in pain, than a dirty house in pain!!


oh dear bless you you were busy bee yesterday hope the ants dont find your pants love to you diddle x


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