Pip assessment

Hi every one iv got my pip assessment soon they are coming to my home I'm so anxious about it

I can't sleep when I do get off I wake up in pain my hips hurt so bad I think iv run a marathon in my sleep

I have hip bursitus it's like bad tooth ach would it help with my pip claim if I got letters from people who no me and they write how I am effected , ps just bought a mobility scooter to help me get out

What sort of questions do they ask

Someone please HELP

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  • First relax.

    They will probably ask you about your day, what you can do and what you need help with. Can you cook a meal? Washing and dressing etc. How far can you walk, how do you feel afterwards. i was also asked to walk up our stairs and my pulse was taken before and after.

    Think about the question before you answer and sure you will do fine. If you need a break in the middle of the interview then take one.

    Think about who you ask for letters, someone I thought about said to me that I was always so cheerful and able to cope, realised that she only saw me on my good days!

    Gentle hugs and hope your pain reduces soon.

  • Hi realise all the fears you must be going through right now but really be yourself your illnesses will speak for themselves. I actually need to use the aids I have like a perching stool for things like making sandwiches or anything that takes more than a minute my leg exhausts quickly and my right foots mechanics cause considerable discomfort and pain so need to sit to relieve symptoms. I have a shower stool too in the wet room I was awarded. I can stand but not for long and I find when I've finished hovering my pacing falls in to sitting when I have my shower but to be honest id rather sit now. I have grab rails in the shower area for reassurance and help me my left leg can lift from the stool but my leg does all the work of two when rising so I compensate by using things to help me. I was recently awarded standard rate care component and to this was added care money to help me pay anyone to help me live independently. just be yourself and let the illness do the talking . Im over the moon about my award I can live life comfortable without worrying about how I can manage it if you know what I mean. Really hope you have the answer your looking for and good luck for a kind interviewer. xx

  • I have pasted you a link to the atos website page on PIP assessment, so I hope this is useful for you? Good luck with your assessment.


    Good luck


  • Always tell them how you are at your worst. I think we all have a natural tendency to make the best of things and concentrate on what we can do, but with the pip assessment you must focus on what you can't do and how you are on your worst days. I know it's depressing but it is important.

    Is there any one you trust who could be there with you?

    Hope it goes well. Good luck!

    Mim xx

  • Thank you I will that's good advice

    It's hard saying what I can't do anymore it's like giving in xx

  • Thank you I will that's good advice

    It's hard saying what I can't do anymore it's like giving in xx

  • Been for assessment today. Answered what they asked. So fingers crossed all went well.

  • Good luck love fingers crossed xxxx

  • Good luck love fingers crossed xxxx

  • Been for assessment, informed them of good days and bad days. Fingers crossed

  • Xxxx

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