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Pip result

Hi everyone, just a wee update after my PIp assessment, which was only last Thursday so I'm pretty shocked to get s letter so quickly today. Anyway the outcome is that I have been awarded standard rate on both the Daily Living and Mobility component , I am please at this but a wee bit unhappy at some of the Decision Makers Reasoning, I won't bore you all with everything but one of the things that I am unable to do is go out on my own, I have went from being a very outgoing person to being the least confidant person ever and I and my husband explained this to the lady who was assessing me, who was lovely . However the decision maker has written that I said I have difficulty planning and following journeys, and that this is inconsistent with the information provided at my consultation where I apparently clearly stated that I can cognitively plan and follow a journey although I prefer to have someone accompany me therefore they have decided I can plan and follow the route of a journey unaided for the majority of the time . Isn't it amazing how they can twist things to suit themselves , I scored 11 points therefore if they had awarded me points for that then they would have had to grant me the enhanced payment . I think I am just going to leave it as this though, I havnt got it in me to go through any more forms to fill in or assessments to go to, just thought I would let you all know as everyone has been so good on here with their advice and support so thank you all very much, hope everyone is having a good day, love and hugs xxxx

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So glad that you have got the awards but so sorry that the rates aren't the ones that you hoped for and from what you said deserve. I can understand what you are saying about feeling like leaving it as the thought of having to go through all the hoops again is so daunting. Sleep on it for a few days before deciding as when you get over the initial disappointment you might feel more like fightingx


Hi rose wine, thank you so much, I will do , thank you for the advice , love and hugs to you , xxx


Hiya so sorry you didn't get that extra point your only one off and they might change it because you are so close.

I only found out mine today by mobility letter saying take my car back by 27th of October.

I haven't Evan had a letter from DWP about any decision that they have made.

I rung them up today and asked were is it they said they had sent it on the 7th sep so they are going to re send one.

I asked about appeals apparently you can just ring up with in a month and tell them that you will be appealing.

Don't give up at least write a letter for a mandatory reconciliation stating why you are asking for one.

Think that's the least you should do or get someone to write one for you.

There's no form filling just a letter and tell your doctor about it he might do you another letter you just never know.

You don't ask you don't get for the shake of just one more letter.

Sleep on it see how you feel in a couple of days, you have a month.

Sending you hugs and XX



Thank you , yes I will speak to my husband about it tonight and will phone the lady who he,led me fill the form in on Monday and take it from there . That is awful getting a letter like that saying they are taking your car from you, they don't see the damage they do to us with stress when they send out letters like that. I hope you get things sorted out to, thank you for replying, love and hugs to you xxx


I am so genuinely delighted to read that you got an award but am sincerely sorry that it is not higher. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Really happy for you ☺




Hi sorry I pressed wrong key lol

I am sorry you didn't get the enhanced, I was one point off enhanced mobility,which would have been so much better, car etc.

Like you I didn't know what to do. After some thought I decided to leave it had to many battles over the last few years, and after others not even getting it, I was happy just to get what I had.

It shouldn't be like this for us.

I think the others are right. Sleep on it.

Let us know how you go.

Trace xxx


Hi Trace, thank you . Well I slept on it last night we'll all of my 2 to 3 hours as usual lol and like you I have decided that I am grateful for what I have been given, so many people are being refused and I am so lucky that I havnt been . I'm so tired of filling out forms and making phone calls I'm not sure I could go any further anyway. It shldnt be like this for us , we don't ask to be unwell , I'm finding it very hard to accept , in just over a year I have went from working 12 hour shifts being responsible for 9 staff to not even being able to do everyday things , it's so sad that faceless people have the decision in their hands which makes a massive difference to our already stressful lives .

Thank you for replying , take care , love and hugs to you xxx


That was same with me but I could not be bothered to fight it x


It's upsetting Lesley isn't it, I'm the same after sleeping on it I've decided I am happy that I got something and really don't want to chance losing it so will be thankful for what I have . Love and hugs to you xxx


Yes I was think if they take it off me as well so just keeper wot I got xx


Just read your post after putting up my pip results on a post. I've asked for reconsideration , now I'm worried they will take away what they have awarded me in the first place. How can that be right? If someone deems you are at least entitled to something but you risk losing it if you appeal is outrageous!

Sick of the lot of them tbh. As you say we don't ask for this rubbish pain and wee shouldn't have to go through so much to get some help. Rant over.....


Jo x


Hi Jo, I know how you feel , I think I just scared myself over the weekend looking at different replies and websites Jo, I really don't have the strength to go through it all so that is why I have decided not to go any further , I know that's what they hope we will do , after all I am only one point short of the higher payment and I know deep down I should ask for a mandatory reconsideration , it's so stressful, I would give anything to be able to go back to my work right now and feel like me , hope everything goes well for you, let us know . Love and hugs to you xxxx


Hi Mogi52, I totally agree. Had to take early retirement from my much loved job as a midwife earlier this year. Still finding my feet, feeling lost, and useless. I understand your frustration totally, but to only miss out by one point seems such a kick in the teeth. For me at my assessment she asked about journey taking. my hubby said there is no way physically or emotionally she could do or drive on a journey unfamiliar to her. infact I don't really ever venture to the shops unless I have to and my friend takes me to my medical appointments. She said but could you plan it. I said I could google it but that is a lot different to undertaking it. Somehow the decision maker has read this as I can undertake a journey on my own lol! Its a joke

Big hugs to you my friend.

jo x


Hi Jo, that is exactly what lost me the points, apparently I can plan a journey therefore they came to the conclusion that I am able to do a journey on my own. Even though like yourself I don't go out on my own at all Jo, I only go out with my husband on a very rare occasion . It's so maddening and hurtful isn't it. I understand about your job too Jo, I have been nursing for 34 years and I am missing my work so so much and I doubt very much if I will ever be able to go back to it. It is so sad, I was going to take early retirement Jo, I will be 54 in December but really don't know what to do. It makes you feel better to be able to speak to someone who understands though, love and hugs to you xx


I am 52 and when I saw Occ health doctor he was of the opinion that as I have ME and Fibro it is unlikely I will every be able to do the demands of the job so he recommended Ill health Retirement. You can still apply I believe if you have left but could be wrong. Look into it hun if you don't foresee being able to go back to work. You would need medical evidence but tbh because of my conditions it was pretty straightforeward. I was awarded Tier 2 which is the higher level and got a lump sum and small annual pension as I only worked in the NHS for 8 years. Are you a member of the RCN as you could get a union rep to help you?



No , I let my membership of Rcn lapse last year though I still renewed my registration. I havnt been diagnosed with fibro as yet, it's a big decision to make. I will speak to my husband about it again Jo , thanks for the advice xx


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