I wish I could control what comes out of my mouth!

Having a really foggy day...can't keep on a train of thought for more than a few seconds. Then my daughter phoned out of the blue and i was telling her that 'I'm having a chicken fitted'...she asked 'where?' I said 'stupid question, where do you think?'.....after talking about my chicken for a few minutes she realised that i was talking about a 'kitchen'...obvious isn't it???

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  • haha lol that really made me laugh bumble :-D

  • excellent!! xx

  • lol that is really funny. First good laugh i had all day bumble

  • reminds me of an old song Zippy de do da Zippy de day lol. What the heck it has to come out

  • Don´t worry Bumbles some time a go Tracey (my colleague) ask me about some chicken who is missing from the freezer when i found the chicken, I said " chicken the tracey you are lookinf for is over there". And every body and a good laughter so as you can see we should be paid for make people laugh like that.

  • Brilliant. Hope you enjoy your chicken!! Best laugh I've had today too!!

  • well done Bumble! ive been saying silly things for the last couple of days


  • LOL how funny is that must have been full moon yesterday seems we all in flare ups if thats what you want to call them and doing and saying silly things ? whats all that about/ but it does make us all laugh so thats a good thing is it not / well done for laugh of the day love to you Diddle x

  • im glad im not the only one that has many moments like this i even have to charade wot im trying to say my mind goes blank cant think of words and say the most stupistist of things wot can we do but laugh ,i hope ur chicken gets fitted oops i mean kitchen lol x

  • Oh Bumble I just fell off my computer chair when I read that!!!!! welcome to the world of fibro fog....

    As long as you can keep laughing its good! hugs xx

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