Time for bed said Zebedee,boing!boing! boing! zzzzzzz

Well my wonderful fibro friends after beeing up for almost 40 hours without sleep i'm going to boing! myself in to bed,i may or may not sleep well but i need to try as i'm shattered. I hope that if you had a bad day today it will be a better one tomorrow and if you had a good day i hope it continues.Goodnight all i hope you sleep well.xx

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  • Really hope you get some sleep tonight, I don't sleep properly either and it drives me mad, always think if I had a good sleep surly we'd feel a bit better, take care xx

  • Now please don't shoot the messenger, but this was on a fibro sight on face book.

    A banana tea to help you sleep!

    You get a banana, with no pesticides sprayed on. Wash. Cut off either end and leave the skin on. You then place in a pan with cold water, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 mins, drain into a cup or mug and add some cinamin if you want and drink. Then eat the warm banana and skin too.

    This apparently gets all the nutrients out and helps you sleep.

    Any takers?

    If so, please let me know how you get on.

    Could be worse, could be green grass!

    Good luck favours the brave!

    Night, sleep tight. 😴

  • Then what we do boil a coca nut for breakfast But I will try any thing once 😂😂

  • Good luck 😊

  • May be your springs have gone 😎🤓

  • I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck my friend and I sincerely hope that you manage a wonderful sleep :)

  • Thank you and i managed to sleep for 2hrs 40mins not long but at least something.Have a good day....

  • Ahh but Lyn22 I hope that was only the first chapter of your sleep and that you managed to get some more later on today?

  • Hi TerryT1..No more extra sleep for me as things to do day,food shop.visiting my mum & dad then my sister,put irish lotto on[no win this time]maybe Saturday night? cook tea & then washed my hair,phew! busy day,suffering for it now though but it was a nice day. Going to take my meds go to bed after the paralympics finishes at 1am & hope for the best? xx

  • Will you still come and visit us all on the group if you win the lotto - Please don't abandon us!

    You certainly have a busy day, you made me feel tired just reading all that!

  • Take care my friend.

  • I hope you managed some sleep and today is a better day for you.

  • Thanks, i had 2hrs 40mins of sleep not long after being awake for 43hrs but at least i got some.Wishing you a good day.xx

  • Thanks, i didn't get any extra sleep as i had a busy day but a nice one visiting my family. xx

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