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In so much pain

up from all hrs this morn in so much pain. I took my 2 granddaughters for few hrs yesterday afternoon and paying the price today. I really enjoyed having them yesterday, they r 3 & 4 and dont see each other that often as they live good distance apart. I live in between both of them so was really glad 2 see them both playing together, makes u feel young again....well until next day. Just wish I could enjoy them without suffering so much next day. Im so sore I cant even make myself cuppa and will have 2 wait till someone calls in. My very hands even ache just typing this in, tears r rolling down my face and im feeling really sorry for myself. Does anyone else ever feel like this

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i do a lot last week all i could was cry cause of pain and feeling so down

hope you feel better soon gentle hugs coming your way xxxxxxx


Thanks Lynz, its great to talk to people who actually understand what ur talking about. I must admit my hubbys great and does his best to understand but its not the same as people who r going through same as u


hi.. i often feel like this honey.... i have a lovely wee godson who is 1 and his sister is 4 and i love them both to bits... when i see them it makes me so happy... the problem i have is...... i dont know how many times i have said, i cant have them here all day/into night because i know at bed time i will suffer all night... no one seems to get this.. a couple of hours would be great.. maybe then i could see them more than once fortnight if that was the case, but they come along and can stay 8 , 9 hours, dont help when i feel i have to make dinner for them as i would not see the kids hungry, but most days i cant make if for my family... i hardly eat mysef because its a cause of.. if i do manage ( even a oven tea) i suffer so then i am in no mood for eating.. so by the next day i am in agony and cry the whole day... wish people would get this horrible disease ......


Hi Diane, know feeling completely. I have 3 grandkids and 2 step grandkids, while i love to c them im wishing it was time they r going again. I feel terrible when anyone asks can u mind this 1 r that 1 for hr r 2 next wk, tues whatever. They cant understand when I say Im sorry I dont know, it depends on what kind of day Im having. My children understand most of the time, they have grew up with it most of their lifes but even they get frustrated when I cant go out with them, mind kids r give them an answer to what I will be doing next wk. Unless u have this you will never understand


Aww, nanaanna,

so sorry hun, hope it eases soon for you big gentle hugs.

kel xxx


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