Hi :) about two months ago I had a ketamine infusion, the docs told me it may make the symptoms ease, stay the same or make things worst. Unfortunately for me it made me worse for a couple of weeks and then back to how I was before the infusion. I'm slowly losing the hope so miserable. Start a mental health get well thing course on Monday, each Monday for 4 weeks. Hoping that may help the depression. As this is the last thing the hospital can offer me. Thanks for reading and i hope you all as well as you can be. Hugs :)

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  • Hi sorry you are feeling so bad, you can't help but get your hopes up when trying a new treatment and feel bad when it doesn't work. I attended a course for chronic illness it was for 2hrs every mon for 6 weeks there were people with all kinds of chronic illness there. I found it very helpful. Hope you do too. Take care x

  • Gentle hugs it sounds like you need them!

  • Oh dear, I'm so sorry things didn't improve for you and that now you are feeling so low 😟😟

    I think that doing the course is a good thing, a step in the right direction and sometimes therapy can be a very useful tool to help you out of an unpleasant place.

    I had a breakdown at the end of last year and I took up colouring and found it incredibly helpful. It stopped my mind from dwelling on all the ghastly things which were dragging me down, I wonder if you might like to give this a try. I still do the colouring and I find mandalas very good (you can look on the usual site for things like that ) and they have masses varying from very simple through to very intricate. Maybe it's not your thing, but I thought I would mention it as I have heard from others that it has helped them too.

    Sending lots of positive soothing and healing vibes your way 😊

    Foggy x

  • Mandalas and the vibration of white noise via some music.

    And chocolate of course.

  • You can have my share of chocolate nedd, I'm not too keen on it 😜

  • Throwing you a handful of space dust to light a dark corner.

    Here. Catch.

  • Thank you for your comment just feeling extremely depressed. Head down, work and get on with it

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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