So upset at PIP result

10 days ago I replied to a post, about crying, at my PIP assessment. Well I got a very quick response today to say I wasnt getting any payment. Apparently I dont meet the criteria. I got 6 points for daily living and only 4 for mobility. I just want to give up. I know I can appeal but is it really worth it? I know I'll be in bed tomorrow as stress really affects me of course and I was crying again. My hips are so bad I can barely walk and I'm still waiting for my MRI scan to see how bad my osteoarthritis is in my hips.

This is so awful. I have to decide soon whether to retire and get my tiny pension for the next 5 years plus until I'm 66.

I've worked so hard all my life and just keep getting kicked in the teeth. I'm just so sad.

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  • Oh fibrogranny I am so sorry to hear this. I'm not sure how quickly you have to appeal, but if you can have a copy of the mri report to hand in that would be helpful.

    Don't expect the company to do that on your behalf as it costs them.

    I think there is a reasonably good result from appeals but it will all depend on how you can cope. It looks like they agree you can walk a small distance just a bit further than needed for the higher rate.

    If you do appeal try and get some assistance, it's very easy to overestimate what we can do.

    Hopefully tomorrow won't be too bad for you xxx

  • Thanks for your reply. It cheers me to know there are other people who understand what I'm going through. CAB helped me complete my application but that was no good. They didn't know about Fibro. I have to appeal within the month so I'll see who can help me.

    Thanks again Ailsamary.

    Fibrogranny (Linda) xx

  • Get in touch with disability advocates in your area look on line put in your county name then disability advocate on line to give you tel no ,and address good luck

  • Thanks for this advice and I'll do that today. Only just got up as the stress just started up my fibro fatigue of course. It's lovely to have so many people on here understanding what you're going through.

    Linda x

  • Glad to help ,I haven't been up long , try not to stress to much if you can , has your GP support you with your clame my old GP wouldn't do a letter for me I have know changed Dr and has done me a letter I went and had a good cry ,he has known me 18 years but not as my doctor our sons were friends ,so he has been great , stay positive you will prevail xx

  • hi my love you got more points than me I only got two ,at my assessment ,I appealed it and got 5 &4 at court now I think if you go to court you'll get more ,please fight it ,you have nothing to lose you will stress without it anyway , get an advocate to help the CAB want go with you ,get advise from Janet on here ,if you look at my post last months you'll see how to contact her she was such a great help . I even started a second pip claime while appealing the other one on the advise of Janet ,it is your right don't give up its what they want you to do ,

    Lots of hugs

    Chris x

  • Thanks Chris. I didn't even know you could go to Court to appeal. I'll talk it over with my family and also look at your previous post last month. I'm so pleased I can write my feelings here and I'll let everyone know how it goes. Going to have a hot bath now before bed.

    Thanks again Chris

    Linda xx

  • You take care this sight is amazing ,everybody understands ,keep in touch. And please don't give up get advise this payment even the lower one opens other doors for us to get help ,the pip. Payment is important to a decent standard of living enjoy your bath xx

  • Hello Fibrogranny60 I feel so sorry for you. It's just so unfair, to treat sick people this way. :( I think you should appeal, because you're sick, you deserve help. And tell them you have difficulty getting dressed and moving around and can't cook just use microwave, can't walk more than 50 metres without pain, and severe discomfort, and tell them you need help from someone when you go somewhere unfamiliar, because of distress, pain and confusion. And you will get the mobility component. Tell them you don't agree with their decision.And that you truly struggle with your ill health on a daily basis. Hope you will get the help you need. Please let me know if you need help with any paperwork. wish you all the best, hugs xxx

  • Try for a mandatory reconsideration

  • Do appeal this decision, I cant offer any knowledgeable advice but go for it, I wish you luck xxx

  • Ps. i get higher rate mobility i claimed all alone without any help, and got it first time, never had to appeal,and im a young lady. I can help with papers if needed just contact me darling xx :)

  • Please do not give in as this stage.

    If you disagree with the decision, you can ask the DWP to look at it again. This is called a mandatory reconsideration. You must do this within one month of the date on the decision letter. The time limit can be extended in some circumstances. A reconsideration means that a different DWP decision maker will look at the evidence again and may decide to revise the decision.

    If you're unhappy with the outcome of the reconsideration, you can appeal directly to HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS). However, you can't appeal until the DWP has reconsidered your claim and given you a written decision. The written decision is called a mandatory reconsideration notice.

    Also, a very important point is that in taking this further action you will be helping many other people with Fibro to be able to claim and be successful and help it to be recognized as a debilitating real illness.

    So I would strongly advise that you take it further for your sake and others. Wishing you all the best. P

    All the Best. Be strong. Take care xxx

  • Thats terrific. All this advice makes me more determined to appeal if only to raise more awareness of this horrible illness.


