Merry Christmas to you all !!!

I hope with all the diversion being with family and friends today, will help you all have fewer problems with your illnesses as you should get distracted and not think too much about things. I my self will be haveing Christmas Day with my two cats (even though I am staying for a short period of time with my aunt and her partner who I have problems with, they will be out most of the day) so my two babies will help me out as much as they can, as they know when I am haveing one of those days.... Anyway I hope you all enjoy a good day today and keep well !! Lots of hugs to all

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  • I hope today goes well for you.

  • Thanks kitten-kat23 I also hope it all goes well for you too and you have a nice pain free day, lots of hugs !!

  • Hugs to you.

  • You can't be alone with little furry creatures to love. I wish you the best day you are able to have. Gentle hugs. xxx

  • Thanks anacruachan !!

    At least I can trust my little furry creatures more than most of the people I know and are more loveing, although finding someone who actually cares more about who I am rather than my health problems, and stick by my side even through bad patches would be nice, but I think at the moment I have more luck from my little furry creatures 😜😜 have a great Christmas Day and holiday season !!! Gentle hugs xxx

  • Merry Christmas, hope your day has gone smoothly. Gentle hugs x

  • Merry Christmas Tedsmum, been a quiet day for me like most years as I don't celebrate Christmas much since I became ill. Thanks very much for your message I hope your day has gone smoothly. Hugs x

  • I genuinely hope that you had a wonderful Christmas day my friend :) :)

  • Thank you very much, I had a very quiet one, kept to myself most of the day, but had a nice meal and got some new pijamas, so not all bad thanks.

    I hope you had a nice Christmas Day with family and without pain my friend.

    Now just new year to sort out and will be in the clear !!

    When I was living in Spain we celebrated the three kings on the 6 of January, so it gets a bit trying especially as the week before Christmas it's my birthday, so it becomes a very long one for me over in Spain, not so long here but long enough.

    Keep well my friend. Hugs !!

  • The holidays periods are never long enough over here? Good luck for the new year my friend :)

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