When medication fails

When medication fails

Zone out to Quo tonight. BBC4 23.50.

I am anticipating great things.

“Music affects the cortisol levels (a hormone involved in stress), SigA (an antibody) and opiates that occur naturally in the body: dopamine (a neurotransmitter implicated in the anticipation of reward) and oxytocin (nicknamed the ‘cuddle hormone’ because of its role in attachment and bonding).”

Consequently the health benefits of music include its ability to lower blood pressure, reduce pain, improve sleep, alleviate allergies, boost immune function and reduce depression.

So says research. However I can't believe it will improve tonight's kip. Also I have no evidence to suggest to promotes the cuddle hormone. Especially if one of you prefer to chill out to classic fm!

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  • Cortisol, Dopamine, Oxytocin - three gold bars or chords for Status Quo :-)

  • If I were Quo manager I would use that to promote them.

    Good one.

  • I just know I love music

  • I tend to listen to different music depending on my particular mood. If I am energetic I like Latino music, if I am inspired I like classical music etc.

    I genuinely hope that you enjoyed your Status Quo my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • takes you to a different place. I agree different moods require different music.

  • I agree it depends what mood you are in to what music you listen to. It is a powerful thing and it amazes me how quickly it can make you smile and even cry at times. I have done some very vigorous ironing today while I listened to meatloaf 😊 it took me back in time. Not so long ago I cried in work listening to a song I had never heard before, it was the lyrics that set me off! Thanks for the post nedd. X

  • You iron! We only get the beast out for weddings christening and funerals. we apply the crunch text when buying. and are firm believers that body heat eases most out on wearing. On a more serious note. It's amazing how we feel the need to create music. It's amazing how how we can respond to it. musical memory is one of the last to go. I want to be played out to queen.

    Have a good week.

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