The Fun of Fitting a Firesurround ( with fibro and my wife ) :)

Good Afternoon Everybody :)

Yesterday myself and my darling wife Julie deicided it was time to fit a new wooden fireplace surround, its not a very big job as it it atached to the wall using only 2 screws. the job started very well and looked like it would take about 20mins to compleate ( HOW WRONG WE WERE ) we removed the skirting board and then placed the surround against the wall, found the center then put the level on the top, this is when all of the fun started LOL we noticed it wasnt level and worked out that we needed to trim one of the uprights of the surround, we measured and worked out how much needed to be removed and which upright that needed to be trimmed, all was going ok untill the fibo fog kicked in and i was getting all confused of what we should be doing so i began to remaesure and try to work out which upright needed trimming, my darling wife kept telling me it was already worked out and we can get on with the job in hand, The next part of this blog is now going to be written by Julie :)

Hi there, I have been listening to Neil reading out posts from this site for a while now, and thought yes I know what you are all going through. I have decided its time something was said from the other side. Yesterday I could very easily have committed husbandiside and been locked up.

Fibrofog was blamed but I think it was me telling Neil he was doing it wrong was the real cause of his frustration ( I am right I,m the wife ) anyway I threw a strop and stormed off to the kitchen (my sanctuary hahaha)

Neil then realised his error and we made the cut necessary it fitted perfectly.

Happy me now has a fire surround (even though I could have done it myself) I couldnt stand in the way of my darling husband showing his man side and taking over : ))

Just kidding but I think the ladies here know where I,m coming from.

Julie x

So there we have it folks the fun of fitting a firesurround, a small job that beleive it or not took 4hrs to do hahahaha, it is now fitted and looks great i think thats all the DIY i will be doing for a while, God help Julie when it comes to decorating our Daughters bedroom.....

I will keep you all informed of the progress if Julie hasnt killed me by then LOL :)

Thanks for reading, we are looking forward to all of your comments

CHORLEY :) ( Neil & Julie ) :)

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  • Oh this is just great LOL :) Love this post. Thank you Julie and Neil for making me laugh so much. (Neil, notice I put Julie first there :)) Well done Neil for 'realising your error'. You can't always get away with blaming fibrofog y'know!!! Us wives are quite often right, like it or not :) :) xxx

  • this made me smile :) and your wife is right you know us wives are always right lol

  • How funny was that to read but you do know we are always right us women and fibro fog cant always be blamed but well done for getting the job done and at least no one was hurt whilst doing it!!!! lol only perhaps someones pride but we will mention no names you know who you are NEIL (oops sorry slipped out must be the fibro fog!!!?????????) love and hugs and peace and harmony may it reign in your home xxLove Diddle xxx

  • HEHEHE both JULIE and myself See what i did there Sue i put my darling wife first :) are enjoying reading your comments, Lynzy i aint gonna argue as i have no chance of winning against the 4 of you :) Yes Diddle it was my pride LOL :) but also i dont want the fibro to beat me......

    So glad we are making you all laugh and smile :)

    CHORLEY :)

  • Hi all, Julie here, i am now going to begin to tidy around the house starting with the kitchen then our bedroom then the bathroom, Neil is under stict orders NOT to get involved as he just gets in the way typical bloke LOL, he does however have my permission to make me cups of tea hehehe :)

    Julie x

  • Hi Julie, I personally find that a man with or without fibro will 'play on it' you see where I'm going here. They often make a mess of things just so they don't have to do it and we will do it instead lol :) Just joking Neil. Or am I??? :)

    Get that kettle on!! xx

  • OK Ladies, the kettle is on all i need is to know how many for tea and how many for coffee LOL :)

    Sue1952 mmmmmmm playing on it now why didnt i think of that MWAHAHAHAHA ( says with evil glint in eye and crafty look on face ) :)

    To be honest with you all i try as hard a i can to help around the the house, every morning i make the sadnwiches for my daughters dinner and Julies sadwiches and flask. once our daughter has gone to school and Julie has gone to work The rest of the day is MINE ALL MINE I TELL YOU :) well it is untill 4pm when our daughter comes home and i start to make the tea... I am Knackerd thinking about it hahahaha :)

    CHORLEY :)

  • Bless you Neil, you have said you do that before so I believe you and mwaaaahhhh to you too cheeky :) :)

    When my sons lived at home many years ago, I used to say do your own ironing and they deliberately made a right mess of it knowing I was watching and would say oh for God's sake let me do it. lol

    What did you do (job) before Fibro? I was a childminder before but when I was young, I was a secretary. Mind you, I got married when I was 18 foolishly so didn't do that for too long.

  • Hi Sue, before the fibro i was an audio visual installations engineer, that invoved alot of ladder work installing CCTV,Big screens,Plasma TVs, Sky dishes and sound systems in pubs,clubs and private houses before being made redundant, i was then a Casino Technician in charge of fixing all of the bandits,CCtv and arcade games on board a ship, so that was time away from Julie and also my last job before the fibro took over me, i also spent around 6yrs as a semi profesional vochalist working on holliday centers,ships and as a solo artist around the pubs and clubs :)

    CHORLEY :)

  • Absolutely agree with that Christine :)

  • Oh wow! Steve used to sing in the clubs in London when we lived down there and before the Alzhemier's too over. :)

  • Got any voddie Chorley???? :)

  • Keep posting all of your comments :) :)

    Sue if we had any Voddie you would have to fight Julie for it LOL :)

    CHORLEY :)

  • Julie and I would be very civilised and I'm sure she would share.......???? :) I've got one on the go.......

  • I am sure she would :)

  • fab blog made me smile, sounds just like diy in this house :)

  • Glad you enjoyed the Blog Lou :)

    We always aim to please LOL

    Neil & Julie :)

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