    Linda xx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck if you decide to appeal.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken. It means so much to hear from you.


  • Hug for FibroGranny and all you smashing lot

    who have sent such brilliant encouragement in.

    Do try again do talk to Janet and good luck please let us all know how it goes


  • Thanks Ginsing and all your encouragement on this site.

    Soft hugs greatly appreciated!!


  • Hi fibrogranny. I appealed and was awarded mobility and care rate. When you go to appeal it is just a room with you and whoever helps you on one side of a table and a doctor, lawyer and a person in receipt of pip on the other side. They will question you on what you do on a usual day, how you do things, like cooking, cleaning, eating, dressing yourself etc as well as how your illnesses affect you physically and mentally. The award is based on how much help they believe need. It is worth it to prove to these people the truth of how much your life is affected by illness.

  • Fibrogranny, please don't give up. Remember to base your appeal and forms on your worst day. There are days when we can do more but I know when I do, having CFs/me too, I suffer so much for it later. The system doesn't lend itself to variable conditions really which is not your fault and doesn't make you any less deserving. Love and hugs to you and a whole lot of luck for your appeal!

    Jax xx

  • My husband did a reconsideration letter waited 10 days got his reply still refused but what is confusing is they said he didn't send any new evidence he sent photos of his knee and ankle they haven't read the letter because it's exactly the same as his first reply it's as if they've opened his letter and simply sent back a refusal I'm disgusted now he has to send an appeal to our local court has this happened to anyone else a reply sent with no evidence that the letter has been read

  • Tell your local MP about this I have.

  • So sorry to read your post it is an absolute pits when you have worked all

    Your life and just need that etra help nd it is not forthcoming. I think it is the not being believed that does for us.

    You only missed the Pip care by 2 points so if you feel !mentally you can stand it I would appeal you have to ask for a !mandatory reconsideration first. Have you had a copy of your assessment to see whether any !itakrs have been made as sometimes they make some surprising errors. Get help if you can from someone like the CAB.

    Do hope that you can get the decision reversed. X

  • Thanks to everyone for all their encouragement and advice. I'm watching the Great North Run and remembering how I used to do a family run in London each year with my first husband and children. I've skiied and up till I became ill I demonstrated modern jive dance moves. Now I can hardly walk.....thats on a good day.

    So yes I will appeal and thanks again. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Linda xxx

  • GO GIRL GO!!!!!!!

  • Hi Linda, I just want to echo what all the others on this wonderful site have said, that you must appeal. I know when you get the letter it's awful, I had a refusal face to face a few years ago and I felt as if my whole world had collapsed (well at least for a couple of days!!). I had to wait a few months to reapply and received my benefit back and more so you have to keep going. I haven't done the PIP thing yet I'm still on DLA, just awaiting the dreaded brown envelope :( . I hope it all goes well for you hugs Linda x (another one)

  • Hi ,contact your MP ,and get a letter from your GP. To Explain you illness.,an ANYONE that helps you I'm doors or shopping ,get them to do a letter ,get as much evidence to prove you need help with Everything.

    Good luck


  • I'm so sorry you're being put through this, it's so unfair! But do appeal, I know it's an added stress but it is important that you do. Try to get some help and support from a benefits advisor if you can - Age Concern will give advice, as you're over 60.

    Best of luck!

    Mim xx

  • Hello Fibrogranny,

    The first round is lost but the battle is not yet over.

    If it were me, I would have a think about what I wanted to achieve in the long run. Is the extra money worth what I will have to do to get it?

    Unfortunately, the PIP assessment is not a fair process. You have to know how to translate how your conditions affect you on a daily basis into words to put on the form.

    If you have not done so already, ask for a copy of the medical assessment report. Phone the DWP, you are entitled to it.

    I would then go through what has been written in order to check for any mistakes or gaps.

    The good news is that you have received some points so you just have to get a few more.

    Look at where you have scored points, is there evidence to show that you score more in that activity?

    Where you have scored none, is there evidence to show that you should have scored points?

    For example, in the mobility section have you got any letters from consultants that state you would have difficulty walking more that 50 metres.

    I asked for a mandatory consideration on two occasions. I won both and the award was increased. It did take a lot out of me but it was worth it in the end. I don't have to go through it again for another 6 years.

    I wish you the best of luck. The choice is yours as only you know what you are capable of.

