My cat's ghost

My cat's ghost

I know it is Halloween soon so thought some might like to see this photo I took a few years ago of what I believe is the ghost of my beloved cat Tanzy.

Tanzy was a Seal Point Siamese - lots of character and a bit spiky if you caught her on a bad day. Anyway she got cancer and I nursed her until she died. She died peacefully at home but I was so sad. She was only 6 and I loved her.

Anyway 11 days after she died I was thinking sadly about her, wishing I could see her again so she could let me know she was on the other side but all right.

I looked at my glass door and thought I could see the outline of a cat who looked like her but when I got closer there was no cat there. I sat back down and there she was again and her image was getting clearer so I took some photos with my phone.

Below is the best one, some people can't see her at all but others see her clearly. She is bottom right. Seeing her like this cheered me up so much.

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  • I have to say although I am very sceptical about ghosts and anything to do with the occult, I can see in the bottom right the face of a cat which certainly resembles a Siamese in its shape. I can't and won't say any more than that, but I hope it helps you.

    Foggy x

  • So sorry to hear about your feline friend being taken so young.

    I have to say I do see a cat bottom right and hope you get comfort from that. All I can say is I was a sceptic when younger but events later changed my mind.

    Take care

    Effie x

  • Lol I looked at photo before I read post! I was looking for the other cat!! I seen the one and was looking for a different one! Wow great picture!

  • If any of my dogs came to me like that I would take comfort from them and be over the moon as the saying goes, and that you were able to take a photograph was wonderful, I'm so pleased for you. Best Wishes

  • All i can say is that i have never lived or worked any where that there was not `strange happenings`

    At least one of my past dogs visits on a regular basis. We find that we walk past meg into a room only to find that meg is asleep up her corner.

    Rimmer my beloved cat often curls up in bed with us.

    I could probably write a book on all that i have seen and heard.

    It is lovely that your much loved pet seems to still be around.


  • I have lived in places with strange things happening but have never had a photograph. It definitely looks like a cat on the bottom right of your picture. I hope it brings you some comfort after the loss of your beloved pet.

  • It is so sad when you lose them so young. Yes I immediately saw her I think it is a great comfort when you feel their presence.x

  • Yes. I agree I can certainly see your little one in the bottom right corner :) To me he appears content. I have also had visits from my cats in the past this is a sign of comfort to me as I hope it is to you :) xx

  • Thanks to you all for replying - yes I do get a lot of comfort from this. I am a complete believer as I have seen ghosts and things all my life. Even my mum when I didn't even know she had died - but of all those events I could have passed off as coincidence or wishful thinking. Except this time I got the photo and that is so amazing. I am touched that she came to appear to me as well, for me that means we mean as much to them as they mean to us.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have lost your beloved cat, and can I please offer you my deepest condolences.

    Al my hopes and dreams for you


  • Took me a while as am looking on my Fone n it's morning so visibility through my eyes shocking but I see her that's cool she visits you xxxxx

  • I can see her lying on the fence. Her face the s very clear.

  • being a spiritualist I believe totally in ghosts and saw the cat straight away in the photo.. what comfort this must bring you as I know losing a pet can be as bad as losing a human loved one x

  • Sorry you've had a distressing time. I can see her, I think. I hope you don't mind if I explain what I can see?

    Is her bum to the right, facing left but looking at you? As it looks like I can see a cat face, which would mean she's sitting more upright and facing you? I'm finding the body harder to see, but the face is clear? Do hope I'm not distressing you.

    It's so sad when they pass on before us, but you're really lucky to have seen her. Wish I could see my lovely cats that have passed on and my dog Roxie who died age 2 of cancer three years ago this August. I believe they are around, but not showing themselves to me. That's rather sad, but so long as they are happy I don't mind. Leave a big hole in your life don't they!

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