Its a good day for Living lets be positive together and beat the Fibro monster back!!

You are all wondering what has happened to me - well a mixture of reading about an Anzac Lad who fought and died for us. The desire to beat Fibro soundly and make life as good as I can. Positive thoughts for you all - I may be bonkers but in the best way.

Coffee at eleven any one?

Do join me


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  • Definitely gins :) I should be back from the docs by 11 to have coffee :)

    Should I bring bacon butties or scones and cake? both?

    sending many positive healing, giggling fluffies to you

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Thank for offer gins unfortunately can't make, am going round to Mureens to fill some forms out for her, although I cant make it im sending you some fresh cream scones, so you take the bacon sien,....enjoy, catch u later ....hugs.... Dee xxx. (((((((( all )))))

  • OOOO Love cream scones, can I have jam on them please?

  • Dee you are a honey yum yum

  • Aw :) thanks {{{{Dee}}}} lavender fluffies on route xxx

  • ooh both please la la lalala potters of grinning

  • Can't wait :) boing boing!! xx

  • So bonkers be loll have a lovely day and ty for a little light inspiration :))

  • Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day I got a wonderful feeling something is coming my way. LaLaLaLar

  • if I knew the next line I'd have have joined in singing LOL :)

  • Morning peeps, foggy reporting for duty and carrying a tray of shortbreads, some plain, some hazelnut and some stem ginger, let's make the most of what we have and use it to the fullest :-)

  • Oh and gooey meringues too, just to add to the fun fest :D

  • Nom nom nom nom >>>>>> oops! sugar high BOING! HEEHEEHEE BOING

  • Sorry I'm late the doc was running late :o successful trip :D


    I've brought a selection of bread rolls, including gluten and wheat free

    There's a selection of unsmoked, smoked and crispy bacon and a selection of sauces.

    Please help yourself guys and gals and hope you enjoy :D :D :D

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Oooooow smoked bacon sarnies, plus tetchup, scrumdiddlyumptious :D :D

  • Hi, no not sugar high the smell of bacon overpowered it :)

    Mine is unsmoked on a cheesy bread bun with mushrooms..... darn it! I forgot the shrooms :O

  • Oh I just dont know where to start, beats my beans on toast breakfast Me thinks crispy bacon rolls followed by cream scones AND ginger short cakes. OOOOOO yum Tea or coffee anyone? to swill it down I am just putting the kettle on.

  • Cuppa lovely, a nice tea please sue :) xx

  • Coffee oops Beans hazelnut merangues oops I late such a state must remain positive Hello every one are there any scones or is it scones left all in the lit of the voice. Mayrose here is some arabica deliciousness when hot and steamy. The sun is shinning hurrah oh I lost my bra .......bat old me he he

  • lost my bra in

  • It really is such a long time since we had a coffee morning HOW IS everyone feeling ???

  • After what Iv`e just posted I dont think I will answere that or the men in white coat will be after me as well as the elephants.....:(

  • I'm confused are we in here or the conference room next door?

    Have you got a butty yet Gins?

  • Theres a bright golden haze on the meadow, Theres a bright golden haze on the meadow. The corn is as high as an elephants eye and it looks like its climbing right up to the sky....... I forgot about the flipping elephants they are everywhere. Help its a take over they are taking over the world......aaaarrrr


  • Hey guys and gals there's mushrooms now too to go on your butties as you can see from my pic :D

  • Wish I could have made it, but I have had a really busy day. Now I can't get to sleep again! I think today has been so good that I don't want it to end. I have been out, I have met a friend for lunch, I have eaten so well, and I have had so many good laughs today.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • what a brilliant day = how lovely :)

  • Yes, definitely gins!! Got my coffee to hand at this very moment!! Happy days!! :) :)

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