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well i have worked half of my shift so far started to find out everyone had been saying i was lying cos one min its in back then my hips then my legs and that i was walking around the shop with no stick if they had looked bloody closer they would have seen it in my trolley or better still if they had come and spoken to me ive have told them like its not bad enough me having to start back with a stick never mind to find out what everyone thinks of me

so as you can prob guess i was very upset i didnt want to go back when i got up this morning as it was i hate this horrible disese i wish it would just do one or someone would just do me

my legs are killing and i dont want to go back but also dont want to give them more to moan about

i hate confruntation

sorry about spelling and rambuling but i had to get it otut

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its ok really it is i had it today my daughter took me into town ansd we parked right outside the shop with my blue badge well you should have seen the looks we got we were in my daughters little ka she has got pink bits on aerial you know kind thing she 19 anyway we get out and pass people in cars queueing to get in car park and you could see the think bubble coming out of the top of their head ther is nothing wrong with her? why has she got blue badge/ bet its not hers they are jus using it lol its quite funny really but it does upset me do they not realise th ereason you have something ie stick or what ever it may be is that you have something wrong and yes yesterday you could walk without it and yesterday you could do alot of things but today because of yesterday you cant and you may not be able to do them now for few days

i know we are all guilty of judging a book by its cover but how many times have you started a book that you liked the front cover of and before you are 2 pages in you dont like it ??? so i sympathise with you totally bkess you dont let them get to you they are narrow minded people not worth wasting your thoughts and anger on you enjoy what you do and you take care love to you diddle x


thanks hun i had same thing as you i went shopping and this old woman looked at my stick then gave me a look that could kill i wanted to hit her over the head with it and shout yes im young but im ill and need the stick lol


i know it makes you mad doesnt it i have a stick but tend not to use it much but am getting to stage where i will have to start but there you go if it helps i must use it love to you diddle xxx


Hi, Try not let people get to you, they are not worth your energy. You know how you feel on a daily basis and we (fibro sufferers) know that the pains travel and are in different places from day to day. Take care x


Hi sarah,

Hope you are ok hun,

Like someone said its a waste of your energy letting them get to you, but i completly understand how you feel.

I dont tell even my nearest and dearest my everyday pains only when they can see it and ask i will tell them as i cant be botherd with the comments like well it was your back hurting yesterday and now its your legs etc...

Its too hard to explain and even harder to get people to understand.

You hold your head up high hun, you have done nothing wrong. :)

take care, and big hugs, kel xxxx


this afternnon went no better i want to leave but not sure what job i want to do


I used to work in the vets and had to give up cos the work was very stressful at times. And the hours didnt suit as i couldnt have a nap when i wanted. I was always so popular and cheerful even when i was in pain as that was part of the job. This week when i took my cat in i was using a crutch, i hadnt done my hair properly or bothered with makeup, i was wearing clothes that didnt match simply because it was the easiest thing to put on. and i had huge bags n shadows under my eyes where i havent been sleeping well. I got very upset because my old boss said i was looking so well! Did she actually really look at me? I looked terrible i know it but she was oblivious to the fact that i must have been in major pain to be using my crutch. I felt like i was invisible as if all that time i worked for them none of them mustve taken any real notice of me. And i had to hold it in the fact i was hurt that despite all the years working there only one person had bothered to come see me, or text/mail me to see how i was. Am i silly getting upset? xx


hi hun,

You are not silly for getting upset.

I think people feel uncomfortable when people are ill, and they dont know what to say. I get your looking well (really, i dont think so), i just ignore it now.

As for only one person showing intrest, i have found out who my friends are and they dont always ask how i am, I do know that other friends have asked my close friends how i am, so maybe peole are asking about you, just not to your face.

big hugs, kel xxx


No you're not silly getting upset when no one bothered to inquire how you were when you were off work. I felt the same when I was off for 4 months with my fibro. I have recently returned but not one person emailed, texted or phoned me during my sick leave. I was disappointed that people who I enjoyed working with just didn't bother to find out how I was. It has made me realise who my real friends are. So I guess its just better to focus on the things that really matter in life, yes that's you and me and everyone else struggling but achieving to live life whilst living with fibromyalgia. Here's to a big pat on the back to us all ;-)


Sounds like you had a horrible experience Sarah but try not to let it upset you too much. Life is too short to be stuck in a job you are really that unhappy in so perhaps you could stick it out until you find something you would enjoy more. As far as those people you work with are concerned why not try and find a booklet explaining what fibromyalgia is and leave it lying around for them to read. I always think they never know what may come to them in the future and then they would want people to by sympathetic to them.

Anyway Sarah, try and chill out tonight and take care of yourself. Angela xx


I know how you feel as I drive a converted Mercedes sprinter van , and as soon as I park on a disabled bay it starts "look at him parking that van there" blah blah blah , if their really unlucky to stand and stare a now open the window and shout what they looking at sometimes they give me jip until I get out in my powerchair but at the end of the day There's nothing to stop these ass oles giving jip just smile and move on.


i get like that when people stare at me in the car park lol i shout a comment to my hubby so they hear he laughs so much cos he knows its coming i cant help myself i have to proove a point but with these at work i think its cos i know there right when they say i shouldnt be at work but i cant do anything as we need the money and i cant get a sick note


I also have a white van converted to a camper and get nasty looks. i just thing people are jealous

I have one thing to say to you Sarah = dont let the bad people live in your head rent free!


Sarah dont let these hurtfull people upset you if they only knew what Fibro

was like they would think before they comment.

wish you all the best

Faith Hope love

Brother fibromite in pain



We all have the same problems I think I am a nurse but gave up a long

time ago telling anyone at work my problems as people did not care

as I look OK so I keep to myself and realise that no one at work are

your feriends and they dont believe you anyway.

we have to suffer in silence



you know some people are so ignorant you can't always see an illness, so shallow, they should be so lucky it's not happening to them, selfish society we live in :( xx take care and try to rise above all that xxx


most of us have "been there done that " and it is very depressing and soul destroying. If the main problem is at work then I myself would print of a copy of the symptoms and problems associated with fibro and stick it under their noses. I hate any sort of confrontation but sometimes it has to be done although I would be the first to admit that any confrontation sets me back and few days are needed to get over it.

I hope you can sort it and make people understand how you feel


your employer has to provide a duty of care,you cant be discriminated against because your disabiled


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