    Best wishes,


  • HinFibroGranny, you must be at rock bottom at the mo. PLEASE, PLEASE look up the Benefits and Work website, yes I know you have to pay £19.99 but it is worth every single penny. it explains in details How to fill in forms for DLA, PIP and ESA, plus HOW TO APPEAL. It has helped thousands of people, me included. I did exactly as it said and got HM and MRC, without an interview, plus I nearly always put No to each QU and PUT SEE ATTATCHED Question, Page No that it is typed on and explained in detail why I couldn't do it. You will see once you download the stuff. Always send anything by Recorded Delivery as well. if you just read people's reviews on this site you will see just amazing it is. They only charge so that they can keep the site open and able to help those with benefit problems.

    I truly wish you all the luck in the world, to have paid into the system and then turned down is so unfair, but that is what they do and hope you won't appeal. MAKE SURE YOU DO APPEAL OTHERWISE THEIR DEVISE PLAN WORKS.

    Big HUGS


  • Never ever give up darling! You will get that help im 100% sure,eventually.And yes it is a horrible medical condition. I'm only 27 and struggle. Wish you more good day Linda Hugs xxx

  • Don't give up, 3 times I applied for Benefit and it was the 3rd time that i got accepted, you have to answer all there questions as if it is your worst day in pain. My first 2 medicals I was too proud to tell them how I really was so I said I tried to cook dinner every night and I walked the dog a short way most days most was a lie cos although occasionally I did these things it wasn't as much as I made out, I got very low scores as well. The last Medical I went in with the worst day in my mind although it was a bad day as we had a 40 min car journey and sitting is my worst position. So I was very honest and put my pride to the back of my mind, also my husband attended with my for support and also he also said how I was on a day to day basis. I have lived with this for 9 years now and I have only just been accepted for benefit, I started 6 years ago with my first application. So don't give up and appeal and be so honest that it hurts you. Some doctors don't understand our condition and i think you have to be also abit lucky on who you get. Good luck, life is hard but DON'T GIVE UP x

  • Hi fibrogranny, aw I am so sorry to read that you are going through all of this, it really knocks the heart out of you. I know it's a lot to go through , I have just been through the assessment for esa and for pip over the past two months and it has really taken its toll on me. I too had a quick reply from both and luckily was awarded pip albeit at the standard rate but which I disagree with but don't have the energy to fight anymore .

    I was advised to phone my local social work department and ask for someone to help me as I had went to CAB but didn't find them very helpful and I have to say the lady at the social work has been amazing fibrogranny and also came out to my house because I can't go out on my own, I know it's a thought to go through it all again but it's worth phoning them as you feel better when you know there is someone else to turn to who knows how the system works. Take care and hope this helps, love and hugs to you xxx

  • hello Fibrogranny60 i was exactly the same as you last year only i got six points and none for mobility i was mad and gutted i wouldnt give in any niether should you i went to tribunal and they wouldnt change it even the dwp agreed to me getting another two points for daily living now its gone to the upper tribunal still waiting for the result,was told to apply again which i have done went for my assessment again six weeks ago and got a letter to say i have been granted daily living with eight points thought i would have got more but like you said they twist things but pleased i got it they should have done that last year but i cannot believe it last week got a letter to go for a medical im sure they taking the mick dont give up fight for it xx

  • Hi granny please ask for a reconsideration, my daughter does all my paper work and she got copy of my report (assessment) highlighted all discrepancies and backed it all up with diaries of my day to day and docs letters, just reading my report was like a comedy of errors so get that Sent to you ASAP. Once you have rang them it confirms that you are asking for the reconsideration and state you are to be sending in back up documents they won't proceed with this till you ring and confirm they have received all documents. Good luck x

  • I honestly think it depends upon the individual assessor. I have had 2 assessments and 2 different outcomes. I had one sympathetic assessor and one who thought I was exaggerating everything. It's amazing how with my first assessment I was taken seriously (I have had lots of gynae operations and now have trapped nerves stopping me from walking. Properly) but the second one after I had a fibro diagnosis they sent a mental health nurse who thought all of my problems were from fibro. I too am deciding whether to appeal, it's a nightmare! Xx

  • Thanks for posting as the same thing has happened to me. I now have to start the appeal procedure, so you're not alone. Couldn't believe what the girl had written and excluded. Even said I have to return the blue badge, it's disgusting, we have to fight, they want us to give up! xxx

  • Just an update, sort of. I had a hospital consultant appt to look at my osteoarthritis of the hip. The consultant told me that my osteoarthritis was normal wear and tear and he is referring me for a steroid injection to try to stop this burning pain I'm in all the time. However, when my husband asked him if my fibromyalgia made the pain worse, the consultant virtually told him there was no such thing as Fibromyalgia. Two days ago I was informed by the Opthamologist, that I had the beginning of cataracts. What next?

    I just am waiting for the next thing!

  • I feel for you,know how you feel,Capita and dwp have a lot to answer for if you ask me.

    Try Reiki.

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