When pain suddenly rears its ugly head!

I only joined yesterday and really enjoy and feel for all you fibro bloggers.

It never ceases to amaze me how pain suddenly rears its ugly head and appear in all its glory just like that. I have been having a few good days, but had to have a kip this afternoon only to wake up with bad back of the shoulder pain. Put my heat pad on and thought of all the other fibro sufferers out there. Hope it abates soon.

Yours in hope - Kimbell

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  • Hi Kimbell,, lovely to hear from you. Hope your heat pad helps and gets rid of your pains. I too have been to bed this afternoon, sometimes its the only ways to cope. Take care, love Angela xx

  • Thanks Angela, its so lovely to get a comment back, i was really excited when i saw '1 comment'. So thank you for being my very first reply. Hope you are having a pain free day (if thats possible!!) Love Kim

  • You are welcome Kim, I bet you will be having a few more comments as the evening goes on. Look forward to speaking to you again, love Angela xx

  • Angela, I felt lousy and got into bed at 3>45 and set my alarm for 4.45 - I woke up at 5.50 thinking gosh I must have slept through my alarm............................then I realised that I should have put 16>45!!!! I then rang a hot bath and didn't want to get out!!!

    Not been able to get on internet so its good to be back!!


    Sue x x x

  • Thought I'd say Hi Kimbell

    I get that random pain appears, heat pads sound like a plan.

    Take care, hope to chat soon.

    Lou x

  • Hi Lou, thanks for that - I can't get off to sleep without my heat pad! If you haven't got one, make it the next thing you buy. Take care, Kim

  • Hello Sue - Hope you don't mind, but I was just reading your msg to Angela and you made me laugh, I can so relate to that, I'm always forgetting what day of the week it is! Hope to speak to you again. Love Kim

  • Hi Kimbell, i haven'nt been on here long. Lovely people, its nice to know people who know how your feeling. hug & love to you hunni. Helen xx

  • Hi Helen, I couldn't agree more. Family and friends are great, but they just don't understand how it feels. It's so lovely to get such great responses from you all. Hugs and love to you to Helen. Thank you for replying

  • Hi welcome the the website, only been here a week or two, I've been on everyday as I feel I have a little company and great to be able to say the simplest of things the non-fibro's dont understand.


  • Hi kimbell,

    Its lovely to meet you. :)

    This site is brilliant i have met many great friends. Its good for a moan, a laugh and just anything you want to say.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Hi kimbell, and welcome to the site :-) It is a Brilliant site and a great place to come and chat, laugh and yes even moan, Everyone here are very friendly & helpful lots of good advice too, it's so nice to know that were not alone,makes such a difference to us all, hope to chat soon :-) love and gentle hugs xxx

  • hi oh i know i have been in a flare up for weeks love to you diddle x

  • bless you at least you are not alone and can come on here and moan to your hearts content love diddle x

  • Thank you everyone for all your lovely kind messages. Hugs and love to you all, Kimbell

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